Ladbrokes’ #GetAPrice Deal Offers Custom Betting Markets

October 12th, 2017


Ladbrokes’ #GetAPrice Deal Offers Custom Betting Markets

Many punters will have been there: thinking of a great bet with some potential useful profit, and then finding that none of the major bookmakers is offering any odds on said wager. Luckily, we can all agree there are many good things about social media – many bad as well - and harnessing that good has some real potential.

The ability to connect with sports celebrities and big businesses on platforms such as Twitter can be a real bonus. A number of bookies have harnessed the power of Twitter to broaden their product offering, and the latest ‘buzz’ addition to the industry – the ability to request a bet via social media – is an interesting feature.

The latest sportsbook to get involved is Ladbrokes, which has recently introduced #GetAPrice for its customers to lay their hands on an almost-instantaneous price on the markets they want to see go live. It is, in theory at least, an innovation that could change the face of sports betting as we know it!

Full Scoop on Ladbrokes' #GetAPrice

The idea behind #GetAPrice and the myriad of other request-a-bet style features is that it hands the balance of power back to the punter. They can create their own single and combination bets based on their research or hunches, and Ladbrokes’ team of traders will come back with the odds in rapid fashion. Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick: Pick an obscure bet not currently being covered.
  2. Tweet: Tweet @Ladbrokes about the bet with hastag #GetAPrice.
  3. Link: Visit the link Ladbrokes provides for the particular bet.
  4. Bet: Place the #GetAPrice bet you've just requested!

Punters are encouraged to tweet their selections directly to Ladbrokes’ social media team via the #GetAPrice hashtag. These are typically combination bets that otherwise haven’t been priced on their site. So multiples such as ‘Aguero to score first, Fabregas to be booked and over 10 corners’ is expected ahead of a Man City vs Chelsea clash.

Even things like the number of shots, most assists/tackles, time of first card can be accounted for. Once received, Ladbrokes’ trading team will come up with a relevant set of odds and this will be set live on its website for the punter in question, and anyone else for that matter, to place the bet as normal.

Those who tweet their selection will in turn receive a message from Ladbrokes, and this will contain a direct link to add the selection to their betslip. All they then need to do is enter their stake amount, place their bet and watch with everything crossed as the action unfolds.

The #GetAPrice promotion is available for every English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A and European Champions League gameweek, so if you think of a wager that isn’t currently being offered by the brand then don’t hesitate to drop them a line to Ladbrokes via Twitter (@Ladbrokes).

Betting Smart

The request-a-bet phenomenon has been around for a few months now, and there have been the kind of payouts that are enough to get punters green with envy. One of the first of these promos was the #RequestABet option introduced for Bayern Munich vs Arsenal during last year's Champions League.

Some of their customers took advantage of the ‘Robert Lewandowski to score a header and Arsenal to miss a penalty’ option, which on the face of it looks to be something of a long shot – hence why the firm offered odds of 400/1 on the eventuality occurring. Well, you can probably guess what happened next as Lewandowski netted a header.

Then the Gunners went on to miss a penalty and, for what it’s worth, the German side won 5-1 in what was a miserable night for Arsene Wenger’s team. It was a better evening for the multitude of punters who took on the #RequestABet however, with bookmaker later tweeting that the selection had cost it some £350,000 in total.

Noting the Limits

Before punters rush out and start placing their own blockbuster bets via #GetAPrice, it is perhaps worth knowing that there are payout limits in place at Ladbrokes, and any other bookmaker, so dreams of life-changing riches need to tempered somewhat. At Ladbrokes, the payout limits are on a sliding scale based upon the level of competition.

So, for elite-level wagers, including those placed on the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga and the Bundesliga, the top payout is £1 million. This reduces to £500k for the likes of the Dutch Eredivisie, the Scottish leagues and English non-league football, while a £250k limit is in place for the second tiers!

If you're interested in requesting a unique bet for an upcoming football match (one from a league included in the promotion), jump on Twitter and reach out the Ladbrokes social media team with the #GetAPrice hastag. But if you're also interested in checking out the already existing markets, simply visit Ladbrokes anytime!

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