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An Overview of Downloadable Casinos

Online casino fans looking for the smoothest gameplay experience straight from their home computers may be considering whether to download a dedicated casino program. Fortunately, with most of the top online casino sites offering a download option, there's plenty of choice on offer.

So what are downloadable casinos? What are the pros and cons of downloading casinos, and is it preferable to online site-based gambling? All this and more is covered below in hopes of assisting any player looking to gain a better understanding of downloadable casinos.

What Are Downloadable Casinos?

Downloadable casinos require each player download the online casino's software client which connects to the casino service provider and handles contact without needing any browser support. Players can then access the online casino straight through it's own dedicated product on their desktop.

Download casinos typically run faster than instant-play online casinos since the graphics and sound programs are cached by the software client, rather than having to be loaded from the Internet. Players also always enjoy the convenience of simply clicking a desktop icon for instant access to their favourite titles.

Online Casinos are constantly looking to offer the smoothest experience possible so it was no surprise when the industry began offering downloadable casino products for players to access the online casino without need to connect to the browser version. Although their popularity has declined a bite with the advent of mobile casinos and apps, download casinos are still a great way enjoy your casino experience.

How Does Downloadable Casino Software Work?

In the age of mega-fast broadband and Wi-Fi, players can download the software from their chosen casinos very quickly. Once the casino is saved on the computer, players simply run the program and set up options like sound and graphics. After using their usual online account information to log in, players are able to start enjoying the casino experience immediately.

As the casino is installed on the player’s computer, a selection of games will be available to play for free in practice mode. When players are playing for money against other players, the rate of play is increased as the server only has to process information from each of the current game players, reducing any lag time.

What are the Benefits of Downloading an Online Casino?

The major benefit of playing on a downloadable casino is that you aren't totally reliant on an internet connection – unless, of course, you're playing live against other players – which may be beneficial to those who do not always have access to a broadband or wireless signal. Not only does this mean players can enjoy practising the games without a connection, but the games themselves tend to function more smoothly than non-downloadable games.

Installed casino games are not constrained by the speed, bandwidth, or processing power of a central server, meaning they will often load quicker and display superior graphics, without ever timing out. This is assuming that the computer running the software is capable of handling the uncompressed game program.

What are the Disadvantages of Downloading an Online Casino?

The biggest drawback that comes with downloading a casino is that games have to be downloaded onto every device; a slight step-down from online casinos, where games can be accessed from numerous locations using the same log-in details. It also restricts players to using a desktop or laptop, as it's rare to find comprehensive downloadable casinos available for tablets or smartphones. These devices tend to use custom-built apps that are often constrained by size so offer single games instead.

Another issue is that not all casinos will offer stand-alone software to download, meaning that if players wish to play at that specific casino, they will have no option but to play online. However, those that do cater to fans of the downloadable casino will often be able to include a larger number of games than found solely online.

Also, if a casino is running an online tournament for games such as poker, it may insist on the casino being downloaded before players can participate. This will take any additional pressure away from the casino servers.

Are Download Casinos Safe?

Whether players use a downloadable casino or choose to gamble online, the casinos are still responsible for protecting players’ personal and financial data. They usually do this via an industry standard 128-bit SSL encryption algorithm or an advanced 256-bit encryption for both types of play, meaning players have nothing to fear from using either method.

What Games are Offered with Downloadable Casinos?

Many downloadable casinos will feature a higher number of games than their online counterparts. Some downloadable casinos, for example, offer fresh games that aren't available anywhere else other than through the downloadable product. This is mainly down to space on the casino’s servers.

For example, if the casino has a raft of new games to introduce, the old ones may need to be retired so that the servers can handle the additional traffic. However, if a player downloads the casino, the game will run directly on their computer, so often more games are included in the download. The downloaded programs can also be updated with any additional games or variations.

Pros of Download Casinos

Cons of Download Casinos



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