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Texas Hold’Em is one of the most popular versions of poker. Two cards are dealt to each player and the players must create the best hand with the remaining 5 community cards. The players attempt to have control over the amount of money in the pot since they have no control over the cards dealt. Each player can choose to check, bet, raise, or fold after each additional community card is dealt. At the end of each hand, the pot is typically awarded to one player after a showdown reveals who has the best hand at the table.

This is the most popular form of poker since the millennium. Due to its exposure via internet, pop culture literature, and television, Texas Hold’Em is the most common poker variation played in land based casinos and online. No Limit Holdem is the most common version, but Limit Holdem is popular as well. The difference is “limit” holdem places constraints on the amount each player is allowed to bet per turn. In no-limit, a play can bet up-to all their chips at anytime.


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