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The 2022 football season is nearly here and it’s time to hunt out the best odds and top CA NFL betting sites. Don’t open your account before learning how to find the best NFL betting odds and markets all the way to the Super Bowl.


Best NFL Betting Sites


How do NFL Odds Work

Top CA sportsbooks at offer a wealth of football betting odds for gamblers. The sportsbook prices up a game and offers odds on virtually all outcomes.

Sportsbooks use something called ‘implied probability’ to work out NFL betting odds. This is the statistical likelihood that one or other team will win, or a big star will score a touchdown. The sportsbook then factors in its own juice before offering the market to customers.

Odds can change depending on the movement of money. Oddsmakers decide an initial set of prices and release them on the sportsbook. Gamblers then make bets based on the sportsbook's initial probabilities.

As kickoff approaches and the weight of money changes, the odds will change. Lines are tweaked based on the number of bets that are being placed. For instance, a heavily-backed favorite will shorten the odds as the bookmaker tries to protect itself from a big loss.

Finally, odds change during a game as in-play betting takes place. CA sportsbooks allow you to make bets as the game happens. Oddsmakers need to be quick to alter prices in real time as each touchdown is scored and pass intercepted. That's where savvy NFL gamblers can dive in to find some value.


Best NFL Odds


Types of NFL Betting Odds

Oddsmakers at best sports betting sites will create hundreds of betting markets preseason and for each game during the regular season. You can also bet on the playoffs once the season has ended.

The most popular are the big three: moneylines, point spreads and totals. For most games during the NFL season, you can also bet on player props and team props. These are wagers on events related to a star quarterback, wide receiver or one of the teams. NFL scoring odds are also offered in-play while the game takes place.


NFL Point Spread Odds

Betting NFL spreads is similar to making a sports handicap bet. It’s one of the most popular bet types going. Here's NFL point spread betting explained.

So, what does spread mean in NFL betting? It’s where the favourites will be assigned a point handicap before the NFL game begins. Conversely, the underdog is assigned a theoretical points advantage. You then bet on which sports team you think will win given their adjusted points.

The Eagles are at home to the Dolphins and are firm favourites. The form shows a 5–10 point win for the Eagles is likely. On the moneyline the Eagles are -110 but on the point spread the sportsbook gives them a pregame handicap of -4 points. That means the Eagles would have to beat the spread by 4 points to win the bet.

Let’s imagine the game ends in a 32-30 victory to the Eagles. With a 4-point handicap, they would technically end with an outcome of 28 points, therefore “losing” the spread, the game and the payout.

Betting NFL spreads can be profitable if you choose the right side. You may believe strongly in the hot favorite and go against the spread (ATS) and secure a tidy profit. Conversely, you can take some value on the underdog to win with a strong points headstart.

NFL Moneyline Odds

What is moneyline in NFL betting? Simply, the moneyline is the simplest football bet to understand. Online sportsbooks and the best betting apps offer NFL odds for games based on who will win. You simply bet on whether the team playing in their home stadium or the travelling team will win the game.

For all games in the season, oddsmakers assign one team the favourite and one the underdog. The underdog will always guarantee more favourable odds.

For example, imagine the Philadelphia Eagles are at Miami Dolphins. The Eagles are priced on American Odds at -110 and the Dolphins at +220. That means you would have to bet $110 on the Eagles to win $100. If you bet $100 on the Dolphins to win, you’d get $220 (including your original stake). In this case, the minus denotes the favourites and the plus sign the underdog.

Most moneylines are made pregame. Once you place your bet it’s locked in. However, some betting sites let you cash out your wager early to secure a profit. Plus, you can bet in-play on the moneyline as the game is taking place.

NFL Totals & Over/Unders Odds

Totals betting is a fun way of predicting the overall number of points in a game. It doesn’t matter who wins the game as you’re simply deciding how many points both teams will rack up.

The sportsbook publishes NFL betting odds for over/under on what they believe the total points scored will be. You make a bet on whether the actual total number will be over or under that amount.

This is an NFL odds market where you can do some digging of your own. Midway through the season, you may see patterns in how well sides score at home or on the road. It’s also a good opportunity to compare online sportsbooks to find value.

NFL Futures Odds

Bettors can also find an NFL odds sheet on futures markets. NFL futures bets are great if you want to find value in the pre-season markets.

Futures are wagers on the winner of a conference or the Super Bowl months ahead of time. You can also find NFL playoff betting odds.

Sportsbooks publish the best odds for future winners early in the preseason. You’ll find a lot of value here as many teams may not know their full line-ups. Of course, there may be some risk attached too as injuries could scupper a team’s chances.

For example, after the NFL Draft, you may like the look of the Chicago Bears based on their new defence line-up. Without a ball being kicked in the offseason, the lines are priced at +600 for the Bears. You sense value and take a speculative wager.

You can even cash out the bet later in the season if your team is doing well. Imagine you took the Bears with $100 at +600 and they look like storming to a Conference title. Your sportsbook may offer you an early Cash Out of $3,000 to settle the bet there. You can choose to take the profit or let the bet ride.

In addition, you can also bet on NFL awards odds such as the Heisman Trophy for college football players, or NFL MVP odds (Most Valued Player). The favourites list for NFL’s MVP is usually released during the offseason. Again, you can find a lot of value here as most MVP futures odds are at +700 or higher.

Popular Futures Bets:


NFL Parlay Odds

All good CA sportsbooks offer parlays to bettors on the best NFL betting odds. Parlays are bets combining multiple legs, each of which must come in for you to win the bet. You lose the parlay if one or more legs lose. Bet preseason or earn a payout on parlays for the night's game.

