Football Betting Strategy: Scorecast and Wincast Markets


Football Betting Strategy: Scorecast and Wincast Markets

'Scorecast' and 'wincast' are among the trickiest of all the football betting markets, but with the right research they can also land the biggest rewards.

'Scorecast' VS 'Wincast'

The 'scorecast' market involves picking both the player who will be first to score in a match and the final score. Typically, these bets offer odds of between 10/1 and 150/1. The 'wincast' market requires only the first scorer and the winning team, so odds generally range between a lower 4/1 and 50/1. It will come as no surprise that to win at such high odds is a difficult feat, but the first step is to break the myth that these markets are only for hardened pros. Like any system, 'scorecast' and 'wincast' strategies rely on using form to choose your bets wisely and gauging how much risk to take.

Player and Team Selection

When playing these markets, it’s wise to first identify two things: a prolific goal scorer with a penchant for early goals, and two teams with clear trends in their results.

A good example in the 2013/14 English Premier League is Luis Suarez, who scored five first goals in his first 15 appearances of the season. He is particularly valuable because Liverpool have a reliable home record, where they rack up high scores and don't concede (or concede just one). When taking their average home score of 2.7-1.5 and factoring in the opposition, for instance, Aston Villa, betting on Suarez to score first and the match to finish 4-1 at 35/1 with Bet365 Sports would be a reasonable bet.

Interestingly, betting on the same scorer but a final score of 4-0 is just 18/1 at the time of writing: so identifying small changing trends, like the potential return to form of Christian Benteke, can boost odds significantly. This can be a real boon for those who indulge in in-play betting. If a set piece is coming up, for example, choosing a big centreback as first goalscorer can really raise the odds.


But bolder picks don’t have to wait until the match begins. Every football league is filled with surprises week-in, week-out, and one man’s surprise is another man’s profit. A good illustration of the predictable surprise is Bayer Leverkusen’s 2013/14 Bundesliga away win at Dortmund. Leverkusen’s recent form bettered that of their rivals, and their away form was on the up, while Dortmund’s home form had been shaky. So a hard-fought 1-0 was predictable, as was prolific goalscorer Son Heung-Min opening the scoring. A shrewd hedge might even have been 1-0, Lewandowski to score first.

'Wincast' Advantages

Of course, looking at stats to show that these results were plausible is one thing, making that big call before a game is another. In instances where the stats aren’t there to justify calling a specific result, or if your football betting strategy is more conservative, the 'wincast' market becomes more useful. Just don’t end a match kicking yourself for not being brave enough to follow through your stats-led convictions.

The key thing to remember when playing these markets is to make sure that those stats are there to back up your hunches, and that you don’t expose yourself to unnecessary risk while chasing the big odds. To work out your own risk/reward ratio and develop a 'scorecast' strategy, visit Bet365 Sports today!

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