Paddy Power’s #WhatOddsPaddy Features the Wildest Wagers

September 26th, 2017


Paddy Power’s #WhatOddsPaddy Features the Wildest Wagers

Paddy Power is a bookmaker known far and wide for the rich diversity of markets they offer. If there’s a way to be ton an event, Paddy probably has the odds. From sports to political elections to reality TV to the existence of extraterrestrials, Paddy Power lets punters wager on just about everything under the sun (even North Korea)!

Wild Wagers Wanted

The key words for some punters, however, is “just about.” Sometimes bettors want to wager in ways that even a site as thorough as Paddy Power won’t have on offer by default. But there’s good news for those kinds of punters who are looking for a way to bet on things that may be too unlikely, complex, or outrageous.

These wild wagers include the odds too extreme to be offered as a market from the start, so for those players at least there’s good news for them as long as they have a Twitter account. Those with the keys to the Paddy Power Twitter account have made it one of the most essential follows in the entire gambling industry.

Paddy Power IS Twitter

The account is active and regularly tweeting for hours every single day, and has found a voice that is the perfect ratio of irreverent cheekiness to gambling expertise that has long defined the company’s public profile. Another word that can be used to describe the Paddy Power Twitter account is “helpful.”

Between the main account and the dedicated customer-service-focused @AskPaddyPower account, the good people at Paddy Power are more than willing to interact with customers to resolve issues however possible, including when punters can’t find the specific bet they are interested in laying listed at Paddy’s sportsbook.

What is #WhatOddsPaddy?

By using the hashtag #WhatOddsPaddy, punters are able to send their wildest wagers to Paddy Power with the confidence that they will find their way to the company’s experienced and professional oddsmakers. If those oddsmakers feel confident in their ability to properly evaluate the bet-and they almost always do-they will then make the requested bet available on the Paddy Power website.

Even, better, they make sure to respond on Twitter to the punter that requested the bet in the first place to let them know it is up! So what kinds of bets do punters typically use this service to create, exactly? Take a look at the #WhatOddsPaddy hashtag on Twitter and one will see that frequently bettors are looking for custom odds on a series of different things to happen during a single event.

So if you fancy two specific players will score a goal, another will get a red card, and say, a team to be awarded more than seven corners all in the same match, using the hashtag is the best way to quickly get such a bet evaluated and available on the main Paddy Power site.

Typically Paddy Power is able to get these requests turned around in an hour or two, and they always make sure to inform the Twitter user that submitted the request originally once they have done so and made the wager available.

In instances where the company can NOT offer the bet for whatever reason, they also try to ensure they inform users of that fact as well so that they do not have to wait around all day for a bet that will never materialize. In both instances, Paddy Power’s engagement with their customers is truly top-notch.

Reaching the Masses

Another customer-centric feature of this program is the fact that Paddy Power make sure to collect the special #WhatOddsPaddy wagers they create in one place and then publicize them on Twitter, putting them in front of their 635,000 plus followers, most of whom would never know these odds exist otherwise.

This gives a wealth of punters access to some of the most fun and unique wagers around, wagers that came straight from the minds of their peers (similar to an exchange). While the main Paddy Power account puts the odds on display and promotes the hashtag for big matches, the bulk of the work is done by the fine folks behind the verified @AskPaddyPower account.

That is the account that handles most of the interactions with users, and while simply using the #WhatOddsPaddy hashtag will ensure that someone sees your tweet, it never hurts to try and speed up the process by tweeting your request directly at @AskPaddyPower!

Twitterless? No Worries

While we’ve mostly focused on Twitter and Paddy Power’s brilliant hashtag usage, punters that aren’t active on social media aren’t left out in the cold if they wish to get custom odds of their own. Paddy Power will evaluate wager requests submitted through the company’s live-chat functionality or a dedicated email address.

No matter what method users prefer, and no matter how out there the request may be, there’s no harm in asking Paddy Power to take a look. After all, the company’s support site lays out their philosophy when it comes to custom bets thusly:

"We'll offer you a price on virtually anything, so no matter how crazy you think it might be, drop us a line and we'll take a look.”

So if you’ve got a wild and wacky bet you want odds on, be sure send it to Paddy Power today! If you're interested in checking out the latest 'non-wild' odds always offered at Paddy Power's online betting site, simply head over to the site now and signup for a new account to start betting today!

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