Delaware Report Shows Increase in October Sports Betting

Delaware Report Shows Increase in October Sports Betting
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Sports wagering activity in Delaware for October saw a healthy uptick from the previous month and also a decent increase in a year-to-year comparison with October 2019.

All sports wagering in Delaware occurs in retail environments at the state’s three race track casinos and at approximately 100 retail outlets, such as convenience stores, liquor stores and restaurants. While mobile sports wagering is legal in Delaware, so far it has not launched.

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For October, Delaware saw the total sports wagering “Amount Played” (equivalent to handle) hit $17.1 million, broken down between the casino-race track sportsbooks with $8.9 million, and the retailers with $8.2 million. That amount played in October 2020 was about a 37% jump from the previous month with sales surging at retail outlets (from $5.2 million in September to $8.2 million in October).

Delaware Sports Betting October vs. September

Total handle Revenue
ChangeUp 37.4%Up 77.8%

Note: There is no mobile sports betting in Delaware.

For a year-over-year comparison, October 2020, with an exact figure of $17,086,034, was 6.3% better than October 2019 ($16,066,023 handle).

Combined net proceeds for the casino sportsbooks and the retailers in October 2020 was $3,483,045, broken down between the casino books with $1.5 million and the retailers with nearly $2 million, according to the report posted Friday on the Delaware Lottery website.

In a monthly comparison for net proceeds, that was a sharp increase of 77.8% over September when combined net proceeds totaled $2 million. However, in a year-to-year comparison, October 2020 was mostly flat (increase of about 3%) compared to October 2019 when combined net proceeds were $3.388 million.

Delaware Sports Betting October 2020 vs. October 2019

Total handle Revenue
October 2020$17.086M$3.483M
October 2019$16.066M$3.389M
ChangeUp 6.3%Up 2.8%

Among sportsbooks, Delaware Park had the highest handle in October with $4,868,125 and revenue of $829,438; Dover Downs had $1,731,958 in handle with revenue of $288,485; and Harrington Raceway posted a handle of $2,280,292 and finished with revenue of $390,475.

iGaming Numbers Down

Delaware also has iGaming and offers both Internet casino games and online poker.

In October, the combined net proceeds for the three casinos, combining video lottery (slots) and table games, was nearly $644,000, including online poker rake, on $17,830,638 played. The net proceeds for October were down 23% from the previous month; September’s combined net was a bit over $840,000 on $18.1 million played. The difference in net proceeds appears to be partly due to player luck on the slots.

Video lottery (slots) was the most popular choice for online players. The combined amount played in Delaware’s iGaming for October was $17.8 million and, of that amount, $10.1 million was played on the video lottery games. The online slots accounted for $450,000 of the $644,000 in iGaming net proceeds.