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Online casino war is without doubt the easiest of all the online casino games to understand and play. What’s more, it is one of very few games that provides the player with an even chance of beating the house.

Designed around the simple card game known as 'War', casino war is a game for gamblers of all legal ages and experience levels. Easy to understand, fun to play and a great way to take home some serious cash.

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The rules of online casino war are very basic. Six decks of cards are split evenly between the player and the dealer; before a card is dealt, the player makes an initial wager. From here, both player and dealer receive one card; if the player’s is of higher value than their opponents, they win the hand and receive an even return on their stake (i.e. double the bet). However, if the cards are drawn and the dealer’s card is higher, the player’s stake is lost. In casino war, aces are always taken as a high card.

This is all very simple; where the excitement is really derived from is in the event of a tie. If this occurs after the first two cards are dealt, the player has the option to either surrender or ‘go to war’ with the casino. If they choose the first alternative, they automatically give up half their stake but avoid incurring any further losses.

If they choose the option of war, the player must double their original stake again and draw another card. The dealer will then give the player a second card, before burning three cards and turning over their own; if the player’s is higher, they will get returns of 2:1 (in other words, if their original bet was £5, which was then doubled to £10, they would be paid £15).

Another element of online casino war is the opportunity offered by some sites to bet on a tie arising. The player can place a stake on the next draw being a tie – if the outcome occurs, they win at a rate of 10-1 on their original bet.


As stated earlier, one of the reasons that online casino war is so popular is due to the even odds of the player winning. This is because when the initial hand is drawn both the player and the dealer have a 46.3% chance of coming out on top.

Of course, the house would not be the house if it did not maintain a slight advantage; this arises in casino war when the game goes to a tie and the player surrenders. If the player does decide to surrender their card, then the house will win – even if it is half the amount it stood to win before the tie.

As such, casino war strategy dictates that players should always go to war with the dealer in the event of a tie. One of the easiest online casino games to grasp – and certainly one of the most entertaining.

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