Football Betting Strategy: International Tournament ‘Golden Boot’ Winners


Football Betting Strategy: International Tournament ‘Golden Boot’ Winners

One of the best things about major international football tournaments is that they provide astute betters with hundreds of in-play and mobile betting opportunities. Despite this, far too many punters still insist on entering just one market whenever a major tournament comes around - the supremely limited ‘outright winner’ wager. Of course, anyone who knows even a little bit about football betting is aware that betting on the outright victor of international football tournaments is, by and large, a waste of time - there are usually only ever a handful of teams (with unfavourable odds) capable of winning.

Therefore, if you really want to win big with international football tournament wagers, you need to look at some of the slightly less obvious betting markets that are now so widely available. Recent history has shown that one of the most viable – and often most lucrative – of these alternative options is that of the 'Golden Boot’ market.

Adjusted Playing Time

While it may sound obvious, it is important to remember that strikers play far fewer games at a World Cup or European Championship than they do throughout a league season. This means that any player who plays really well in one or two tournament games can end up top of the Golden Boot pile – they don’t necessarily need to have had a great domestic league campaign beforehand. Statistics from previous tournaments show this to be true. Indeed, you have to go back to 2002 to find a player who scored lots of goals in their domestic season and got a decent bounty at the World Cup.

Tournament Teams' Foes

With this in mind, you should look at backing players whose teams will face off against very weak opponents in a tournament’s group stages, as this is where good old-fashioned stuffings are most likely to take place. Russian striker Oleg Salenko proved in the 1994 World Cup that players who have easy opening games in the early stages of a tournament can go on to win the coveted Golden Boot. He managed to take home the trophy despite his team not progressing anywhere near the final stages.

Despite this, however, a team with a chance of advancing to the knockout stages is generally the preferred option. The best bets in this market are usually to be had with goalscorers who play for teams that are likely to reach the quarter final stages at least. To improve your chances of success even more, you should try and back players who are entrusted with - and are good at - taking penalties and free kicks, as dead ball situations become increasingly common in the latter stages of international football tournaments.

Best Bet Placing Time

Finally, a word of caution: the most important thing to keep in mind with football Golden Boot betting is to wait until a tournament is about to begin before placing any bets. While you may well get a great price on an in-form striker a few months in advance of the tournament kicking off, it will count for nothing if they become injured during the last weeks of their domestic league campaigns.

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