LuckyLand Casino Review

Owned by Virtual Gaming Worlds, an Australian-based company, LuckyLand Casino is a social casino that legal to use throughout the United States, with the exception of Washington D.C.

When referring to a social casino, this means that people are able to link their personal Facebook accounts to the game for a faster login process, thus making them part of larger social community. It is also not considered “gambling,” as the games are free to play and no cash is at stake.

With all of this said, let’s take a deeper dive into LuckyLand Casino, seeing what is offered.

Excellent graphics A smaller library compared to online casinos
Condensed website
Social community

Welcome Bonus

Upon first entry into LuckyLand Casino, you get a welcome Package with a bonus worth 10 Sweeps Coins and nearly 9,000 gold coins. To obtain the full potential of this bonus, you must link your Facebook account. Once you make your first purchase of $4.99 or more, you will then receive 50,000 Gold Coins and a further 10 Bonus Sweeps Coins.

Players get daily bonuses for logging in, in the form of gold coins. There are links to buy coins at the top, or redeem your money.

There is also a bonus where, if you spend $4.99, you will get 70,000 gold coins and a $10 Gold Coin Package which includes a bonus of 10 Sweeps Coins.

How to Register at LuckyLand Social Casino

We highly recommend just simply linking your Facebook account to get the welcome bonuses.

But, if you are against that registration option, you can create an account by simply using your email and creating a password. You must also disclose your phone number.

Lastly, to verify your identity when it comes to redemption, you must submit a government-issued ID and a bank statement.

These are the fastest registration processes we’ve seen when it comes to online casinos.

Payments and Banking Methods

Purchase Methods

LuckyLand Casino is not like other online casinos. You wager on the site using gold coins and Sweeps Coins. You purchase these using a credit card, either Visa or MasterCard.

Redemption Methods

Once you’ve reached $50 in Sweeps Coins, you will be able to redeem your coins for cash prizes. This is where you will need to link a bank account for an electronic funds transfer.