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See our selection of the best Bingo sites and claim some of the great bonus offers available.

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Canada's Best Bingo Sites Reviewed In Detail

Online bingo players have never had so much choice when it comes to the number of Canadian bingo websites that provide games on a 24/7 basis and remove the need to spend hours in the local bingo hall. Indeed, it can often be difficult to decide which bingo site is going to tick the biggest number of boxes from your own perspective although we aim to provide an in-depth review to give you all the information you need to win at your favourite games.

We know that each bingo player has a different set of needs when it comes to their favourite online bingo site. Our reviews will hopefully give you the detail that you need to make an informed decision about where you’re going to derive the most enjoyment when you head to the bingo rooms where you can claim some great bonuses and play the latest games for real cash.

What We Look For From The Best Bingo Sites In Canada

Hopefully, we’ve narrowed down your search when it comes to the best bingo sites in the United Kingdom and we’ve got high standards with our Premier League of operators, with each bingo room needing to provide a first-class experience in order to be among the leaders.

First thing’s first, a good bingo site needs to be lots of fun. We’ve found from surveying our thousands of readers that having fun comes out on top when it comes to playing online bingo and all of the featured operators have this understanding.

We take security and safety very seriously including responsible gambling tools and options available at our partners’ sites. We ensure that they are subjected to third party checks, registered, and licenced with the relevant Gambling Commission and that their Random Number Generator software is policed and subject to audits in accordance with their licence.

Naturally, making sure you receive a generous bingo bonus doesn’t go amiss either and we have agreed to some exclusive deals with bingo sites so that you can benefit from a New Player Package that can’t always be found elsewhere. This might come in the form of a bingo bonus, the holy grail of a no deposit bonus, and there might also be an online slots bonus thrown in as part of the deal.

In addition to the bingo bonuses for new players, we also look at the bingo promotions for existing customers and a good Canadian bingo site will have some great deals in place to give you the perfect online gaming experience. If you can grab offers such as Win Collector, Jackpot Showers, Mojo Hot Ball and Loyalty Bonuses, then it will add plenty more fun to the overall bingo gaming experience.

When it comes to actual bingo games themselves, we are always looking for new sites and features that will add something new to your enjoyment. We have an account with every bingo site that is featured and look for how much of a community aspect there is between the regular players.

Great Design And User Experience

When you’re looking for your ideal bingo site, you want to ideally have a nice clean layout for the gameplay. This includes an attractive colour scheme and an ordered list of the bingo games that are about to start along with useful information regarding each of them, e.g. how long until they start, the overall cash prize available and the minimum bet.

The vast majority of leading bingo sites will be well-designed whether you’re playing mobile bingo or via desktop. Page-loading speed is also important so that you can quickly get from the lobby to your choice of game and then return to the lobby should you wish to try something new.

Naturally, it is also important that the game-playing experience meets your needs. You should be able to select your price and the number of tickets you want for each game. If there is a linked jackpot or if numbers are linked to bonus cash amounts, these also need to be clearly laid out.

Many online bingo players put plenty of emphasis on the Chat Room or the Community aspect of playing and the leading bingo websites will devote part of each room to this functionality. There is usually a moderator guiding the players through the various games, the winners being announced and starting different conversations along the way.

Extensive Bingo Game Variety

Ask 100 bingo players about their favourite games and you’ll get 100 different answers. As human beings, we often get bored easily and a strong Canada bingo site will recognise this and serve up a wide variety of bingo games that come thick and fast when you head to the lobby of your favourite bingo website and log in.

Every bingo site that we have in our featured list will have games that start every few seconds, with Fame and Fortune Hunter, Deal or No Deal, Quick Call, Cash Cubes and Street Style Room just some of the available options. You might also get something like Housey Bingo which is a 52 Ball variety and we recommend trying out different flavours and seeing which one you like best.

Many bingo websites will allow you to use filters to find the games which appeal the most to you. You might be able to search for categories such as “90 Ball”, “80/75 Ball”, “Extra” and “Games”, with the latter sometimes including top casino slot games which involve spinning the reels rather than actually playing bingo.

You can also sort the bingo games according to what is important to you. If you want to play for a big jackpot, head in that direction. Alternatively, you might place more emphasis on the social aspect of bingo and you can choose the games with the biggest number of players, while some customers are driven by price and that’s also regularly an option.

Bingo Chat/Social Games

As Alan Partridge might say, it’s always good to put the “chat amongst the pigeons” and we understand that the vast majority of online bingo players are looking for a social experience where they can feel part of a larger community. OK, so it’s nice to buy a few tickets and land some cash prizes before the night is over, although it’s even better if you make some friends and have some good banter along the way.

Whether you’re playing desktop or mobile, the ideal scenario is that you can engage with other players who are enjoying the same game. There should also be a good Chat Moderator who keeps the conversation flowing, announced the winners of each game and also lets customers know what is happening in some of the other bingo rooms.

