Everybody's Jackpot from Genting Casino

August 30th, 2012


Most serious gamers are used to only looking out for ‘Number One’ and working to increase their winnings in every game. In spite of this, Genting Casino have just released a new online slot game, designed by the ever-impressive Playtech, which allows a community of gamers to share the top prize while minimising each other’s losses.

This revolutionary method of gaming is the ultimate aim of Everybody’s Jackpot and could prove to be far more lucrative than the standard slots form. The progressive slots game doles the jackpot prize out between all players who qualify. So Everybody’s Jackpot is aptly titled: every time the jackpot is won, you could be in for a handsome payout.

This online slots game offers four sizes of playing coin, between 0.05 and 1.00 and a maximum bet of 8 coins for every spin. Whereas normal slots require you to line up certain symbols, the progressive prize can be won randomly on any spin. If luck is on your side, this means that you could instantly hit the progressive and win 70% of a potential jackpot of $75,000.

The remarkable part of Everybody’s Jackpot is that the extra 30% is split among qualifying gamers. 15% of the total pot goes to those gamers who have made bets of at least 65.50 over the last 24 hours and a further 15% gets shared proportionally among players based on the amount of bets they’ve placed. That means that dedicated players will never lose out – a fantastic opportunity to play while conserving your losses!

With 8 pay lines, 19 different winning reel combos, and collectable Gold Bars, Cash and Jewellery, the game itself simply builds on classic online slots gameplay. This exciting new game from Genting Casino is designed to make every spin count for loyal players and could result in a generous win – even when you’re not playing.

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