How Does Sportsbook Geolocation Work in New Jersey?

How Does Sportsbook Geolocation Work in New Jersey?

New Jersey’s sportsbooks depend on geolocation to verify bettors accessing their online betting platforms are located in the state. This geolocation technology works by estimating the geographic position of computers and mobile devices connected to the platform.

What is Geolocation and How Does it Work?

Geolocation is how New Jersey’s sportsbooks detect the location of anyone accessing their online betting platforms. What makes geolocation work is a technique known as trilateration, which is a way to determine a user’s location with some data and a little math.

This verification practice is done by companies in various industries to confirm the location of their customers and help them offer products or services. New Jersey’s sportsbooks do the same thing to comply with the regulations of its intrastate online gambling market.

Each sportsbook uses geolocation software provided by its casino software partners. The system is integrated into the platform itself, using GPS and checking various data points to estimate actual locations and verify those provided during registration.

Sportsbooks do this by emitting satellite signals for your device to pick up. A specific time and distance between the satellite and your device are then recorded to verify your regional whereabouts. The specific location of your device is then estimated based on this info.

Also, most of New Jersey’s sportsbooks feature a location detection plug-in to add another layer of verification for the user’s geographic location. These plug-ins pinpoint your location with the WIFI signal. This browser-based tool allows providers to quickly verify your location.

Does Geolocation work on Mobile Devices?

When you access a sportsbook in New Jersey with a smartphone, its integrated technology makes geolocation easy. Mobile phones today have a GPS chip, providing more accurate geolocation when you’re NFL betting from the stands than betting from a computer.

Geolocation of these devices works by sending signals to the GPS chip via satellite and cellular towers. These signals help sportsbooks locate bettors by estimating where their devices are through trilateration of data acquired from GPS, WIFI and cell tower signals.

This applies to Android and iOS devices because they're both equipped with these GPS capabilities. These features, already part of the mobile device, make finding the geographic location of your smartphone seamless and simple for sportsbooks in New Jersey.

As long as the weather is good, verifying the geolocation of your device is fairly simple. Expect New Jersey’s sportsbooks to be able to confirm your location and to restrict your access to their platforms whenever you’re located somewhere outside the state lines.

Why are Gambling Sites in NJ using Geolocation?

All of New Jersey’s best sportsbooks use geolocation to verify where anyone on their platform is located. Gambling platforms in New Jersey are required to use geolocation to ensure each user is located somewhere in the state.

The law in New Jersey requires anyone betting with these betting platforms to be located within the state’s borders. According to the state’s laws and regulations, it’s the sportsbook’s responsibility to prevent bettors outside the state from placing bets.

Is Geolocation Always Accurate?

The geolocation services provided to New Jersey’s regulated gaming platforms are so accurate to be trusted by the state’s regulatory entities. The companies that provide geolocation to the state’s sportsbooks are each licensed the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

The geolocation technology used by New Jersey’s online sportsbooks is incredibly accurate and even capable of pinpointing the exact location of any device accessing their platforms

The geolocation services used by New Jersey’s sportsbooks accurately detect the geographic location of anyone accessing these betting platforms. The methods detect the actual whereabouts even if a user has a VPN to mask their IP address and physical location.

Steps to Make Sure Geolocation Works for You

The steps you need to take for geolocation to go smoothly for you while betting from a computer:

  1. Make sure you’re in New Jersey
  2. Run the desktop browser plug-in
  3. Turn off any VPN, VNC or remote desktop
  4. Have a good Wi-Fi signal for geolocation

Now, when using your smartphone for some mobile betting the steps you’ll need to take will include:

  1. Be sure you’re within New Jersey state lines
  2. Make sure your connected via cellular data or WIFI
  3. Turn off any mobile VPN

What Companies Provide Geolocation Services in NJ?

The companies that are providing geolocation services to New Jersey’s online sportsbooks include GeoComply, XYverify and Locaid. Each company is in-charge of geolocation for multiple online gambling platforms licensed by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

These companies provide geolocation services to gaming platforms in multiple states, including Nevada Pennsylvania and Delaware.

GeoComply USA

GeoComply is the leader in geolocation compliance for the state’s regulated gaming platforms. This company has provided geolocation services for New Jersey’s platforms since 2013, integrating its geolocation technology for the majority of its online gambling platforms.


Locaid, a leader in geolocation services, was approved by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement in 2013. The license given to Locaid enables the company to do business providing accurate geographic location for New Jersey’s online gaming platforms.


First approved by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement to provide geolocation solutions in 2013, XYverify helps the state’s gaming platforms to verify the geographic position of each user at these regulated intrastate online gambling platforms.

Do Other Online Gambling Markets Use Geolocation?

New Jersey’s online gambling market isn’t the only one to use geolocation to protect its integrity. Pennsylvania sportsbooks, Nevada sportsbooks and West Virginia sportsbooks have implemented geolocation to ascertain the exact whereabouts of the users accessing their regulated platforms.

Most online gambling sites in these states have used providers like GeoComply since launching their platforms. This geolocation company also provides similar services to a number of US lotteries that have taken their entire lottery drawing online.

Other geolocation technology and software companies authorized to provide similar services in other US states with legal online gambling include:

  • Central Account Management System (CAMS)
  • XYverify
  • Locaid

When it comes to intrastate online gambling, geolocation is absolutely essential. Each state’s market is reliant on these companies to identify the location of anyone trying to access the state’s platforms and establish geofencing.

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