It’s fair to say that a lot of friendships have been formed through bingo chat, especially between female players and we’re looking for a bingo site that really promotes the social aspect of the game in addition to the betting side of things. You should have the option to add participants to your chat and create a Friends List.

Bingo Game Rules And Variations

Back in the day, you would go to a bingo hall and physically mark off the numbers on your ticket if they were called out. However, playing online bingo is a good deal more automated and it’s simply a case of deciding how many tickets you would like for a particular game before enjoying the thrill of the numbers being drawn without you having to do a great deal.

When you head to an online bingo lobby, you should be able to see all the games that are going to begin in the next few minutes. You should also see how many balls are involved and 90-ball bingo is probably the most common variety, although it’s not uncommon to see 75-ball Deal or No Deal bingo along with lower numbers such as 52, 40 and 36.

It might seem somewhat overwhelming when you first head to a bingo game and you’re besieged by lots of colour and information, although the first port of call is deciding how many tickets you would like to buy for the next game. There’s usually a countdown as to when the sales close and you can choose the value of each ticket you would like to buy.

You’ll generally find the key information pertaining to the game at the top of the page including any bingo promos. This will include the number of players, the total prize, the jackpot that’s available along with what the bingo site will pay for a certain number of lines or a full house. You can choose your own tickets and there’s always the option to speak with a CM (chat moderator) if you need further information.

The vast majority of bingo games work along similar lines. Players can buy between 1-45 tickets for each game and then a ball is drawn at random every few seconds. You don’t have to claim any winnings and they are automatically added to your online bingo balance, while you can choose to play in more than one room at the same time if you wish.

The Best Bingo Software Providers

It’s important to understand that every Canadian bingo site uses at least one software provider so that their customers can enjoy a cutting-edge games experience.

If you’re someone who has several online bingo accounts, you might start to recognise that some bingo sites tend to have the same range of games available, although some of the other leading rooms work with Dragonfish software which comes from the 888 Holdings stable and that’s naturally what you would find with a room such as 888 Ladies.

The other main bingo software provider is Cozy Games, with Foxy Bingo probably the leading online bingo site to be using the GVC software which has been the subject of several modifications and upgrades over the past couple of years.

Readers should note that online casino slot games can be found at the leading online bingo sites and they are provided by a huge number of software providers, although a typical Canadian bingo website will only use one software company for their actual bingo games, especially as multi-play bingo has become so commonplace.

Online Bingo Sites With The Highest Payouts

When you play a bingo game, it will have something called an RTP. This stands for Return to Player and basically means how much a bingo site will pay out for every $100 that is wagered. Some games have a higher payout than others, although the lower payout bingo games can often be linked to a jackpot which makes them a more attractive proposition.

90-ball bingo is the most common form of the game and the RTP tends to stand at around 80% although there are a number of aspects which could see the Return to Player go up or down. 75-ball bingo’s RTP is also affected by the number of tickets you buy and the jackpot structure, although it’s generally around the 85% mark from experience.

If you’re interested in playing slot games, then a popular game like Starburst has an RTP payout rate of 96.1% which is clearly higher than online bingo, while Fluffy Favourites is 95.3% and Gonzo’s Quest is 96%. However, much depends on whether you prize a high payout at the expense of a less social experience overall.

Canada Bingo Bonuses Explained

Many of the leading Canadian bingo sites have a style of promotion which nearly always involves spending $10 in order to land $30, $40 or even $50 in bingo bonuses and you will generally have to play through the bonus amount a certain number of times - wagering requirements - before you can make a withdrawal. Be sure to read the terms and conditions before signing up.

How To Claim A Bonus From Top Canadian Bingo Sites

When you head to a leading Canadian bingo site, it should be really simple to open an account online. Here are the steps that you generally need to take for all forms of online gambling:

Chose a leading bingo operator from our list and once clicking through from the list to their site follow this handy guide.

You should now have a registered online bingo account. You then need to follow some more steps in order to claim your bonus:

Once you have done this, the bingo site will give you a welcome bonus and you can get on with choosing your favourite games.

Why You Should Read The Bonus Offer Terms And Conditions

There are terms and conditions when it comes to every bingo bonus. This helps you understand the steps which a customer needs to take to generate a welcome offer. It also details how many times you need to play through your original deposit and corresponding bonus before a withdrawal can be made.

We always urge readers to read the terms and conditions in order to be completely aware of how the bonus offer works before they go ahead and sign up. The majority of T’s and C’s are broadly similar across all the bingo sites but staying informed of them will make sure you’re not given any nasty surprises.

Payment Methods Available At Online Bingo Sites

There is generally a wide range of available payment methods when it comes to making a deposit or a withdrawal at a bingo site. Many customers in Canada prefer to use a debit card and this simply involves linking it to your account and then using it on a repeat basis for future deposits without any fuss.

Alternatively, there are a number of e-wallet solutions such as PayPal, Skrill and Neteller, while Apple Pay is also available with the majority of leading bingo sites and can often be a convenient way to pay.


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