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Key Knowledge Before You Start Gambling

How To Identify Public vs Professional Money Down

The exercise of identifying whether or not money down is professional or public can be a difficult one to get right.... Read More

Lay Betting Strategy

Lay betting is the process by which punters are given the opportunity to bet against a certain outcome. ... Read More

Back-to-Lay Betting Strategy

While there is always an element of risk involved in betting, there are a number of strategies that you can employ to minimise the risk that you're exposed to, and even to guarantee yourself a profit.... Read More

Sports Betting Strategy: Accumulators

Accumulators are incredibly popular across all sports and markets, but how much do you really understand about the tactics involved?... Read More

Arbitrage Betting Strategy Guide

Arbitrage is simultaneously depicted as the holy grail of sports betting and a demanding, rigid financial tool. The truth, however, is much more interesting. ... Read More

Effective Sports Betting Money Management

Money management, sometimes called bankroll management, is not, strictly speaking, a betting strategy. It's the cornerstone of every betting strategy.... Read More

An Overview of Sports Betting Odds Formats

Understanding sports betting odds formats is the crucial first step to ensuring you get value for money when you bet.... Read More

Game Strategies and Tips

Golf Betting Strategy

Golf betting, if studied correctly, can provide you with the biggest winners at the biggest odds.... Read More

Horse Racing Betting Strategy

Horse racing remains one of the most popular and exciting sports to bet on but the sheer number of 'dead cert' methods and the volume of data available in form guides, racing papers and beyond can seem like enormous hurdles ... Read More

Aussie Rules Football Betting Strategy

Aussie Rules Football provides a great sport and a whole host of new gambling opportunities. Once you've read our guide to Aussie Rules Football, you'll discover both a great sport and a whole host of new markets.... Read More

Boxing Betting Strategy

Boxing fought off the MMA surge to continue on as one of the premier betting markets but ensuring punters continue to reap the same financial benefits they have always reaped betting on the sport, innovative and up-to-date strategies are always ... Read More

Cycling Betting Strategy

Some cyclists suffer for choosing a poorly constructed strategy, like doping - [cough]...Lance Armstrong...[cough] - and punters of the sport taking similar paths find similar suffering but those punters who take a shrewd but well though out strategy when wagering ... Read More

Darts Betting Strategy

The darts betting market might not rival football or horse racing and also typically revolve around mostly big name players but that doesn't mean the market lacks any real strategy. Ensuring you have a quality plan when approaching the dart ... Read More

Betting Exchange Strategy

The added variety of a betting exchange offers plenty of unique opportunity for punters to capitalise on but its unique format also requires a fresh new set of strategies to ensure you walk away with a solid bankroll.... Read More

Formula 1 Betting Strategy

Formula One is one of the most exhilarating and high-speed sports on the planet, and one that requires driver and machine to work in perfect harmony to achieve success.... Read More

English Premier League Betting

With fast-paced and fiercely contested games, it’s no surprise that England’s Premier League is the most-watched football league in the world.... Read More

Champions League Betting

Beginning with three knockout qualifying rounds in July before most domestic European leagues have even laced their boots, the UEFA Champions League is quickly whittled down to 32 elite teams who compete for the most coveted annual crown on the ... Read More

Football Betting Odds

Football is a prime sport for betting: it’s unpredictable, fun and offers great returns on a vast number of bets.... Read More

Tour de France Betting

Contrary to popular belief, with 20 teams competing, 21 grueling stages to navigate, and plenty of twists and turns, Le Tour de France is ripe with betting markets to consider when forming your cycling betting strategy.... Read More

Baseball Betting Strategy

Baseball might be one of America's favourite pastimes, but global gamblers still seem reluctant to venture into the various betting markets offered. Whilst the sport can be tricky for UK viewers, there are plenty of opportunities to make a profit ... Read More

Basketball Betting Strategy

Thanks to the fast-paced nature of basketball, players get a real chance to showcase their athleticism, style and flair. But that fast-paced nature also means the game's fortunate can turn on a dime so punters need a solid strategy when ... Read More

Indian Premier League Betting

The same reasons fans turn to Twenty20 cricket and the T20 Indian Premier League (IPL) over test matches is the same reason punters do; the fast-paced cricket variant and the game's top league brings twice the excitement and even more ... Read More

Cricket Betting Tips

Despite the fact that cricket isn't one of the world's largest betting markets, it's popularity as a sport in particular regions around the world supplies a wealth of quality information and stats for shrewd punters to use to develop a ... Read More

Ice Hockey Betting Strategy

Ice hockey is a fast and furious sport, so it's unsurprising that ice hockey betting is just as frantic. But, like many American sports, the stats are gathered in volume: and trends are your friends.... Read More

In-Play Betting Strategy

In-running betting has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and is a thriving betting market with a life of its own.... Read More

UFC & MMA Betting Strategy

While WWE prevails with its colourful characters and scripted wrestling matches, MMA events are an entertaining and incredibly lucrative alternative for fans of mixed martial arts betting.... Read More

NFL Betting Strategy

The US' National Football League (NFL) has always been a league of stats, so it should be no surprise that success in this market requires ample research and strategy.... Read More

Political Betting Strategy

Political betting can be a tricky market to master but with enough understanding of the political system you're wagering on and a topnotch strategy, you're sure to bring home a profit.... Read More

Rugby Betting Strategy

Rugby is a game of big, bold scorelines and strategic extremes; and there's no better place to exploit that than the winning margin markets.... Read More

Rugby Union Betting

Rugby Union has surged in popularity since England's triumph in the 2003 Rugby World Cup. Both international and domestic leagues have since secured big TV deals, with BT paying a reported £152 million to broadcast the Aviva Premiership this year.... Read More

Rugby League Betting

Rugby League is fast becoming one of the UK’s favourite summer sports. This is largely thanks to the popularity of the Super League which is frequently televised. With so many matches now available to watch live, it’s easier than ever ... Read More

Snooker Betting Strategy

Like all individual sports, snooker is a game that relies heavily on form and often that means the big names offer low odds. But if you're looking for better value, there are plenty of snooker markets to turn to.... Read More

Tennis Betting Strategy

At present, tennis betting would appear to be one of the more predictable sports betting markets around.... Read More

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