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Market Policies of Group Plc Group Plc actively targets regulated online gambling markets. As a result, the Group has a the highest portion of its sales from regulated markets of all of the large performance marketing companies within the industry.

Last updated: July 10th 2018

In addition to targeting already regulated markets, the Group will target markets where a clear path to regulation has been communicated by the relevant authorities. As of October 2017, the Group derives approximately 75% of its sales from fully regulated markets and another 20% from Sweden, a market which will be fully regulated as of January 1st, 2019. As a result, virtually all of the Group's revenue is from either regulated or soon to be regulated markets.

When a market is regulated locally, the Group makes every effort to work with the locally licensed gambling operators and to not promote any operators licensed outside of the target jurisdiction.

Our policies for a few noteworthy markets are listed below:

Main Markets

United Kingdom - The UK is the largest, regulated online gambling market in the world and has been a pioneer in online gambling regulation since the beginning of the industry. Group is active in the UK market and it is the Group's largest market comprising about 70% of sales.

Sweden - The Group is active in Sweden and it is the Group's second largest market comprising about 20% of sales.

Ireland - The Group is active in the regulated Irish market.

New Jersey, USA - The Group is registered with the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement with Vendor ID #89409 and has been active in the regulated New Jersey market since 2017.

Future Target Markets

New York, USA - The Group expects the state of New York to regulate online gambling in the near-term and is preparing accordingly.

Pennsylvania, USA - Pennsylvania has regulated online gambling but due to onerous licensing requirements and heavy taxation the market is not viable in its current form. The Group expects the regulators and legislators in Pennsylvania to update the regulations in the near-term to promote stronger market development. .

Unregulated Markets

Unregulated States within the USA - Founded by Americans, Group has made a point to always be compliant with US law. From the inception of the company in 2006, no entity within our Group has ever taken any unregulated business from the United States.

The Group ensures compliance with this policy by:

Netherlands - The Group is compliant with the current Dutch advertising regulations concerning gambling. The Group does not publish any websites which specifically target gamblers in the Netherlands.

Australia - In 2017 Australia closed their market to online casino and poker gaming. Group stopped promoting casino and poker in Australia prior to the closing of the market. The Group still promotes legal sports betting operators in Australia.

France - Although France has partially regulated online gambling, Group has no activities in France and does not target users in France.

Turkey, China, Hong Kong, Macau & Singapore - Group has no activities in these markets and does not target users in these markets.