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Tennis is a simple sport in which the only real variable is the players themselves; serve the ball in and then keep returning the ball until your opponent hits it out. When it comes to tennis tournaments, this is what Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Murray do day in, day out with little trouble until the final rounds. The bookmakers know this, and you should know it, too. There is little value to be found in the early rounds of tournaments when backing the top players, but luckily there are plenty more players scrapping for vital early round wins that can carry them up the rankings.

Shifts in the Game

Tennis has been transformed in recent years, with players forced to become fitter and stronger thanks to a renewed focus on lengthy baseline rallies, making it harder to achieve the aces and volleys that were once the bread and butter of hard-hitting players. This has led to a number of men’s Grand Slams being decided by marathon matches, which can often go on for four and sometimes five hours of brutally consistent hitting.

In fact, the longest Wimbledon match ever was recorded in 2010, lasting a staggering 11 hours and 5 minutes. These Grand Slams are the tour’s major prizes, consisting of the Australian Open, Wimbledon, French Open and U.S. Open, separating themselves from the other tour events by the number of sets - majors are played as a best-of-five rather than best-of-three.

Men's vs Women's Tour Events

The rest of the tour events fall into the categories of Masters 1000 events, 500 series events and 250 series events, with the numbers defining the relative importance of each series - the higher the number, the greater amount of ATP ranking points are awarded to the eventual winner. The women’s tour has a similar system, although 1000 events are called Premier Mandatory, followed by Premier 5 and Premier, with all women’s matches played best-of-three.

Tennis Betting Strategy

When betting on tennis, it’s important to keep up to date with the various happenings on tour, and to always be aware that top players are much more vulnerable over best-of-three set matches than best-of-five. This is for two reasons: not only is it easier for an underdog to play at the required level for the shorter amount of time, but they are also competing against players who are far more focused on the major tournaments than these lesser events.

Strategy-wise, the key factors in tennis are recent form and surface history. There are some players who simply aren’t as good on some surfaces as others. Clay is the best-known troublemaker, with American players particularly poor at adapting their game. When it comes to Wimbledon betting, try and take into account who may or may not struggle on grass.

There are other factors to consider when it comes to tennis betting odds, however. You can put your money on the final set score, for example. Does a player look like he might have the talent to test one of the top players, but probably can’t keep it going for three or five sets? Back them to win a set, but ultimately to lose to their more illustrious opponent.

Tennis Betting Markets

When it comes to betting markets, gambling enthusiasts are presented with a wide array of options to choose from. Aside from the Outright Winner and To Win Match markets, there’s the opportunity to bet on the total number of sets, individual set scores and whether or not there will be a tie-break in the match.

You can also bet on total games in a set, a set score and total games in the match, whilst the more adventurous will appreciate the growing number of handicap options. One of the best handicap coupons separates the match into a race for games rather than sets, with a player of your choosing receiving a one or two game head start.

Set Winner

Favouring tennis betting odds can be found by backing the winner of a particular set. Is a player notoriously slow to get started? Back their opponent to take the first set. Does a player famously wobble when they have taken a lead? Have a look at the odds of their opponent taking the second set.

Set-Scores and Total Games Played

Another avenue to look at is betting on things like set-scores and total games played. The fairly ruthless Andy Murray may not be too interested in wasting time in the opening rounds, so it can be worth backing him to barely let his opposite number trouble the scoreboard. Fewer than 16 games, for example, would equate to a 6-1, 6-2 win. If you think two big servers may grind out three sets with few breaks, then look for a total that suggests a 6-4, 6-7, 7-6 score.


Elsewhere, if you’re partaking in some Wimbledon betting, as with a lot of sports you can look through a day’s play and put your money on an accumulator. You can play safe and look for a small return from backing the big names to all make it through the early rounds, or you can look to pinpoint the upsets and put two or three matches on one betting slip.

Using Statistics in Tennis Betting

The later rounds in tournaments are where you start with the statistics. If one of the players has been making a lot of errors in the tournament, then they will start to be punished as they face more talented players. Has a player been struggling with their first serve? The bigger names won’t let them win as many points on their second serve, so take a look at the odds.

Tennis is an exciting betting market that offers bettors ample opportunity to see returns on their wagers. Whether you’re following a tournament on the other side of the world or right in your backyard, betting on the back of a small amount of investigation into the players and the tournament will go a long way to giving you some success. With such a number of markets to choose, tennis betting is a great option for both newcomers and experienced gamblers alike.

Betting Tips

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