The Best Roulette Experiences in Las Vegas


The Best Roulette Experiences in Las Vegas

Las Vegas may be a long-established gambling Mecca, but it's still finding new ways to lure Roulette players into the lights. Here is a list of some of the the top Roulette experiences in Las Vegas and what they are doing to attract Roulette lovers from all over the world.

The Mirage

One of the biggest casinos on the strip, The Mirage is also one of few offering both single and double zero American Roulette, as well as classic European Roulette.

Why is this important? Because having two zeroes gives a house edge of 5.26%; with a single zero it's just 2.7%. Better still, European Roulette has the 'en prison' (half back) rule. This pays players 50% of their stake back on losing evens bets (black/red, high/low). The house edge falls to just 1.35% when en prison is in effect.

These generous rules are available on Roulette tables with minimum $25 buy-ins, and tables at The Mirage only cap bets at $20,000: so there's the potential for some serious winnings.

The Golden Gate

Fremont Street, the original home of Vegas, is more commonly visited by tourists during the day. But the vibrant casino scene remains a night time spectacle to behold, and the intimate ambiance of The Golden Gate, the Fremont Street Experience's oldest and smallest hotel, is one worth trying.

Despite its long history, The Golden Gate hasn't stood still. As well as standard Roulette offerings, it's the first place in the USA to offer Riverboat Roulette. A new twist on the classic game, Riverboat Roulette introduces seven new bets based on coloured areas added to the wheel - six of which are multi-spin and can be carried over until they win or lose. So players really get their money's worth.

The Tropicana

Another casino that's willing to experiment with the rules is The Tropicana Las Vegas. Although it only offers double zero American Roulette for the purists, it has a trick up its sleeve to attract anyone looking for something a bit different: Double Ball Roulette.

This new game is exactly like it sounds, Roulette but with two balls. Players win evens for picking a colour that either ball lands in, or can take their chances and bet on the colour both balls will land in. They can also win odds of 1200/1 if they manage the highly improbably feat of landing a 'Double Ball Jackpot' by predicting the number that both balls land in.

As well as these extra options, players are invited to be part of the game by using a wireless remote to fire the balls into the wheel.

The MGM Grand

The largest hotel resort in the USA, and one of the largest in the world, The MGM Grand is already a big draw on the Strip, but that doesn't mean it's become complacent. High rollers are treated like royally, and can enjoy both single zero American and European Roulette with minimum cash buy-ins of $25 and maximum bets of $10,000.

Players on a budget are afforded less lucrative odds, however, they are invited to one of the newest innovations in Vegas: totally automated 'Organic Roulette'. Unlike online and video versions, the recently installed terminals at the Grand spin real wheels, and allow up to eight players indulge in fast-paced gaming of up to 80 games per hour; supplying stat-hungry gamblers with up-to-the minute data on player information displays.

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