Football Betting Strategy: Total Goals Accumulators


Football Betting Strategy: Total Goals Accumulators

Football is undoubtedly one of the UK’s most popular sports, so it’s no wonder that football betting is such a hit with British punters. With a keen eye for statistics and a bit of gut feeling, fans of the beautiful game may well be able to pick up a considerable sum on a weekly accumulator if they know which markets to include. The problem is that it can be easy to get drawn in by the familiarity of the 'match odds' market (win, lose or draw), potentially limiting your returns. If you're unhappy with the odds offered on your favourite teams, consider changing your football betting strategy and building your next accumulator around the 'over/under goals' market.

Limited Outcomes

Betting on total goals is an accumulator-friendly way to boost your chances of seeing a return, given that the market limits the number of possible outcomes. If you were to back team A in the 'match odds' market, for example, you'd have a one in three chance of winning, as team B could also win, or the match could end in a draw. When betting on 'total goals', however, there are only two outcomes - the number of goals scored will either be over or under your chosen total.


There's also a great deal of flexibility in this football betting market, making it a popular choice for the more experienced gambler. The betting options can start at as low as 0.5 goals per game, climbing up to 9.5 goals in some circumstances, giving you the chance to tailor your bet on a per-game basis. You can also decide whether you want to bet over or under your chosen total, so if you think a match is going to be relatively tight and low-scoring, under 1.5 goals may be a sound option with reasonably high odds. On the other hand, if you think the game is more likely to be a goal-fest, then you could take a punt on over 3.5 goals.

To demonstrate this strategy, let's consider a typical Barcelona or Real Madrid match. Both teams are strong in attack, and games often end up with four or more goals, so a bet for over 3.5 could be a good way to test the waters. Taking this a step further, let's look at a potential £10 fourfold accumulator – a solid beginner’s bet.

At the time of writing Betfair Sports is offering fixed odds of 13/10 on over 3.5 goals in both the Celta Vigo vs Barcelona match and the Zaragoza vs Real Madrid game. Add to this the 10/11 odds for over 2.5 goals in the Sunderland vs Manchester United match and 4/7 for over 2.5 goals in the Manchester City vs Newcastle United game and you’ve got a potential return of £158 – a tidy £148 profit. If you compare this to the £40.90 return when simply backing all of the favourites to win, you can see the money-making potential of this exciting market.

In-Play Focus

If accumulators aren't for you, there's also the option to bet in-play using the 'over/under goals' market. This can be particularly useful as it gives you the chance to see how a match is shaping up before deciding where to set your goal threshold.

If you want to give this new strategy a try, head over to Betfair Sports today for over/under markets plus a range of other football betting options.

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