A Wise Head Will Produce Some Big Wins with Accumulator Betting


A Wise Head Will Produce Some Big Wins with Accumulator Betting

Accumulators are hugely popular in football betting markets as they offer speculative punters the chance to place a wager on as many teams as possible, providing the small but potentially pocket-lining opportunity to win considerable sums of money from relatively small bets.

Football Accumulators

For the most part, football accumulators are popular with casual punters who have a deep interest and knowledge of football, but who might not want to rest their mortgage on a single outcome. Having said that, the accumulator is not just about introducing a bit of added excitement to a normal Saturday afternoon; indeed, with a couple of hints and tips, it’s possible to turn what is usually seen as a fun but largely inconsequential ‘cheeky’ punt into a mechanism whereby Saturday evenings are defined by more than one form of celebration.


As with most forms of betting, discipline is the most important characteristic of football accumulator betting. Teams should never be considered for inclusion in an accumulator bet that would otherwise be ignored if you were placing the same overall wager on one outcome. In other words, if you were just betting on Manchester United vs. Stoke and would be more inclined to back a Man United win, don’t suddenly include Stoke in your accumulator. This may sound obvious, but the temptation to run up the odds so that potential returns become quickly exorbitant has unravelled the strategy of many an accumulator punter.

Avoid Allegiance

For the same reason, it is normally a good idea to avoid any sides to which you have a prior allegiance. Even if you believe your team to be an absolute certainty, there will be an inherent conflict of interests; this lack of impartiality, however small, will inevitably lead you to be wrong more times than if complete objectivity was used. There are some cases – like in the event of supporting Manchester City, United, Chelsea etc. – where there is an argument that these sides do win more often than not. However, if there’s any danger of getting it wrong on the back of prejudice – even one in 100 times – it’s not worth the risk.

Look for Underdogs

The trick is to find a number of relatively close battles where you think you have a line on the bookmakers. In other words, you want to pick the underdogs if possible, but only if you feel they have a better chance of winning than the bookies are letting on. It’s important to strike a balance; nothing with too long or too short odds, but teams from within a slim bracket where you think there may be value. This may sound somehow ‘boring’, but you’ll quickly see that the potential returns will rise impressively by the time you’ve handed over your slip.

Football accumulator betting, by its very nature, is unlikely to yield favourable results. As such, its potential for profit is enormous. The trick, then, is to keep your head firmly screwed on and approach what is essentially a hugely uncertain betting format with as sensible an attitude as possible. Look at close matches where you think there’s value in picking a winner, eradicate any impartialities and don’t get tempted by either long or short odds. If you follow these tactics, you might just be in for a few more Saturday afternoon windfalls than you’d bargained for.

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