The Best and Most Interesting Prop Bets of Super Bowl LI


The Best and Most Interesting Prop Bets of Super Bowl LI

When it comes to sports betting, there are a number of events that stand head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to generating wagers. While multi-day events such as the World Cup or American College Basketball’s March Madness Tournament produce more bets and betting totals throughout their lengthy runs, the Super Bowl reigns supreme when it comes to wagering on a one-day event.

Over $42 billion was bet globally on last year’s Super Bowl 50 that saw the Denver Broncos defeat the Carolina Panthers in a defensive battle, with prop bets playing a huge role in reaching that total. The state of Nevada, home to the United States' sports-Mecca Las Vegas, reported a record breaking year last year with over $132.5 million wagered in the state alone.

What are 'Prop Bets'?

With so much wagered on this one game every year, it is not surprising that wacky and out-there bets focusing on many different aspects of the game and the pageantry surrounding it. These bets, commonly known as proposition bets or just prop bets for short, have become a major focus of the game, often garnering more media attention than the customary game and score odds.

These types of wagers cover game action as well as non-competitive aspects of the game such as how long it will take to sing the American national anthem, the nature of the halftime performance, and even how many commercial advertisements former players will appear in. All of that doesn’t even include wagers about things related to the game’s broadcast experience, like how many times the word “Trump” will be uttered on the air.

'On the Field' Prop Bets

Even in Europe sportsbooks recognize the excitement around the championship for America’s game, and as a result all the major odds makers have large selections of wagers on offer when it comes to the game itself. That frequently includes prop bets on things like the coin flip, the nature of the first score, the color of the sports drink dumped on the winning coach, individual performances, and more.

Sites such as Betfair, which offers a massive selection of different prop bets for Super Bowl LI, will let you bet on the number of touchdowns specific players will have, when certain players will score touchdowns, stat lines for individual players, who will walk away as the game’s MVP, and more.

Meanwhile, those looking to have a bet on the combined distance of successful field goals in the game, or on a surprisingly extensive selection of penalty flag wagers should head to Paddy Power now for a robust props market centered around 'on the field' situations!

William Hill Gets Cheeky with Super Bowl LI Prop Bets

A special commendation in this arena goes out to William Hill’s bookmakers, who decided to give cheeky names to their range of player props using a combination of halftime entertainer Lady Gaga’s song titles and plays on player names and numbers to devise some truly inspired offering titles.

For instance, if you fancy that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will have a big day and throw a touchdown to four or more different players you’ll want to lay some money on The Brady Bunch bet at 4/1, while a wager on Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan going the entire game without getting sacked is known as a Saving Private Ryan, and can be had at odds of 3/1.

Our personal favorite bet is on whether any player will score a touchdown and then celebrate with a cheerleader, which William Hill is calling a Bad Romance, available at 20/1. The full list provides some top-notch chuckles while also offering up some very intriguing wagers. Check it out now at William Hill Sports!

Half Time Show Prop Bets

An integral part of the Super Bowl for years has been the halftime show, which sees some of the world’s most successful performers take a literal center stage between the game’s halves every year. For the 2017 iteration of the game, that honor goes to Lady Gaga, the American megastar.

As one would expect for a performer with her eccentric fashion sense, bookmakers are offering odds on things ranging from her hair color during the show to how many wardrobe changes she will undertake. If you look in the right place it is even possible to bet on whether she will suffer a wardrobe malfunction similar to Janet Jackson’s snafu at Super Bowl XXXVIII.

For a less risqué and more likely bet, ComeOn! Sports are letting customers bet on which of her hits will be the first song Gaga sings, with Bad Romance at 23/10 and Born this Way at 11/5 among the odds-on favorites. Halftime isn’t the only time when the music industry steals the spotlight, though.

National Anthem Prop Bets

Although it seems to take center stage, Halftime is not the only time musicians steals the limelight, as the national anthem is frequently performed by a nationally touring music artist, and wagering on the length of their performance is among the most common and most popular prop bets every year.

This year country music superstar Luke Bryan will sing 'The Star-Spangled Banner', and along with an over/under of 2:15 minutes for his anthem, punters can also bet on whether or not he will be wearing a hat when he appears onscreen before singing at NetBet Sport.

'On the Air' Prop Bets

A newer trend in prop betting revolves around the television broadcast, being put on by FOX this year. Some sports books are offering odds on how many times the word "Trump" will be uttered by announcers Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, how many times the "Deflategate" scandal will be brought up, and how many times Tom Brady’s wife, supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel Giselle Bundchen, will be shown on screen.

One of the more unique and hilarious wagers around the broadcast actually relates to the commercial advertisements shown during breaks in the action, as the geniuses at Winner Sports are allowing users to bet on if retired quarterback Peyton Manning will appear in over/under 1.5 commercials, either over at 13/20 or under at 11/10.

The Super Bowl is the culmination of America’s most popular sport, a sport that is gaining in popularity around the world. So it is no surprise that the gambling world has seized on the many unique opportunities afforded by this must-see event and the pomp and circumstance surrounding it. To lay down a few prop bets of your own head to Paddy Power today!

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