Bet365 Launches Brand New Auto Cash Out Feature

March 15th, 2017


Bet365 Launches Brand New Auto Cash Out Feature

UK gambling firm bet365 has launched an innovative new feature that'll save its customers from having to keep an eye on their bets to see if it's worth cashing out. The new option, dubbed Auto Cash Out, does exactly what it says on the tin. It lets punters set a value on a bet and should the bet ever reach the amount for a potential payout, it processes it automatically, sending the money straight to a bet365 account!

What is Auto Cash Out?

The new Auto Cash Out system works when a player attaches a value to a specific bet. If you set up a £10 accumulator where you stand to win £1000, you can set the bet to automatically pay out if the value is ever deemed to be worth a nominated amount – for example, £500. Not only that, players can create a partial Auto Cash Out.

This is done by toggling the value of the amount you want to be settled, while leaving whatever remains to see the bet through to the final, meaning those bitter endings can now be a little sweeter. Taking the same example, you could split your £10 bet so that £5 of it is cashed out, while the remaining £5 plays out the full set of games. If a player eventually loses the accumulated bet, they still have the partial cash out amount in their pocket.

At present, bet365 has declared that the Auto Cash Out value must be greater than the stake initially wagered. However, should it prove to be successful, there is no reason why this could not change in the future, to give players even more functionality and freedom in their online gambling account. Even better, it is available to all players, from established veterans to brand new joiners.

How to Set Up an Auto Cash Out

The Auto Cash Out feature works by setting up a rule, just like additional rules for inboxes that send certain emails to specified folders. In order to enable the Auto Cash Out feature, players must first visit the Cash Out section of My Bets.

Here they'll see a list of all active bets. Clicking one will bring up the specifics of that wager, including the Cash Out option. Next to the Cash Out button is a settings cog; clicking on that will open the cash out options menu. Players can then set a threshold value on the section that reads “If the value reaches”. Once that is done, all they have to do is click “Create rule” and it’s all ready to go.

If you have set this up successfully set it up, the cog icon will turn green. The best thing is that the rule can be turned off at any point up until the final settlement of the bet and will automatically be cancelled if a players decides to manually cash out at a lower amount than the auto cash feature was set up for.

The auto feature is available across all platforms, so players can turn it on and off via the main desktop site, mobile browser, or dedicated bet365 app. You don't need to use the same method to interact with it, so you could set up the Auto Cash Out value from your mobile app and then later on turn it off from your PC, or amend it in your mobile browser while on the go.

Who Should be Using Auto Cash Out?

While half the excitement of wagering on any sport is watching the drama unfold when it's tied to the fate of your bet, circumstances arise where it’s not possible to keep track of the play minute by minute. You might be driving, or working, or in a remote area with no signal. With Auto Cash Out, you can set up a rule that acts on your behalf and cash out while you're away doing something else.

While cashing out is not to everyone’s taste, it's encouraging to see online betting sites such as bet365 pushing services in new and exciting directions. A feature that guarantees players a partial or full payout without having to keep a close eye on one or several matches is something that other sites will be keen to emulate. Head over to bet365 today to begin taking advantage for the Auto Cash Out feature!

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