Rep. Brandt Iden Presented with Honorary Golden Eagle

Representative Brandt Iden was the driving force behind Michigan’s successful effort to legalize sports betting, online poker and online casino gaming in late 2019. Without Representative Iden’s determined effort, it is unlikely that Michigan would have succeeded in regulating online casino gaming and online poker, much less online sports betting. Representative Iden is the recipient of a 2020 honorary Golden Eagle trophy, presented by

Hear from Brandt Iden with Charles Gillespie Group Chief Executive Charles Gillespie presents Rep. Brandt Iden with a 2020 honorary Golden Eagle and catches up on his award-winning gaming policy for the state of Michigan in this short video.

The future of gambling is online

While the past may have been shaped by trips to Las Vegas and offshore bookies, the next 20 years will look very different. Players will no longer need to get in their car, much less an airplane. In due time, many Americans will have access to a variety of legal, first-class betting and gaming products through their mobile device. It is time for a modern awards program with an eye on the future, not the past.

The first edition of the awards program included 13 categories, 9 of which were for commercial enterprise and 4 of which were for public service.

The next edition of the American Gambling Awards will kick off in 2021.

American Gambling Award Judges

The nominations for each award category are evaluated by a panel of expert judges, all of whom have U.S. specific experience. Judges will not be required to vote in every category and will be asked to abstain where their experience is not relevant, or they have a conflict of interest.


What makes the American Gambling Awards different?

First awards dedicated exclusively to the U.S. market.

First awards dedicated exclusively to mobile (online) gambling.

Only awards to integrate public vote opportunity

Watch The 2019 Awards Party Sizzle Reel Video

Watch how the evening unfolded, as we proudly hosted the first ever American Gambling Awards in New Jersey on June 18th 2019.