Best Card Games to Play Online in 2018

Best Card Games to Play Online in 2018

Summer's approaching and long evenings are the perfect time to get stuck into some serious card games at online casinos - whether chilling outside via mobile, or home alone. Here are the top card games to play online in 2018:

  1. Poker

    Poker is arguably the number one gambling game in the world, both online and off. It's famed for its many varieties, all of which combine risk, strategy and skill. The basics always remain the same: craft a hand to win the round, or bluff and persuade opponents to fold against you.

    With online tournaments and the chance to play against other players and the house, online casinos offer tremendous scope for poker gaming. If you've tried standard poker already, try a variant like Texas Hold'em, Deuces Wild or Jacks or Better; the unique twists giving the game endless different options for players.

  2. Rummy

    The much-loved Rummy has made a big impression on the web and is playable at most leading online casinos. The key to the game is to 'meld' cards into runs (consecutive sequences of three plus cards of the same suit) and sets/books (three or four cards of identical rank). To win online rummy games outright you need to make your whole hand into combinations, with one card left to discard. Rummy's a simple game to get to grips with and is playable quickly, making it ideal for mobile gaming.

  3. Solitaire

    Solitaire (AKA patience) has become a big success online and mimics the classic card game. You can play against other people, the casino or on your own, and win money whichever way. The basic aim of the game is to 'peel off' your dealt cards and match them on the deck to the top right of the screen, with payouts awarded each time you do. Most games will require 11 discarded cards before the player is in profit on their original bet, but there's plenty of scope to hit some hot runs with up to 52 cards.

  4. Blackjack

    Blackjack, otherwise known as 21, is a close second to poker as the classiest card game in the casino world. The essence of the game is to reach a total hand value higher than the dealer's without busting by going over 21, or let the dealer commit gaming suicide by busting themselves. Hitting 21 is the ultimate hand. With features such as the double down, online blackjack is a game of strategy and with plenty of upgraded games around, it remains one of the coolest genres to play in 2018.

  5. Video Poker

    While poker had already made the hit list, video poker games are worthy of their own listing. There are endless varieties, including basic Five Card Draw, Tens or Better, Bonus Poker, Sigma Flush and Jokers Wild card games. Video Poker is in many ways like a slot machine interface but features cards and the goal of forming poker hands.

    As example of payouts, a machine may pay x1 for a Jacks or Better hand, all the way to x800 for a Royal Flush. However, some video poker card games offer progressive jackpots, making them a very appealing option for classic card players.

  6. Live Card Tables

    Live table card games aren't a specific game – more a genre. But they're an increasingly viable option for players via mobile device or laptop. The card games available mimic those playable in the standard online casino lounges, but blackjack is the most widely-played live card game. With real live dealer casinos and high-resolution streaming from legitimate casino lounges, it's the VIP gamer's choice.

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  8. Casino War

    If you're seeking a fun and potentially lucrative game then seek out those that offer 'Casino War', well known in both land and online casinos. Casino War has a basic card principle, but it's worth checking out the game's rules and taking it for a test run with small stakes. Most versions have six decks, with each player dealt one card.

    The highest score wins, ranked as poker cards. If the cards are matched then the players and/or dealer go to war; bets are increased and the cards flipped until the winner lands a telling blow. Ante, Tie and Raise bets add to the excitement and betting options in this high-octane casino game.

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