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What To Consider When Choosing a Casino Texas Hold 'em Casino Site

Welcome, Kiwi punters! Texas hold 'em, Texas holdem, Casino Holdem, hold 'em, or holdem, whatever you want to call it — we can probably all agree on one thing: how good is it when you get that bloody smug feeling when you know you’re holding a killer hand? You can look around the table, feeling as smooth as a gravy sandwich knowing you’ve got everyone beat!

Casino hold 'em is going gangbusters all over the internet, but it might surprise you to know that it’s completely legal and safe for Kiwis to play Texas hold 'em on the internet. Trust us — the world of Casino hold 'em goes wayyy beyond the TAB, and we’re here to show you the ropes partner!

A bit about us first — we’re a dedicated and tight-knit team of Kiwi and international gambling experts, who have been racking up chips in casinos around the world, as well as on the top-ranked online casinos. We reckon that Kiwis have been a bit left out when it comes to getting hints and tips in the world of online gambling, so we’re putting in the elbow grease to change that.

We try really hard to put a proper Kiwi perspective on things, and every review and piece of advice we publish is with New Zealanders in mind. So, let’s deal the cards and get stuck in!

Alright, let’s start at the beginning — when we review online Casino hold 'em casinos, we always look at a wide range of factors. Here are a few of our main criteria to figure out what works for Kiwi punters:

Texas hold 'em Poker Online Casino Reputation

First thing’s first, you need to make sure the Texas hold 'em casino is legit and has a good reputation. The best (and only) way to figure this out is if it’s in compliance with the New Zealand Gambling Act of 2003.

As weird as it might sound, the site will most likely not be directly affiliated with NZ gambling standards, but rather licenced by the likes of the Malta Gambling Authority, The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Commission, or the UK Gambling Commission. If the Texas hold 'em online casino is licenced by one of those regulatory bodies, it means it also lines up with all of New Zealand gambling laws.

Bottom line, if we recommend an online casino to you, it means it’s all safe and tickety boo to play in NZ.

Casino Hold 'em Poker Online Casino Game Variety

When you have a game that’s been around as long as Casino hold 'em poker, people start to tinker with the rules and create a few variations to spice things up a bit. Beyond just low stakes and high stakes, keep an eye out for a few of the different variations of Texas hold 'em poker:

Casino Bonus for Casino Texas Hold 'em Games

What would a punt be without a few cheeky freebies being thrown your way? Let’s have a look at the various ways Texas hold 'em casinos will try to not just entice you, but keep you playing.

Texas Hold 'em Casino Welcome Bonuses

If you’ve ever Googled “online casino” you’ll know that online casinos are more than willing to throw a lot of free stuff your way, if it means you’ll sign up to their particular site. Online gambling is really popular all around the world, so the bonuses are often seemingly very generous.

The most common kind of bonus is a welcome bonus, where they will match your deposit once you sign up. So for example, an online casino might offer to match your deposit 100%. If you deposit $50, they will give your $50 in free bets to use on their site.

There is always a catch though, and 99% of the time this catch comes in the form of a wagering requirement, or how many times you have to wager/bet that bonus money before you can withdraw it as cash.

The requirements for withdrawing your bonus money vary depending on the casino and how generous or not-so-generous they are. The industry average wagering requirement is about 35x, meaning you have to bet your bonus at least 35 times before you can withdraw it as cash into your hot little hands. You must gamble this number of times — no exceptions!

If that sounds excessive, just remember they are basically giving you free money, so they don’t want you withdrawing it straight away! Rest assured that with every online casino we review, we’ll let you know the ins and outs of the small print before you sign up.

Texas Hold 'em Casino Ongoing Bonuses

Once you become a regular (virtual) face at a Texas hold 'em casino, they'll usually give you perks and rewards. Depending on how often or not you play, this could be free bets, deposit bonuses for your next time playing there again, or even some free spins in their pokies room!

