Inspired’s Virtual Sports Betting Markets Open at Betway

November 1st, 2017


Inspired’s Virtual Sports Betting Markets Open at Betway

The New York gaming supplier Inspired has recently launched a variety of products in partnership with leading betting and gaming operators. In addition to new games like Rush Football 2, the company's virtual sports products have been added to Betway's portfolio via game developers Microgaming.

The virtual sports releases include titles like Greyhounds, Rush Horses and Trotting, and will now be available for Betway customers in the UK and Sweden. Adding virtual sports to its sites will bring a number of advantages for Betway's online bookmaker.

Not least the fact that Betway offers punters almost unlimited betting opportunities on the sports they love, completely separate from the real-life sportsbooks and events. This is good news too of course, as punters can continue to immerse themselves in fantasy leagues when their favourite sports are out of season!

Virtual Advantages

Although virtual sports have been around and expanding for quite a long time in theory (the original form of a virtual game took place on an IBM 1620 computer in 1961), technology and ease of access for punters has limited the technologically-driven events' appeal – at least until recent years when virtual sports began expanding once again.

Fantasy football and cricket leagues have been around for decades, and virtual sports simply take them to the next level. Instead of being limited to stats alone, the games are brought to life by realistic graphical depictions, which are themselves based on the stats of the fantasy league.

This has a number of advantages for both punters and providers like Betway. For punters, virtual sports betting can be more forgiving, as having up-to-date knowledge of a team isn’t necessary. This can be encouraging to players who might not be familiar with a certain sport, and means anyone can quickly dive in.

Something else to consider is the nature of virtual games. Players aren't required to invest all their time in only one team. Instead, they are encouraged to take an interest in the results of all the games and the leagues as a whole. This generates more player engagement overall, a major goal for providers.

It also means players are more likely to bet on more games, as they aren't limited by a single team's odds. Virtual games are also much shorter – especially when it comes to sports like football. A virtual match will be over in a few minutes, but players will get a sense of the action thanks to the animated replays provided by the games.

This makes them more accessible at any time, and again, encourages betting. The advantages are clear – easier and more frequent betting and engagement with the services. They also provide an additional revenue stream with a sportsbook and, as mentioned earlier, aren't limited by seasonal factors.

Virtual Futures

Given the benefits of virtual sports, and the ever-improving technology that makes watching them a much more satisfying and entertaining experience, it's highly likely that we'll see an increase in this field in the coming years, especially when you see the major uptick in virtual reality software creation like we have of late.

The anytime access, ease of placing a stake, and beginner-friendly nature of the virtual sporting market makes it a solid choice for both punters and major online bookmakers. Although previously just a stop-gap between real events, some virtual sports are now responsible for up to 20% of over-the-counter and online revenues.

Betway isn’t alone of course. Betradar has an extensive virtual sports betting line-up, including greyhounds, tennis, basketball and a number of others. Jimmy Bone, Marketing and Client Executive for Golden Race, a virtual sports provider, is in no doubt about the importance of this field moving forward:

"I believe they will play a huge part. Virtual sports growth continues, at different rates, all around the world. The Nigerian market, where Golden Race solutions are used in more than 90% of retail locations, is booming…"

Bone went on to say:

"Golden Race provides something that both operators and players enjoy – engaging sports betting experiences, available 24/7, tailored to their unique location, needs, and tastes. We have created a real sportsbook, exactly the same as the real thing, where the odds, voiceovers, excitement, benefits, and winnings all real. Only the events are virtual."

Virtual sports certainly seem to be winning over the fans and Betway Sports is leading the charge. If you're interested in seeing the newly added Inspired virtual sports software, simply experience the Betway online bookmaker site today!

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