Nevada September Sports Betting Posts $575M in Total Handle

Nevada September Sports Betting Posts $575M in Total Handle
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Nevada’s $575 million in September pushed total U.S. sports handle for the month to more than $2.3 billion.

According to figures released Wednesday by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, the total handle for Nevada sports betting in September ($575,144,025 to be exact) was an increase of 21.2% from August’s $474,948,415. The year-over-year total for Nevada was up 5.3% from September 2019’s $546,193,708.

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Nevada again trailed New Jersey in sports handle. Top sportsbooks in New Jersey had a 30% higher handle, posting a record $748.6 million for the month. New Jersey’s handle was $173.4 million higher than Nevada and the Garden State has beaten Nevada in sports betting handle every month in 2020.

The record for Nevada is $614.1 million in November 2019.

Other key Nevada numbers from the August 2020 report:

The August mobile sports betting handle of $315,472,779 was up 3.4% from August’s $305,194,444. Mobile sports betting was 54.9% of total handle. Nevada has has a strict, in-person registration rule for sports bettors requiring a bettor to register in a casino.

Nevada’s September sports betting revenue was $32,895,000, an increase of 93.7% from August ($16,985,000) but down 36.8% from September 2019 ($52,069,000).

The state's total gaming win was $821,132,000, a decrease from $1,059,291,000 in September 2019.

Nevada Sports Betting September vs. August

Total handle Mobile handleRevenue
ChangeUp 21.2%Up 3.4%Up 93.7%

September Tops $2.4 Billion in U.S. Handle

With the addition of Nevada’s $575 million, the U.S. handle from legal sports betting states passed $2.4 billion in September. Illinois and Rhode Island have not reported September numbers. Here are the others:

  • New Jersey in September set a new U.S. sports handle record at $748.6 million, beating its August national record of $668 million by 12.1%.
  • Pennsylvania set a new state record for total sports handle in September with $462.79 million, a 26.8% increase over the mark of $365 million it set in August.
  • Colorado had a September handle of $207.65 million, a 61.4% increase over August’s $128,646,209. It was just the fifth month the sports betting market has been open in Colorado and 98.2% of the wagers were placed online.
  • Indiana saw a state record $207.45 million in September sports handle. That was a 22.7% increase from August’s $169.02 million.
  • In West Virginia, $76.9 million was wagered in September, an increase of 90.3% over August’s $40.4 million.
  • Iowa posted $72.4 million in September handle, up 43.9% from August’s $50.3 million.
  • The Mississippi sports betting handle was $52.2 million for the month, 29% higher than the $40.5 million recorded in August.
  • Oregon set a total sports betting handle record of $26,174,303 in September, a slight increase of 1.3% over August ($25,845,403).

Nevada vs. New Jersey

NevadaNew JerseyWinner
September 2020 Handle$575.144M$748.588MNJ by $173.4M
August 2020 Handle$474.948M$667.979MNJ by $193.0M
July 2020 Handle$163.552M$315.119MNJ by $151.6M
June 2020 Handle$78.152M$165.015MNJ by $86.9M
March 2020 Handle$141.108M$181.909MNJ by $40.8M
February 2020 Handle$491.706M$494.814MNJ by $3.1M
January 2020 Handle$502.279M$540.113MNJ by $37.8M
December 2019 Handle$571.088M$557.786MNV by $13.3M
November 2019 Handle$614.071M$562.676MNV by $51.4M
October 2019 Handle$543.921M$487.925MNV by $56M
September 2019 Handle$538.226M$445.563MNV by $92.7M
August 2019 Handle$243.337M$293.595MNJ by $50.3M

Note: Nevada redacted its sports betting handle in April and May so there is no comparison for those months.

Nevada’s Top Sports

With the NFL completing its first month of its regular season, football was the most wagered on sport in Nevada. Bettors placed $221,871,102 in bets on football in September, a huge increase from August’s football handle of $2,178,878.

With the MLB Playoffs in full swing, baseball ranked second, taking in $147,279,305 worth of bets, down from $175,194,553 in August.

The tail end of the NBA Playoffs helped basketball ranked third with $114,798,762 in handle. Other sports -- everything except football, baseball, basketball and hockey -- saw $60,374,332 wagered in September, up from $51,188,960 in August.