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Hard Rock Jackpot Casino Review

Reviewed By Richard Janvrin

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Published: Sep 15 · 6 min read
Updated: September 12th, 2022

The Hard Rock Casino brand has been around for decades, and now that experience has been brought online in a social casino format.

For those unaware of what a social casino is, it’s a lot like a real-money casino in terms of games, but there is no real money being exchanged except for purchasing virtual currency and it’s very ‘social’ friendly. Meaning, having friends online that you can meet on Facebook and competing against other players from around the United States!

Let’s check out Hard Rock Jackpot Casino and what it has to offer.

Hard Rock Jackpot Casino Pros/Cons

Tons of Games Could have 1-2 more customer support options
Level system
Intiuative Interface

Hard Rock Jackpot Casino Welcome Bonus

Players will start off with over 200,000 virtual coins, with 30,000 of which coming from choosing your favorite retail Hard Rock Casino location.

Hard Rock Jackpot Casino Promotion Offers

There are no promotional offerings at Hard Rock Jackpot Casino that are in place on a revolving basis. However, Hard Rock Jackpot Casino will have sales for coins/hearts that will be advertised to you upon log in when available.

How to Claim Hard Rock Jackpot Casino Promo & Bonus Codes

There are currently no promo/bonus codes to be redeemed at Hard Rock Jackpot Casino. However, in the event that there was, under the drop-down menu, there is a button for Promo Code Here, you would just input the code and redeem it!

Registration at Hard Rock Jackpot Casino

Hard Rock Jackpot Casino has an incredibly easy registration process, which can be done one of two ways:

  1. Connect your Facebook account
  2. Name, email, password, agree to terms of service

That’s all there is to it! With it not being a real-money casino, there is no need to disclose other personal information such as address and social security numbers.

Depositing and Withdrawal Options at Hard Rock Jackpot Casino

Deposit Methods

As a social casino, players do not really deposit funds, but rather buy virtual currency if they so choose. The price bundles range from approximately $5-$500. With each purchase, players will also get the ‘heart’ currency, which translates to about 100 hearts per $1 spent.

Withdrawal Methods

Piggybacking off of the deposit section, there’s nothing to be withdrawn. The heart currency can be exchanged for real-life perks related to Hard Rock Casino, however. These translate to about 200 hearts per $1.

Hard Rock Jackpot Casino Software

Hard Rock Jackpot Casino runs smoothly on all platforms. As far as the software, Hard Rock Jackpot Casino made sure to bring in some of the best including Everi, Ainsworth, Konami and Novomatic.

Hard Rock Jackpot Casino Desktop/Mobile Experience

Hard Rock Jackpot Casino is available on mobile apps and desktop.

With both platforms being laid out in what looks like a carbon copy of one another, this will make it exceedingly easy for users.

The major difference is on mobile, the game is played horizontally and some of the features are in slightly different spots, but that’s to be expected.

On both platforms, at the home page, you will find the different game selections listed with the featured game found in the middle.

Upon clicking a game type, the games will appear. For regular slots, a lot of the games are gated by level.

At the top of the page, you will find your virtual currency: Coins and Hearts. In the same region, you will find your level. As you continue to level up you’ll get more rewards and more game options to choose from, specifically from the regular slot titles, which are well over 100 and counting.

The interface and ease of use is remarkable for both desktop and mobile. Nothing is clunky or has a strange lag when you use a slot machine. It’s easily one of the most well functioning social casinos we have experienced.

Game Variety at Hard Rock Jackpot Casino

For a social casino, Hard Rock Jackpot Casino has perhaps the largest library of games we have seen.

  • Slots: With 137 titles and counting as Hard Rock Jackpot Casino adds new titles weekly, players will begin with Sheer Magic, Safari Spirit and Book of Ra Deluxe. Beyond this, games are gated by level, with the highest level game being level 558.
  • High Limit: This consists of 20 tracks and are all available from the beginning. Some titles include Flame Dancer, Ultra Violet, Secret Elixir and Red Alert.
  • Table/Other Games: This has numerous table games you’d find at a traditional, real-money casino, including a few options for blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker and more.
  • Live Tournaments: While the titles themselves are continuously changing, there will always be a few options to choose from. These have large prize pools with virtual currency buy-ins.

Return to Player Percentages at Hard Rock Jackpot Casino

Return to Player Percentages is the percentage of money wagered that will eventually be paid back to the user. For example, if a game has a 90 percent RTP, that means $0.90 of every $1 wagered will be paid back overtime.

Being a social casino, Hard Rock Jackpot Casino doesn’t really have this in place as no real money is being wagered.

Hard Rock Jackpot Casino Betting Limits

To reiterate, there is no real money being wagered, but generally speaking in terms of virtual currency, betting limits can vary far and wide depending on game type.

  • Slots: 450 coins - 11,700 coins
  • High Limit: You need at least a million coins or more to play
  • Tournaments: Buy-in ranges from 10,000 coins up to 50,000
  • Table games range from 500 coins to upward of 20,000 coins

Hard Rock Jackpot Casino VIP Program

Rewards Program

As of now, the VIP offering at Hard Rock Jackpot Casino depends on the home casino you select. If you select Tampa, Hollywood, Cincinnati, Sacramento or Biloxi then you are able to sign-up to, or link your existing Wild Card player’s club account to unlock casino-specific offers including Free Play, Hotel Room Nights, Comp Dollars and more.

There will be future options for home casinos added soon with Atlantic city coming available in the near future

Hard Rock Jackpot Casino Customer Support

To receive customer support with Hard Rock Jackpot Casino, there are two avenues: FAQ section on the site and social media.

In-game, there is a collapsible drop-down menu that has a link to the “Help’page. Here, there is an extensive FAQ section.

If this doesn’t answer your problems, don’t worry; you can contact Hard Rock Jackpot Casino right on social media, and more specifically, Facebook.

Responsible Gambling Features at Hard Rock Jackpot Casino

There is no Responsible Gaming section on the site. Although there isn’t a ton of real money being directly wagered, there is still opportunity to spend, which, in a way, still warrants a Responsible Gaming section. The need for one isn’t as necessary for a social casino, but with an element of real money still being involved this is something that should have a section on the site.

Players can, however, view Hard Rock Jackpot Casino’s terms and conditions for additional information.

Our Verdict for Hard Rock Jackpot Casino

With a leveling/progression system in tow, coupled with a wide variety of gaming options, Hard Rock Jackpot Casino has a lot to offer to players. Even with a large chunk of slot games being level gated, there’s still a plethora of games to play. If you’re not quite into real money online casinos, but want an experience that is similar with minimal out of pocket expense, Hard Rock Jackpot Casino has everything you’d ever want and need.

Hard Rock Jackpot Welcome Bonus

This operator is currently unavailable in {{ stateName }}, USA, here is the next best offer available to you This operator is currently available in {{ stateName }}, USA
This operator is currently unavailable in {{ stateName }}, USA, here is the next best offer available to you This operator is currently available in {{ stateName }}, USA
This operator is currently unavailable in {{ stateName }}, USA, here is the next best offer available to you This operator is currently available in {{ stateName }}, USA


The entire United States

While you cannot directly withdraw real money winnings, some virtual currency can be exchanged for real life rewards.

You do not! You can buy virtual currency to continue playing, but there are numerous ways to get in-game currency without spending anything!



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