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Daily Fantasy

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Wisconsin Daily Fantasy
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Wisconis lawmakers have considered daily fantasy legislation but have not taken action to formally legalize it. However, DFS is not illegal in the site, and leading providers like DraftKings and FanDuel operate in the market. Players can enjoy these games without hindrance or repercussion.

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Terms and Conditions apply for all bonuses. Must be 21+ to participate.

Sports Betting in Wisconsin
Not Legal

Technically, Wisconsin sports betting was given the green light in 1987 with the advent of pari-mutuel betting on horse racing. But now even the horse racing industry is gone in Wisconsin, and state residents don’t have the option to wager on things such as football, baseball and basketball. In effect, all sports betting in Wisconsin (in any form) is currently outlawed.

However, for sports fans, the 2018 repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) could offer a glimmer of hope. As states like New Jersey and Delaware start to offer legal sports betting, and several Midwestern states consider it, Wisconsin could follow. Indeed, if the horse racing industry and other gambling stakeholders gets behind calls for change, legal sports betting in Wisconsin could take off.

Online Casino Gambling in Wisconsin
Not Legal

Wisconsin online casinos don’t exist. Because the state has only legislated for tribal casinos at this time, carving out an exemption for commercial operators through the internet will be tough. However, should the law change and commercial venues be given the same rights as tribes, it’s likely online casinos in Wisconsin could emerge, though that could be years away.

Wisconsin Poker Online
Not Legal

As with casino gaming, online poker in Wisconsin is illegal. Fans of the game are currently permitted to play only inside the state’s 22 tribal casinos. This means Wisconsin online poker sites are something lobbyists are going to have to fight for.

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Gambling in Wisconsin

Online gambling isn't legal in Wisconsin - and in-person gambling leaves much to be desired - but the Badger State does have a few live betting options.

Wisconsin gambling laws are a relatively new thing. Unlike other states that legalized certain sectors of the industry back in the 1800s, Wisconsin’s lawmakers waited until 1965 to start reversing their position on gambling. Repeals and amendments mean it’s possible to play, poker and casino games as well as play the state-sponsored lottery. Because commercial casinos are banned under Wisconsin laws, only tribal casinos are in the state.

Horse racing is also technically legal, though there are no active horse racing tracks or events in the state.

For the future, Wisconsin's overall gambling industry is going the way of horse racing. There's little push in the state for any type of gambling expansion. Better prospects in other Midwestern states may eventually push Wisconsin toward opening up its gambling laws, but it may take a while till you could place a bet at Lambeau Field.

Timeline of Gambling Legislation in Wisconsin

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A constitutional amendment clearing up the state’s gambling laws was ratified. Under the clarification, it was expressly written that all forms of gambling, except bingo, raffles, pari-mutuel betting and lotteries were illegal. For Wisconsin online gambling to become a reality, an amendment to this law will need to be made.

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The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988, 25 U.S.C. sec. 2701 (Act) is passed at the federal level. This allowed Native American tribes across the US to negotiate their own casino laws outside of a state’s constitution. As a result, casino licenses were given to 11 tribes and bands. The initial agreement allowed for construction to take place in 23 locations. Today, there are 22 tribal casinos in Wisconsin offering slots, table games and poker.

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Perhaps the most significant turning point in Wisconsin’s gambling history came in 1987. In light of successful amendments to the state’s bingo and raffle laws, the lawmakers gave the green light to lottery operators. At the same time this happened, legislators also authorized pari-mutuel betting at privately owned horse racing tracks.

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After allowing bingo, state lawmakers decided to authorize raffles.

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A second amendment was passed, this time allowing residents to play bingo games for money.

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An amendment was made that gave the legislature power to create an exception that allowed residents to take part in promotional contests.

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