Monte Carlo: A Casino that Supported a Country


Monte Carlo: A Casino that Supported a Country

Seldom has a casino reached such fame and acclaim as the grand complex of the Monte Carlo in Monaco. The name is synonymous with high quality gaming and high rolling society. It’s responsible for European Roulette and James Bond’s most familiar activities. But what exactly is the Monte Carlo Casino, and what makes it so special?

What is Monte Carlo?

Though the name is frequently used to refer to the resort itself, which includes a casino, the Grand Theatre de Monte Carlo and the office of the Monte Carlo ballet, Monte Carlo is actually a district in the Principality of Monaco. The name translates into English as “Mount Charles”, and the area lies at the baseline of the Alps in the French Riviera. The district, however, owes its fame and fortune almost entirely to the casino.

What’s So Special About the Casino?

The casino has a rich history of luxury, having been founded by royalty in Monaco in the middle of the 19th Century. The ruling family were going bankrupt, and saw nearby towns growing prosperous thanks to casinos. The casino went through a number of relocations and redesigns before settling where it lies today. No expense was spared in its creation, and the renowned architect of the Paris opera house designed its now-famous facade and intricate architecture.

Since its opening, the casino has been the main source of income for the House of Grimaldi, the traditional rulers of Monaco, and is one of the country’s main economic drivers. The resort’s controlling company, in which the ruling family holds a majority interest, also controls all the main hotels, restaurants, spas, sports facilities and nightclubs in the country.

The lavish setting of the casino has inspired the grand style of many online casino games, such as Betfair Casino's Roulette tables, as well as the magnificent Monte Carlo resort in Las Vegas. It has also been cast as the setting for a large number of TV shows and films. Most famously, Monte Carlo inspired Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale, where James Bond started his career, and Bond has frequented the casino itself in numerous films.

What Can You Do There?

The Monte Carlo casino caters to some of the wealthiest and most discerning gamers in the world. It has all the table favourites, including Roulette, Stud Poker, Blackjack, Craps and Baccarat, and it’s thanks to the travelling clientele of the casino that the popular form of European Roulette spread around the world.

In addition to gaming and the world-class opera and ballet performances at the resort, the casino is an enormous draw to tourists who like to immerse themselves in celebrity culture. The iconic square in front of the casino plays host to parades of impossibly expensive cars, bringing the world’s elite right to the front door.

For any roving gamer, a visit to the Monte Carlo Casino is certainly a must, even if you don’t dabble at the tables. You can experience the grandeur of the casino online too, with sites like Betfair Casino taking inspiration from the legendary Monte Carlo resort in their game designs.

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