8 Helpful Tips for Playing Slot Machines

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8 Helpful Tips for Playing Slot Machines

Slots are synonymous with the best online casinos and of course the traditional brick and mortar establishments of Vegas and other popular fun holiday destinations. However since the online boom the serious slots online platforms have so many themes, bonus rounds and gameplay features to get your head around, it could be easy to be overwhelmed by it all.

Everyone wants to know how to win on slots and how best to enjoy the iconic themed slot games that have become familiar from movies and media. Unfortunately, there's no guaranteed system, but we've put together a list of 8 helpful tips for playing slot machines.

1. Play Higher Denominations

Playing high denomination bets is all about maximising your potential winnings. Higher denomination spins can pay more than low denomination ones. If you can afford a single high bet, it reduces your chances of having a winning spin, but if you do get lucky, you could really reap the rewards.

When faced with an option to make two £1 bets or a single £2 bet, go with the latter. That's simply because higher denomination slots will pay that much more. If your luck isn't in, you could get through your bankroll a little more quickly, so if you want a longer session, lower denominations will get you more spins.

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2. Bet the Maximum

A lot of slot games draw players in by advertising an enormous maximum payout. The chance to win a life-changing sum of money from a single spin is a great attraction. But you need to bear in mind that this amount is only achievable if you're betting the maximum.

Lower staking spins will be eligible for the same stake multiplier as larger stakes, but the payout will be substantially less. If you're concerned only about scooping a huge win, then betting the maximum amount could be the way to do it.

3. The More Complicated the Game, the Lower Your Odds

Complicated multiline slots with bonus rounds and multipliers often come with lower odds. More features also mean more symbols and more reels, which may also lower the odds. That being said, you're more likely to get consistent, small wins with these games, or unlock a bonus round or free spins.

Customers should also be aware of games with the lowest house edge - which is the statistical advantage casinos hold on games.

In some cases, these small gains can add up. For a more straightforward experience, go for simple slots, such as the ones with only three reels and single-line bets. Of course, this doesn't mean you should stay away from complex slots - Learning how to play multi-line slot machines can also be very rewarding. It's all down to the player's preference, as the lower odds and more difficult rules could provide a more exciting game.

4. Test the Games You Play

Some online casinos offer a free no deposit bonus, giving you the chance to play for fun. This is a good chance to try it out before playing for real money, determining your own best way to play slot machines.

If you are feeling uncertain or want to know more about a slot's bonus features, give it a few tries without wagering money. You can have a feel of how the slot plays and whether you like it or not. Once you are done trying it out, you can start playing for real money - or move on to another slot if you didn't like what you saw.

5. Avoid Thinking of ‘Due’ Payouts

Slots are entirely random. Online slots run on Random Number Generators (RNG). This means that there is no such thing as a hot or a cold streak. Every spin will reset the chances, an important or even the best way to play slot machines, is to remember this fact.

Don't go thinking that a big win is due because you haven't scored anything in recent rounds. Some players feel wary of lurkers at brick and mortar casinos. While their system isn't foolproof or guaranteed to win, it can make you feel a little uneasy. Fortunately, this isn't something anyone has to worry about when playing at an online casino.

6. Tight Machines do Exist

Slot machines can be either loose or tight. A loose slot tends to pay out much more and more frequently. Tight slots, on the other hand, tend to pay out less frequently. Slots are programmed to pay out a fixed value of what they take in from wagers. Loose machines are programmed to pay out more, while tight machines will pay out less.

Fortunately, this isn't something which is a factor at regulated online casinos. All slot games here are rigorously tested before being placed on-site to ensure fairness. As mentioned, outcomes are based on a Random Number Generator, and the expected Return to Player percentage can be checked on all games.

7. Play with Coins

Coins are a good way to have better control over your bets. Let's use a 20 paylines slot as an example. Using 100 coins with a £0.01 value each, you can activate all paylines with multiple £0.05 wagers while spending £1.

This way, you could get much better value for your money compared to betting £1 in a single payline, a typical strategy for playing slot machines. Not only does it increase your likelihood of a win on each spin, but it also increases the likelihood of a larger payout, since you could end up with 20 winning lines on a single spin.

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8. Decide When to Stop

Slots, like any other game, are meant to be fun. Play within your limits - how much you can afford to bet and lose, a standard tip or trick for how to play slot machines, multiline or otherwise. Do not play trying to chase your losses in order to break even, as this could lead to an even bigger loss. If you scored some good wins, set yourself a goal and call it a day once you reach it.

Stop as soon as you realise that you are not enjoying your gaming session anymore. All regulated online casinos will have responsible gambling measures in place, so you can set a session time limit, spending limit or other controls to help you keep on top of things.

Now you know what is necessary to play and enjoy slots. Perhaps the biggest takeaway is that the best way to play slot machines is whatever way suits you best. With the variety of online slot games available, there should be something available to suit everyone's preferences.

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