Colorado Bounces Back With Good August Sports Betting Numbers

Colorado Bounces Back With Good August Sports Betting Numbers
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For the month of August, Colorado sports betting experienced a nice turnaround from a big drop in July.

And keeping with a trend that seems exclusive to the state, some of the big betting money came in from sports that don’t seem to generate as much in other parts of the country.

The total handle for August was $211,918,185, a 16.9% increase over July’s total of $181,327,994.

Sports betting in Colorado is continuing to grow; that number was 64.7% better than the total handle of August 2020, which was $128,646,209.

August's Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) of $15,228,343 was down 2.7% from July ($15,652,461). Total taxes for August came to $726,366, down 27.3% from July’s $999,111, according to a news release from the state.

Online sports betting was $208,271,237 and retail was $3,646,948. For the month, 98.3% of betting was online.

The only states with higher percentage of online numbers were Tennessee sports betting, which is online only, and Virginia sports betting, which doesn’t have a retail operation running yet.

Colorado Sports Betting, August vs. July

Total Handle Mobile HandleRevenue (GGR)
August$211.918M$208.271M $15.228M
Change Up 16.9% Up 16.3% Down 2.7%

Baseball Holds Top Spot

Baseball betting was still the most popular sport for wagering in Colorado. Players bet $69,614,566 in August.

Pro football quickly moved up to No. 2 with $13,597,150 wagered, before the regular season even began in September. NFL betting should move that to the top spot for the rest of the year.

Tennis betting accounted for $13,516,225 and was the third-most popular sport to bet on in the Centennial State. Soccer betting brought in $11,450,710 and basketball betting accounted for $10,633,808. A category called “Other” accounted for $13,396,671.

Parlay betting brought in $61,867,780.