Texas Hold 'em Casino VIP Programmes

Last but not least, if you’ve been playing at the same Texas hold 'em casino for ages, and you like to bet big, some casinos will invite you to their VIP programme. Not all Texas hold 'em casinos have them, but you usually qualify based on how much and how often you bet with them. Perks can include a dedicated account manager, faster withdrawals, and much bigger bonuses and freebies than anybody else.

Free Casino Hold 'em vs Real Money Casino Hold 'em

Free casino hold 'em poker gives you the thrill of the high stakes game without breaking your bank. Some Texas hold 'em poker sites will let your play games for free, which means you can feel like a big player with no risk if you lose a big hand.

If you play free casino hold 'em, the money is funny money AKA pretend money, so you won’t actually win any real money — but then again you won’t lose any real money either!

Pros and Cons of Playing Online Free Texas Hold 'em Poker



Be aware, that while a lot of online casinos will let you play casino hold 'em poker for free, it’s not a universal thing. You may need to hunt out free games of casino hold 'em poker, but they are not too hard to find.

Live Dealer Casino Texas Hold 'em

Live dealer casino hold 'em is the new kid on the block of online hold 'em, and it is a complete breath of fresh air and excitement! If you’ve never heard of live dealer casino hold 'em, it basically throws away the old rule book for what a casino game should look like. Gone are the rubbish graphics and poor sound design, thrusting you virtually into an actual real game of casino hold 'em, with a real dealer, and real players.

When you drop into a game of live dealer casino hold 'em, you get a real-time, high definition video feed of a real Texas hold 'em table inside a real casino. You will also get your own real-life human dealer, and you’ll be playing alongside (virtually) other players from around the world. You can chat to the dealer and the other players via a little chat window on the side of your screen. The dealer can read the messages and talk with you vocally, while the other players type their responses.

As you can imagine, there is a real thrill to live dealer casino hold 'em, purely because everything is so live and real. If you haven’t played live dealer casino hold 'em before, we fully recommend you get stuck in!

Who Makes Casino Hold 'em Software for Online Casinos?

Online gambling is a bit like making a movie. When you have a big blockbuster movie come out, it attracts millions of paying customers, and the reviews are all raving. Behind that movie is a movie studio, which has invested a ton of coin into getting that movie made.

A good casino hold 'em game can be just as big as a blockbuster movie — except where the movie has a movie studio, an online casino game has a software developer. These software developers are responsible for creating, building, and distributing whatever games they produce.

There are hundreds of online casino software developers, but there are just a few dozen that usually hog all of the limelight. Here are a few of them:

Casino Hold 'em Security

Playing a cheeky game of online Texas hold 'em on your lunch break is one thing, but behind your screen are a lot of virtual cogs working to make sure the whole machine is keeping you and your money safe and secure. At the end of the day, you’re likely plugging in your credit card details as well as your other personal details, so you really want to make sure you’re dealing with a secure online casino.

Before we panic you too much, any online Texas hold 'em casino we recommend will be entirely safe and secure. In fact, the industry is so big and so well regulated, pretty much every online casino works around the clock to keep their customers safe.

With that being said, if you are looking at online casinos that haven’t been checked by us, there are a few things to look out for.

Firstly, make sure the Texas hold 'em casino site has SSL security. This means that the online casino has fully encrypted any data that you send to them, and any data they send to you. Because it is encrypted, that makes it almost impossible for naughty hackers to steal that data while it’s travelling across the internet. To check if it has SSL security, have a look to the left of the URL in your browser’s address bar. There should be a little locked padlock there, indicating that it does in fact have SSL security. If it doesn’t have this little locked padlock, stay away!

After that, you want to make sure the Texas hold 'em casino is fair to its players, and all of their games are free from being rigged or fixed. To do this, look for the logo of eCOGRA, which is the industry body that checks online casinos for fairness. You’ll usually find the eCOGRA logo at the bottom of any page on the Texas hold 'em casino website.

Finally, to comply with NZ gambling laws, any online Texas hold 'em casino should allow you to put limits on your betting, and how much you deposit. This is in order to encourage healthy gambling habits, and avoid problem gambling.

New Casino hold 'em Sites in NZ

New Texas hold’em casino sites are popping up like daffodils in the springtime, and we don’t expect you to have to trawl through the internet to figure out what is good and what isn’t. That’s our job!

