Betting on Next Winning Party in the Presidential Election

Betting on Next Winning Party in the Presidential Election

In 2020, the 'Winning Party' market really comes down to whether or not you think Democrat Joe Biden can beat incumbent Donald Trump.

The Republican Party, and specifically the RNC, is throwing its full support behind the re-election bid for President Donald Trump. The Democrats quickly rallied around Biden as their choice.

That said, the 2020 "Winning Party" covers the bettor if either Biden or Trump is replaced atop the ticket, making the odds different than on a single candidate.

Odds for Winning Party of Next U.S. President

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[Note: Betting on the 'Winning Party' market is not offered at any licensed and regulated bookmakers in the United States. All odds discussed in this article are from European bookmakers.]

The Democrats had been the favorite to win the White House in 2020 when the primary process began, but once the field narrowed to Biden and Trump, there has been some bouncing back-and-forth between the two.

What to Consider When Betting the Winning Party in 2020

U.S. politics might be a two-party system, but that doesn't mean betting on the winning party of the next Presidential Election is a simple process.

From the moment candidates announce, the contest becomes an obstacle course of acid tests, spin and aggressive political debate.

Knowing when to bet to secure the best odds, and when the favorites might fall, is crucial to U.S. Winning Party betting.

Candidates Still Matter

Before the parties gear up for the election, there's the small matter of choosing their candidates.

This process happens through a series of (Republican and Democratic) primaries and caucuses in which members of each of the parties vote for their preferred presidential candidate, who then wins delegates in the state via a proportional or winner-takes-all system.

Not only do these provide interesting U.S. election betting markets of their own, they provide useful data.

For example, divisions in a party at this stage may not bode well for the full election campaign – or a foregone conclusion may mean a party's political machine could be rusty and lacking innovation, which means a lackluster fight for the presidency.

Using State of the Race to Find Value

In a two-horse race such as U.S. Winning Party betting, you're never likely to get huge odds on a victory unless the race is nearly over, in which case you'll be likely disappointed.

So the question is really how to achieve the highest possible odds without waiting until the outsider is already the loser.

Backing a candidate early is one way to ensure odds of close to evens because, whatever punditry is being touted in the media, there are no certainties until the immediate buildup to the elections.

As noted U.S. election sage Nate Silver states in a critique of one such piece of punditry:

"On the eve of an election... it is possible to make relatively bold and precise forecasts about the outcome. But none of this applies three-and-a-half years in advance."

Does this mean we can't make a profit out of the predictions that accompany the elections? It doesn't seem so.

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Timing Your Bets

Hedging your bet as well as arbitrage betting can help gamblers capitalize on swings in sentiment.

For example, if you've decided that the U.S. electorate is sick of Trump and you're just waiting for the right odds, the time to pounce is during a Democratic setback.

Because the money will be moving to Trump and the GOP, the Democratic Party, in theory, will have longer odds.

Political betting sites that allow bettors to cash out their bets early are also valuable here, because there may be instances when swings are so sizable that you can cash in bets early for a profit.

However you approach this tactic, one thing is clear: You need to follow and even predict events in order to get your timing right.

Tracking Trends

Some political trends, however, don't require close monitoring of the political situation. For example, political journalist and Bloomberg contributor Megan McArdle argues that the White House "flips back and forth like a metronome" [because] "voters just get tired after eight years".

Her argument hinges on the fact that, since World War II, only one president left office at the appointed time after eight years in office and was succeeded by another member of his party: Ronald Reagan.

So, applying this to 2020, history tells us that GOP/Trump fatigue should give the Democrats the edge.

Other interesting, though far from guaranteed, predictors include the bizarre coincidence that whichever candidate sells the most masks at Halloween will triumph, and the regularity with which rare flip-flop county Vigo, Indiana seems to pick a winner.

These kind of historical trends and quirks are useful if you don't want to get bogged down in the serious statistical analyses that make mathematically minded pundits such as Silver so successful.

Alternative Bets You Could Make

There are also lots of other U.S. presidential election betting markets that can help you capitalize on your predictions for the biggest event in global politics.

For example, opting to bet on the next U.S. president, rather than their party, offers much higher odds.

Or you can back the gender of the next president, useful if you're betting early and can't decide between Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren topping a Democratic ticket.

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