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Boxing is sporting art at its finest. Each bout is a unique and enthralling contest of speed, strength, technique, reflexes, endurance and willpower. Boxing has long been a sport that has been linked with betting. Boxing betting requires plenty of research, but it can prove highly lucrative to the smart punter. In the modern age of technology, it is possible to find videos of virtually every boxer on the internet, allowing you to study their style and their technique to try and analyse where the value lies in the market.

Many of today’s fights are mismatches, and one fighter is usually heavily odds-on, making it relatively fruitless to back them outright to win. As a result, bettors are forced to look deeper into the markets to find worthwhile odds. A common problem with betting on boxing is that there is so much hype around fighters that it’s difficult to know just how good a boxer actually is - and even a boxer's record can be misleading. Fighters can build a good reputation without having proved much.


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Boxing Betting Overview: Markets, Strategy & Stats

Boxing and betting have shared a very close relationship over the years – at times, perhaps, they were even too close. However, this doesn’t stop fans and followers continuing to back their favourite fighters today.

These days it’s possible to bet on the vast majority of fights, spanning across the different categories of the four major sanctioning bodies in international boxing (WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO).

The most common market in boxing betting is to choose the outright winner of a bout. Obviously, bookmakers will price the favourite at shorter odds than their counterpart; depending on the bout, there can be a wide range of discrepancies between these prices. This is because fighters will often compete against others who are perceived to be of a much weaker calibre than themselves in order to secure reputations and retain fine fighting records. It is actually quite rare to witness a showdown where two fighters are genuinely evenly matched. However, since just one punch can overwhelmingly change proceedings, surprises and upsets do occur quite regularly in boxing, so backing the underdog – if you think there is value – is not necessarily an unwise tactic when taking on the bookmakers.

Variables to take into account in this market include home advantage, prior form, physical conditioning (fitness), boxing style, age and perceived confidence.

Elsewhere, most bookmakers such as 888 and Betfair offer the opportunity to predict how many rounds a bout will last for – over six full rounds or under 6 full rounds. In-play betting is very popular with boxing betting odds, as punters can take this market slightly further, gambling on who will win the next round, whether there will be a knock-down or stoppage in the next three rounds, and so on.

Punters can also choose to place a bet with bookmakers such as Paddy Power and bet365 on the ‘method of victory’ market. This is when you can choose how you think one of the fighters will achieve ultimate success in the ring. There are three methods of victory; knock-out (KO), stoppage or points decision, though KO and decision options are more usually offered by online bookmakers.

A fighter wins by KO when their opponent fails to get back to their feet within 10 seconds of being knocked down. A stoppage generally denotes the same amount of domination, when the referee will stop in if he feels that one fighter is unfit to continue.

An encounter is won by decision when, with both fighters still standing at the end of the allotted rounds (these vary depending on the fight, though traditionally you can expect a 12-round fight), a three-judge panel awards the win to one of them based on the number of points scored throughout the bout.

Boxing betting odds in these scenarios are often set according to which fighter has the more aggressive style and powerful punch. A fast-moving counter-puncher may be judged to have less chance of knocking someone out, relying instead on their agility and pace to outfox their opponent.

Betting on a fighter to win by KO or stoppage is recommended for fights that see one of the two contenders judged as overwhelming favourite by bookmakers, as their opponent will invariably be unlikely to survive the length of the bout.

Boxing betting is a lot safer than the sport itself, then, but still requires a good deal of knowledge and strategy to deliver that knock-out blow to the bookies.

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