Coral Launches First of Its Kind Dynamic Video Advertising

March 15th, 2017


Coral Launches First of Its Kind Dynamic Video Advertising

The days of two-dimensional images and lifeless icons dominating the iGaming industry are gradually fading away as Coral is now embracing dynamic video technology. In an age where virtual reality and live interaction are taking online casino games to new levels of immersion and entertainment, it doesn't make sense to have outdated ad campaigns.

Indeed, if a player can now connect with a live casino dealer or step into a slot like Gonzo's Quest VR, then why should adverts be any less interactive? Well, this is exactly the kind of thinking that's prompted Coral to partner with Fresh8 Gaming.

And Fresh8, a tech company that specialises in websites, apps and, importantly, dynamic adverts, was the perfect partner with Coral's expansion into the unique content. From its base in London, Fresh8 works with a number of leading operators to create bespoke multi-format display campaigns.

New Tech Makes Ads More Interactive and Relevant

Using the latest innovations in video and online tracking technology, Fresh8 is able to customise ads to suit each user and deliver real-time updates directly to desktop or mobile devices. Picking up on the current move towards a more interactive form of iGaming entertainment, Coral will now use the Fresh8 platform to release a series of dynamic video adverts.

The auto-generated videos will not only give Coral a new way to reach customers via websites and social media, they also give it the ability to push live offers and odds to viewers. In simple terms, Fresh8's video platform allows operators to personalise video content to any digital end point. This means Coral can cover any sport, betting market or bonus offer in its videos as they're happening.

In the past, online betting companies would have to produce a series of adverts before a promotion or event went live and schedule the release times so that customers could act on the deals. However, with Fresh8's system in place, Coral will be able to produce content on the fly, which should have two positive consequences.

Coral's Dynamic Videos to Improve Customer Experience

The first benefit of the new system will be more content. Like all betting sites, Coral has a list of events, odds and offers that changes on a daily basis. With the ability to create dynamic videos that are capable of showing a fresh set of data in real time, Coral will be able to push out more content. The second benefit is greater participation and user engagement.

One of the biggest problems with betting adverts in the past is that users have often seen an offer too late. For example, if Coral decided to offer enhanced odds on a football match taking place that afternoon, some players might have missed the message shown a week previously.

Indeed, because sports fans tend to focus on events in the moment (i.e. on the day they're set to take place), they can often miss out on deals that have been advertised in previous weeks. However, thanks to dynamic video content, Coral will be able to set video ads to appear on social media timelines right up until a few minutes before the off (i.e. when the most people are tuned in).

What's more, because the content can be adjusted in real time, the video would be able to reference last-minute offers, the latest odds and any other market movements. Essentially, customers will be able to get instant access to more relevant information. The upshot of this should be more engagement with live bets and bonuses.

A New Direction for Industry Advertising

The deal with Fresh8 will also help Coral ensure it doesn't fall foul of the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling's (IGRG) recent guideline changes. As part of a move to make sure gambling adverts don't target people under the age of 18 in the UK, the IGRG implemented a "no pre-watershed welcome offer advert" rule in 2016.

In line with this amendment, operators have had to become more judicious with the way they promote their deals both on TV and online. This new partnership with Fresh8 will allow Coral to be more accurate with its ads and, importantly, will give it the ability to release them closer to an event and, therefore, avoid and pre-watershed issues.

"The automation and simplification of the video production process is a total game changer. The Fresh8 platform will allow us to build real-time adverts ensuring that we are always serving the most relevant content to our entire digital audience. This relevance is especially crucial in the light of the IGRG code changes meaning we have to be much smarter in our approach to messaging in video outside of free offers."
Paul Soithongsuk, Senior Mobile Marketing Manager at Coral

Coral hasn't said exactly when the new series of videos will kick in, but fresh content is expected within the coming months so be sure to check out Coral frequently to see all the content!

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