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Advertising Policies of Group Plc Group Plc operates with some of the most restrictive advertising policies of any performance marketing company in the industry. The Group regularly monitors regulations and standards prescribed by the authorities in the markets where we operate, such as the UK Gambling Commission, the Committee of Advertising Practice UK (CAP) and the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling (IGRC). The Group avoids the most problematic channels all together, ensuring broad compliance with our advertisers' own policies.

Last updated: June 26th 2020

Online Advertising has quickly become the most important part of most companies' marketing mix. In a marketplace like online gambling where customer values are quite high, some actors in the industry bend the rules in their favor to achieve results. We are providing this breakdown of our online advertising activities to help investors and partners better understand the compliant and responsible way that we drive traffic to our consumer websites. When available, we display the basic terms, conditions & requirements for all sign up offers we promote. We encourage all of our advertisers to make these details available for us for all of their promotions.

Specific policies and guidelines that the Group follows include: Group does: Group does not: