How to Avoid "Table Rage" at the Casino


How to Avoid "Table Rage" at the Casino

Hell hath no fury like a Blackjack player scorned, as many casino regulars will know. Angry gamblers do not make for a fun encounter; luckily, there are many ways to avoid getting into an argument with your fellow players when the red mist descends.

Stick to the Plan

A piece by Mark Gruetze offers a cautionary tale of how gambling rage can get out of hand. In his example, a player took a hit at Blackjack instead of staying – shock horror. To avoid this kind of hostility, you should follow a consistent, basic Blackjack strategy about when to hit or stay, which means other players will be aware of what you might or might not do. This way, other players won't be able to criticise your style.

Of course, you are free to change your strategy as you see fit – it is your money, after all – and over the course of several hands, your decision has no real effect on whether others win or lose. They may not always agree with your style, but it shouldn't stop you from enjoying the game.

Casino Etiquette

Drinking and Smoking

The rules surrounding casino etiquette extend beyond the Blackjack table. Drinking "excessively", for example, is very much frowned upon; not only that, it impairs your judgement, affects your gambling skills and your social standing with others. Whilst smoking in public places is banned in the UK, those visiting overseas casinos should "try to maximise the time between cigarettes".

Annoying the Dealer

There are lots of ways to annoy the dealer, too. If you sit down at a game table while a hand is in play, it is courteous to wait patiently until your turn. When playing with chips, make sure you know the denominations you wish to use. If you have to change chips with the dealer, it can hold up the next game and make other players mad. Likewise, when cashing out, let the dealer do it for you; if you have a number of small chips, they will offer you larger denominations for the sake of speed and convenience.

Don't Touch the Chips or Cards

Never touch your chips or cards once the game is in play – you will incur the wrath of the dealer and the other players. In card games such as Blackjack, only the dealer can touch the cards – this is to prevent the cards becoming bent or marked. If you touch the cards, players must wait while a new deck is counted and shuffled.

Gambling offers hours of fun, and lots of opportunities to get on good terms with your fellow players. If you're still unsure as to the vagaries of gambling etiquette in land based casinos, why not head over to 888 Casino today and try your hand at online blackjack? You can hone your virtual etiquette before heading to a real life casino.

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