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There are different variants of stud poker, Seven Card Stud being the most popular. Seven card stud poker was the most popular poker game before Texas Holdem took over. Nonetheless, most online casinos offer this exciting and interesting version of poker.

Unlike Holdem or Omaha poker, Stud poker is played with a deck of 52 cards and has five rounds of betting. Each card dealt in stud poker is referred to as street, which is why the rounds are also named accordingly. Stud poker begins with an ante bet, not blinds, which every player has to place. There are two kinds of bets, limit bets and spread bets. In limit stud poker, the lower bets are placed in the initial rounds and higher bets are placed in the last few rounds. For instance, in a £2/4 table, the first 2 rounds are at £2 and the last three rounds are at £4. In spread bets, say of £1 to £5, players can bet any amount between £1 and £5 in all the rounds. A raise in such a case would refer to doubling the original bet.

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