Check back here often, and you’ll see that we regularly update you on what’s good in the world of Texas hold 'em poker and online gambling in general. Where we can, we’ll also try and get you some exclusive deals and bonuses too, so keep your eyes peeled!

Play Casino Hold 'em on Mobile

Playing casino Texas hold 'em on your big ‘ol computer is so 2015! These days all the hip cats are playing from their phone, on their catch, wearing whatever they wanna wear. No matter where you are in New Zealand, from Kaitaia to Bluff, you can get your game on with your phone at any of our recommended mobile casinos, as long as you have a mobile connection.

Thanks to how far tech has come, playing on your phone should be pretty much indistinguishable from playing on your laptop or PC. Of course, everything is a little bit smaller, and some things might get shifted around to suit the smaller screen, but the graphics, sounds, and performance should all still be top-notch.

You’ll probably also find that some Texas hold 'em online casinos offer dedicated apps for Android or iOS. These can be cool, but don’t be too worried if your favourite online casino doesn’t offer one. As we said above, the mobile version of the casino websites is so good, that sometimes it isn’t really worth bothering about having a dedicated app.

To find the best mobile Texas hold 'em games, check out our top mobile casinos.

Casino Hold 'em Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

When it comes to actually depositing and withdrawing your money online, it’s understandable that some Kiwis might have some doubts. Thankfully, there is a range of payment options that are safe, quick, and convenient.

When we review a casino hold 'em website, we put our own money on the line and test out all of those payment methods. That means every Kiwi can play and deposit, knowing their money is safe and secure.

Oh, and lastly, when you go to withdraw your money, you’ll most likely need to withdraw using the same method you deposited with. You’ll also need to show your photo ID. There is nothing dodgy here, it’s all for your safety, and to keep in the good graces of the New Zealand Gambling Commission.

Casino hold 'em House Edge and RTP

As with all things gambling, every online casino will have a house edge, or a slight advantage in chances of them winning in any given game. Online casinos are businesses after all, and they are trying to make money. However, there is a good way to figure out what your chances of winning are, in something called the RTP, or return to player number.

The RTP shows the percentage at which a game will pay out to players. For example, Pai Gow poker has a house of 1.46%, so the RTP would be 98.54%. So if you bet $100, that means you will probably get paid back $98.54.

This doesn’t mean it works like that every single time, because the RTP is based on a long-term average, not per game. It will however give you a good idea of a game’s risk profile.

Which Casino Games To Try if You Like Casino hold 'em

If you like casino hold 'em, you’ll also like other poker variations like:


Absolutely! Live dealer casino Texas hold 'em games are extremely popular, and can guide Kiwi punters where to find them here in New Zealand.

Not every online casino features Texas hold 'em poker, so it’s best to check with a site like to find the best casino sites to play.

While casino hold 'em poker is quite popular, not every online casino offers it. It’s best to check with a site like to find the best places to play.

Online casino Texas hold 'em poker games offer all of the glamour and excitement of a real game at a real casino, but you can do it from the comfort of your couch — anywhere, any time.

Nearly every game of online Texas hold 'em poker should be playable on your mobile. Just head to the online casino’s website with your mobile device’s browser, and you’re good to go.

Yes. Some (but not all) online casinos will give you the opportunity to play online Texas hold 'em poker for free with a demo mode or free play mode. Just be aware that you can’t win any real money when playing the free versions of online Texas hold 'em poker.

Yes. Any online Texas hold 'em poker casino website we recommend is in full compliance with the NZ Gambling Act of 2003. They are absolutely safe and legal for Kiwis to play.

No. Any online Texas hold 'em casino website we recommend has been audited by eCOGRA, the industry body that checks for player fairness in odds and chances of

The odds of winning a game of casino Texas hold 'em vary widely depending on who you are playing against, however, most online Texas hold 'em games offer an RTP (return to player) percentage of 97-99.56%. The chances of you getting a pair is 49%, and the chances of you getting a royal flush is 0.000154%.



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