Pennsylvania Black Friday Casino Promo Offer: Win $1,000 This Weekend

Pennsylvania Black Friday Casino Promo Offer: Win $1,000 This Weekend

Thanksgiving provides many promotions out there in the online gambling world and Stars Casino is offering its own slots race throughout this holiday weekend.

The Black Friday $10K Race takes place over three days from Thursday to Saturday in both the Michigan and Pennsylvania online casinos zones. In this article, we have detailed all about this promotion this Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend, how to claim it, and all the important details on how to win.

The Stars Casino Black Friday Promo Code for PA Players

This is an online slots promotion, so if this is your favorite game, it’s worth jumping in from today to get a chance to gain a little extra from your play. The more you wager and win on your favorite slot games, or the ones outlined in this promotion, the higher up you climb on the slots leaderboard.

It is not just the winner who takes all in this Stars Casino promo code, as the top 400 spots on the slots leaderboard will all get a prize in some capacity. However, if you make it to the top spot, the winner will earn $1,000 by finishing in first place inside the top 400.

As good as this is, even if you don’t finish first and get the $1,000 bonus, even if you placed as the 400th best player in the slots races, you will earn a prize!.

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Get The Stars Casino Bonus Code in Pennsylvania

To win in this promotion, the rules are simple. Ultimately, the scores are based on a win-to-wager ratio, which effectively means the winning players are not those who have bet the most. This means you don’t have to match bets of another player and spend more than you like in order to finish higher - you can simply play within your own budget and still finish in a prized spot.

As is often the case with online casino promotions, the player who has wagered the most has the greatest chance of winning a slots race as they who entered with the most money. Thankfully, that isn’t the case with the Stars Casino Thanksgiving 3-Day promotion, which allows for players of all budgets to enter and have fun.

On the other hand, it’s very important to note that in order to be eligible for this promotion, you must place real-money bets to qualify. So, please be aware of the terms and conditions before playing, as is the case with any promotion and these can all be found directly on the Stars Casino promotions section.

Who Can Play the $10,000 Slots Race?

In order to enter this, you must be an eligible player of the age of 21 or over in either Michigan or Pennsylvania. So, if you’re under the age of 21 and/or not in these two states, you unfortunately won’t be able to partake in this promotion this holiday weekend.

On the other hand, if you are, head to the races tab in the Stars Casino app to join and all you have to do is play the games you love in order to enter. At the same time, races are always free to join, but you must wager real cash to enter the leaderboard for prized spots, and remember: any spin can land you at the top of the leaderboard.

How Can I Win the Thanksgiving & Black Friday $10K Race?

Players will enter online slots races with their own strategies and in order to get some of the $10k bonus from this Stars Casino promo offer, you will want to enter with a bit of a strategy.

Also remember, this competition is a win-to-wager play, meaning you don’t have to wager drastic amounts and you can wager a certain amount and simply hope for a win. So, if you’re top of the leaderboard with the amount you have wagered, you don’t need to go any higher unless someone has then overtaken you.

With this in mind, do also consider that although you may sit top of the table from a good win-to-wager ratio, in another case, if you wager more and lose, you could end up going down the leaderboard as you have subsequently played more but this time lost. So, think about it carefully: if you’re in a top spot, you may want to pause what you’re doing. But, this is a personal opinion, so remember to keep your budget in mind.

Why Play at Stars Casino from Pennsylvania?

The Stars Casino is owned by The Stars Group, one of the most innovative and well-respected gambling sites in the world. Besides incredibly fun contests like this one, Stars Casino also offers Pennsylvania players a wide array of games, including live dealer games.

The software and experience also add to the reasons why it’s one of the top new online casinos today. Additionally, there is PokerStars Rewards, a loyalty program that will earn you additional benefits simply for playing at the online casino.

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