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What to Consider When Choosing a Craps Site

Whether you're an absolute beginner or a pro honing your system, choosing the right online craps site can make all the difference. While you may miss the buzz of the live casino environment, there are very real benefits too.

Why Play Craps Online?

Beginners can learn the ropes in a neutral environment, without rivals judging or rushing play, and with the support of in-game help functions and casino live chats. Pros have the opportunity to add structure to their strategy with additional console options and rule variations that provide surprising opportunities.

How to Support Your Strategy

There are certain console features you should always check before settling down for a betting session. These are:

  • Minimum and Maximum Bets | Beginners with tight bankrolls should seek out craps tables with minimums of £0.01 and Free Play options, like at Coral. Pros should ensure the maximum suits your budget, and that the intermediate amounts are steps that suit your system, to avoid limiting factors.
  • Repeat/Auto Bets | Having the ability to re-bet (bet the same amount on the same outcome), or set a bet for a specific number of plays, is an excellent way to empirically observe how a strategy pans out.
  • Session Timers | Usually located at the bottom of the game window, these are vital tools; not just to ensure you don't play too long, but to calculate your spend/win per 15/30/60 minute spell.

Exploring Rule Variations

Craps might not have the dizzying array of variations of poker, but there are a few craps variants to look out for:

  • Crapless Craps | This version removes the Don't Pass bet and the Pass win on an 11, in exchange for removing the risk of losing on the come out (first) roll. It speeds up the game, but also increases the house edge on the Pass bet from 1.41% to 5.38%.
  • Simplified Craps | Invites players to bet on one roll of the dice. 2, 3, 4, 10, 11 or 12 win, other numbers lose. The house edge is 2.8%.
  • Die Rich Craps | Played with a single die, players win Pass bets with a 6, and lose with a 1. Other numbers become the point.
  • New York Craps | There's no Pass, Don't Pass or Place bets, but the table plays true odds for bets on box numbers, minus a 5% commission.
  • High Point Craps | The dice roll until anything other than a 2 or 3 lands. 11 or 12 pay out at evens, anything else become the Point. Roll above the point to win, roll below and lose. The house edge is 2.35%.

Unusual Alternatives

The great thing about craps is that it makes all other dice games instantly accessible. So finding an online casino with craps and popular dice game Sic Bo could be another deal breaker.

Like a cross between roulette and craps, Sic Bo is played with three dice and allows users to bet on a number appearing on one, two or all three dice, to bet on totals, and on grouped or over/under totals. Unlike traditional craps, you can even find live dealer versions of Sic Bo at top online casinos.

How to Maximise the Experience

Unlike many top table games, craps has yet to be given the live dealer experience in the UK. However, craps is all about interaction with other players, not the dealer, and plenty of casinos still make this central to the experience. Look out for multiplayer craps games with added chat functions.

Details like the colour scheme, table layout and music might not seem like a big deal, but when you're into a serious session, they can sometimes make all the difference. Remember, they're designed to make you behave a certain way: make sure that fits your plans too.

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