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Advertising Policies of Group Group operates with some of the most restrictive advertising policies of any performance marketing company in the industry. The Group regularly monitors regulations and standards prescribed by the authorities in the markets where we operate, such as the UK Gambling Commission, the Committee of Advertising Practice UK (CAP) and the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling (IGRC). The Group avoids the most problematic channels all together, ensuring broad compliance with our advertisers' own policies.

Last updated: January 29th 2021

Online Advertising has quickly become the most important part of most companies' marketing mix. In a marketplace like online gambling where customer values are quite high, some actors in the industry bend the rules in their favor to achieve results. We are providing this breakdown of our online advertising activities to help investors and partners better understand the compliant and responsible way that we drive traffic to our consumer websites. When available, we display the basic terms, conditions & requirements for all sign up offers we promote. We encourage all of our advertisers to make these details available for us for all of their promotions.

Specific policies and guidelines that the Group follows include: Group does:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO, "Organic Search" or "Natural Search") - the Group attracts traffic to our websites by naturally achieving high search engine rankings on search engines such as Google. This requires certain costs and investments, such as developing high quality websites consumers want to use, but does not involve paying the search engines directly.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM, "Paid Search", "Pay Per Click" or PPC) - the Group acquires additional search traffic directly from search engines by paying the search engine on a per click basis.
  • Direct Navigation - the Group receives traffic which arrives at our websites due to visitors directly typing in the address of our websites, sometimes as a result of TV advertising
  • Email - the Group maintains a list of opted-in individuals who occasionally receive promotions from the Group. Individuals may unsubscribe at any time. All opt-ins come from our own consumer websites, we do not acquire email lists from third parties. The Group only uses Email to drive traffic to its consumer websites. The Group does not conduct email campaigns designed to drive traffic directly to our advertising clients' websites.
  • Display Advertising - the Group occasionally engages in display marketing campaigns designed to target known users of our consumer websites across the web. Campaigns will direct users to our consumer websites and not directly to our advertising clients' websites.
  • Promote Gambling on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) - The Group maintains a presence on social media for its key consumer websites and for corporate marketing. The Group also makes use of the advertising programs available on these platforms.
  • Send SMS - the Group utilizes SMS to send advertising or promotion messages to select users in select markets. Group does not:

  • Send Unsolicited Commercial Email - the Group only emails individuals who have double opted-in to receive our promotions or transactional email to individuals registered for our services.
  • Incentivize our Users to Sign Up - some performance marketing companies offer their users incentives to sign up with their online gambling clients, drastically undermining the quality of the traffic. Incentives can include cash-back, gift cards or loyalty points. The Group has never done this.
  • Use "Make Money Schemes" - some performance marketing companies promote get rich quick schemes creating false expectations for unsuspecting consumers. This can take the form of false testimonials or dubious betting advice. The Group has never done this.
  • Impersonate Gambling Operators - some performance marketing companies impersonate the gambling operators and conduct marketing campaigns as if they were the operators themselves. The Group has never done this.