The more legs your parlay contains, the more money you can win. Essentially, every set of odds is multiplied together to reach a total price. You can even make a same-game parlay containing a moneyline, spread bet and prop.

For example, imagine you choose a 3-game parlay with betting totals as follows:

The total odds work out at +667. Therefore, for a $100 bet, you’d earn $667 if all three chosen sides win the game (or $567 minus your $100 stake).

In addition, many NFL football odds betting sites offer parlay boosts which can earn you more money. You’ll earn a percentage boost depending on how many legs your parlay contains. The bigger the risk, the more money you can win. It’s possible to enjoy a parlay boost as big as 70% if the bet contains 14+ legs.

NFL Props Odds

Sports betting in 2022 also offers opportunities for bettors to gamble on NFL prop bets. You can find NFL games odds on props wagers that relate to events taking place during a game.

The Super Bowl is the best time to grab some prop bet action. Sportsbooks will offer an opening line on crazy props for entertainment purposes. These may include the winner of the toss and who will be singing during the half-time showcase. You can even bet on the flavour of the Gatorade traditionally poured over the winning coach’s head at the end of the game.

Player props

Sportsbooks also offer NFL sports betting odds on player props. The best betting sites offer 100s of NFL player props on games, from top touchdown scorer to Most Rushing Yards or Most Passing Yards. Some sports betting sites even offer the best odds on season-long player props such as total passing yards for the entire year.

Team props

On the most basic level, a team prop bet may involve the winner of the first quarter or first half. You can also bet on the first team to reach a milestone (10/15 points) or the team with the most interceptions.

Game props

You can also bet on the total points for each period of the game. You can also bet on the final score or whether the total points will be odd or even.

NFL Draft Odds

Some CA sportsbooks offer odds on how the NFL Draft will play. The Draft, or Player Selection Meeting, takes place over 7 rounds earlier in the preseason. Players are recruited for sides based on their position in the pick. For example, the previous season’s Super Bowl winners usually pick last. Dozens of players are chosen in a variety of positions.

Predicting the Draft is hard but the NFL Draft betting odds and picks are easy to read if you understand futures. For example, a sportsbook may offer prices on the first quarterback to be drafted. The minus denotes the favourite and the plus indicates the underdog.

Obviously, some of the best players will be picked early on. You can therefore get good NFL Draft odds betting on where they come in the pick. For example, a sportsbook may offer odds on the Player Draft Position (Over/Under the set point). You can also bet on total picks by position for each round of the Draft.


Best NFL Super Bowl Odds

Super Bowl Odds

Nothing attracts more wagers than the Super Bowl. All Canadian sportsbooks will offer lines and betting on the Super Bowl well in advance of the game.

You can start with a futures bet on the team to lift the trophy the following February. Opening lines are released during the offseason and offer value as gamblers are forced to make predictions before a touchdown has even been scored.

As Super Bowl week arrives, you’ll find 100s of pregame odds on the moneyline, totals (over/under) and point spread. This is also the ideal opportunity to bet on the props too.

For instance, you can win money on the coin toss, the length of the national anthem and even which beer company will be up first during the commercials.

Star players will enjoy markets of their own. You can back a whole team to score more or less points than one of the star wide receivers and find player match-ups through the game.

Don’t forget about betting in-play as the Super Bowl happens. You can win money on in-play lines such as next touchdown scorer.


Tips for NFL Betting Odds

Even if you’re new to football wagering, it’s important to employ some basic NFL betting strategy. A basic read of the form tables is essential and make sure you have the full skinny on injuries for both sides. Following the guidelines for sensible betting is essential.

Early on in the season, form can be hard to gauge. Many smart gamblers will wait for a few games before they make their first bet. It’s good to check a few NFL scores and odds before you commit your bankroll. That way, you have a better read on form and streaks.

Don’t forget to join NFL fantasy draft contests which are available at some sportsbooks online. You select a team of players you believe will score well in the weekend’s games. The top points scorers share a prize pool provided by the sportsbook.

Handicap Betting

Handicapping offers a better route to making money on NFL. It’s a way of studying historical game data to find patterns on a team or player performance. Most good sports betting sites offer full stats on NFL players and games. You can browse current conference standings or track team matchups going back years.

Public vs. Sharp Betting

Many gamblers love to follow the crowd with public betting. Sometimes, the sheer weight of money will force a sportsbook to move their lines. It doesn’t mean the outcome is more likely but the sports betting site needs to protect its position. Sportsbooks sometimes offer a consensus column showing the popular bets for public money.

On the flip side, sharp betting tracks the premium picks from the best tipsters. Most sportsbooks offer blogs and videos from leading lights of NFL.

You can also track NFL betting news right here at We offer the latest previews and updates from the NFL right up to Super Bowl weekend!

NFL Live Betting Odds

The beauty of NFL games betting in 2022 is that many of them are available in-play. You can enjoy live betting online at most sportsbooks online. It allows you to bet on football games while the game happens. Watch the game live on TV and follow the stats through the sportsbook’s graphic visualizer.

NFL live betting can be a volatile way of gambling as the odds constantly update. However, it’s a great way to capitalize on your gut instinct while you watch the game. Think Matthew Stafford looks like scoring another touchdown? You can find live NFL odds on the pro to make the next score.

Why Bet on the NFL?

For NFL fans, nothing beats the action of investing your own bankroll on the result of a game. Plus, most CA NFL betting sites have free bet offers for new signups or regular customers.

Don’t forget that many sportsbooks are available as betting apps. You can bet on the odds of a safety in an NFL game or a touchdown via your smartphone. Simply download the mobile app and sign up for a welcome bonus before finding the best American odds.

NFL Fun Facts Before Betting on NFL Odds

Player All-time stats (of different positions):