What are Win Totals?

What are Win Totals?
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Win totals are season-long futures bets. The sportsbook will project the number of wins that each team will walk away with at the end of the season. As a bettor, you can wager on the over or the under.

How to bet on Win Totals

If you want to bet on a win total, the first step is to open an account at an online sportsbook. You can explore your options if you read our US sports betting site reviews, and this will allow you to compare all the different sign-up bonuses that are being offered.

Handicapping will come next, and you have to do your homework so you can make intelligent projections. It is a mistake to blindly bet your favorite team unless you honestly feel as though you can apply unbiased insight.

Learn about personnel changes on every team in the league, and there is a key logistic factor to consider. Teams that have national appeal like the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Yankees, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the LA Dodgers take a lot of action. The odds will reflect the public sentiment, and in this case, many people are betting on the franchise and the tradition.

The ‘over’ will be driven up as the players bet an inordinate amount of money on these teams. This is something to keep in mind when you are evaluating win total numbers.

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NFL betting is the biggest moneymaker for online sportsbooks, so NFL win total markets get a lot of attention. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at the 2021 NFL win totals for the Seahawks and a few more teams that are current at the time of this writing to get a feel for total win betting lines.

Seattle Seahawks 6.5

  • Over +140
  • Under -165

Kansas City Chiefs 11.5

  • Over +135
  • Under -160

Las Vegas Raiders 8.5

  • Over +130
  • Under -162

Dallas Cowboys 11.5

  • Over +175
  • Under -210

Indianapolis Colts 9.5

  • Over +180
  • Under +-220

New England Patriots 10.5

  • Over -190
  • Under +260

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12.5

  • Over -145
  • Under +12

Green Bay Packers 12.5

  • Over -110
  • Under -110

The number next to the names of each NFL team is the win total, and the American odds for the over and the under are beneath the names. If you look at the Kansas City Chiefs for example, you will win $135 for a $100 bet on the over, and you would lay $160 to win $100 on the under.

At the online sportsbooks, odds for the NFL win totals will appear on buttons, and your selection will be added to a bet slip. It will usually appear in the sidebar on the right, but site designs vary. You fill in the amount of your bet on the slip, and you click the button to enter it.

When you are evaluating NFL win total odds, you should look for weaknesses in the line. There will always be some teams that provide great value because they are being overlooked. Sometimes the best bets are on a team that was one of the worst teams the previous year.

Envision a team with four wins the previous year. They had a brutal schedule that made their record deceiving, they have a new head coach, and they have a talented roster. This team may actually take a major step forward. The projected win total is based on skewed information, so there is value on the over.

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NBA betting adds a layer of excitement to any game and win totals bets give you season-long action. On the handicapping front, each sport presents its own unique challenges when you are trying to identify strong plays in the win total market.

Basketball is especially tough because there are so many games in the regular season. In comparison to the NFL, where you have a total of 17 games in the regular season, the NBA will play out a total of 82 games.

You can look at the NFL schedule and circle games that you think a team is going to win, making projections much easier. On the other hand, when you look at a basketball win total,and the 82 -game schedule, it becomes much harder to envision the exact outcome of the season and the teams win totals.

This being stated, no one ever said that making profitable bets is easy. It may require a bit more handicapping work, but you will be able to find some attractive NBA win totals plays.

How to Bet on MLB Win Totals

Baseball trumps basketball for game volume because regular season MLB win totals are based on a 162-game schedule. You can get some insight from the performances from last season, but you should go beyond the obvious.

Young talent will always emerge during the regular season, and you should take this into consideration. Veterans that had down years can bounce back, and there are free agent signings and off-season trades.

If you could make win total bets after you know the outcome, everyone would be a winner. Successful MLB betting aficionados have the ability to look into the crystal ball and predict things that will happen in the future. The idea is to identify a team that could improve based on your research.

This works in the reverse direction as well. Sometimes everything comes together for a baseball team during a particular year. There are no injuries to important players, key competitors are having tough years, and they have a new manager that changes the culture.

Last season was the perfect storm, but everything may not go as smoothly this time around. However, the regular season win totals number will be lofty because all teams are expecting a repeat performance. You have to think long and hard about the under in these situations.

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How to Bet on NCAAF Win Totals

Looking back at a larger sample size can be beneficial when you are analyzing potential win total bets. With college football, you should not confine your analysis to the previous season. If you go back over the last eight seasons, you will see trends, and they can be beneficial when you are making choices.

Of course, a team may lose a star quarterback to the NFL draft, and three players on an offensive line may graduate. Obviously, a veteran quarterback is hard to replace, but young talent is always waiting in the wings. This is especially true for teams that consistently have good recruiting classes.

Once again, you have to see what other people are missing to get the best value. There are NCAA football preview guides published over the summer. If you take time to absorb this information, you will be a step ahead of the pack when you are making bets.

How to Bet on NCAAB Win Totals

The college basketball win totals are posted before the season begins, and they are updated along the way to reflect changing circumstances. Since the top players move on to the NBA as soon as they can, you have to turn the page and make no assumptions based on last season.

If you want to place informed wagers, you should put in the effort to gain an understanding of the current rosters. There is an inherent challenge because some players that will have a major impact were still in high school last year, and it’s harder to make comparisons.

Since win total betting is based on the entire season, you have an edge if you understand the landscape very early on. When you know the rosters and you have researched the impact-making freshmen, you have an advantage over the vast majority of bettors.

NCAA basketball betting during the regular season is a precursor to the off-the-chain March Madness wagering frenzy. During the early rounds, you can have wall-to-wall action all day, and it goes late into the night. Plus, it starts on weekdays, so it provides quite a feast for college hoops fans.

Can I parlay Win Totals Wagers?

The simple answer to this question is no. We have checked a number of the most prominent betting sites, and we have not seen an operator that will let you parlay these wagers.


Sportsbooks will estimate the total number of wins that each team will register during the season. You can bet the over or the under, and the odds are updated throughout the campaign.

Win total wagering is offered on the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, college basketball and NCAA football.

You open an account at an online sportsbook that is offering a generous sign-up bonus. Simply navigate to the win totals section for the sport you want to bet on. When you identify a play, you click the corresponding button and enter the amount of the bet on a bet slip.

Yes, a total bet is an over/under bet, and most totals wagers are placed on individual games. A win total bet is an over/under on total wins throughout the entire season.

The method for win total betting for all sports is exactly the same.

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