The Best Roulette Experiences in Las Vegas

The Best Roulette Experiences in Las Vegas

Did you know that some don’t consider Las Vegas to be a gambling epicentre of the world anymore? When looking at profits, it has been overtaken by Macau, China, where the big casino brands generate higher revenues than in Vegas.

Still, with the first casino opening in 1906 and being home to over a century of gambling history, Vegas is considered the world’s gambling capital. Especially when you think of playing roulette, you probably think about roulette in Las Vegas. Online gambling continues to grow in popularity as the best casino sites attract more customers with enticing bonuses and slick gameplay at the touch of a button. But when it comes to land-based gambling, Las Vegas is still the Mecca.

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It is as simple as that. Vegas is the place that gamblers around the world dream of visiting and the city that is still synonymous with gambling. Sure, part of the appeal of Las Vegas is its resorts and its position as a vacation destination but gambling remains at the heart of the experience. There is something extraordinary about playing Vegas roulette, that certain something that just cannot be replicated anywhere else.

So, step inside the world of Las Vegas, where we will show you how to have the best roulette experience of your life. Sin City takes your gambling to a whole new level of excitement and drama, and no game encapsulates this like roulette, the ultimate game of chance. Even if you love online roulette, visiting Las Vegas and playing at a world-famous casino is something you will never forget.

Best Places to Play Roulette on the Vegas Strip

Before you wave goodbye to your online roulette games and head for the lights of Vegas, you will need to know the practices for playing in-person. There’s no better way to prepare for your Vegas excursion than playing with actual dealers at the best live roulette sites.

Las Vegas is filled with iconic casinos and resorts familiar to millions from movies, TV shows, and sporting events. Still, at the heart of those casinos is gambling, and here are the best places to play Roulette in Vegas on the Strip:

MGM Grand

MGM Grand

As the most prominent casino resort in the United States, MGM Grand is a perfect place for Vegas roulette, and the maze on the game floor is genuinely something to behold. At MGM Grand, you will find 2,500 casino machines and 300 table games for the ultimate live dealer roulette experience. In terms of roulette, you will find 16 tables across variations such as French with a $25 bet minimum bet, which is good value for French on the Strip. Other variations include American for lower buy-ins.

Aria Resort and Casino


A collaboration between Infinity World Development and MGM Resorts, Aria boasts the only casino within the CityCenter complex and is famous for its technology. For example, game machines change in real-time based on user and popularity data. You can find French roulette for 15 per bet. You can also find an American roulette variant at $5 per spin.

Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay

With its paradise theme, the Mandalay Bay brings a bit of tropical fun to Las Vegas. Whether you will be in paradise playing Vegas roulette in this casino depends on your luck, but at least you will be playing amidst the majesty of Mandalay Bay. There are two French roulette wheels, which you can spin for 10 min bets. If your budget is more modest, check out the $3 limit American table.

The Cromwell Hotel and Casino

The Cromwell

The Cromwell stands out from the mega-resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. This is a boutique casino and hotel with a focus on luxury. If you enjoy luxury, the high life, and high-rolling, The Cromwell is a good place for roulette in Las Vegas. While the Cromwell is known as the best casino for Craps, it also delivers roulette. There are no French tables (so not La Partage bets), but there are European wheels for 2 and $10.

Flamingo Las Vegas


A true legend of the Las Vegas Strip, the Flamingo has been welcoming gamblers and vacationers since the 1940s. To this day, the resort plays on its position as a grandfather of Vegas with its Art Deco styling. The last operating casino on the Strip that opened before 1950, Flamingo is a place to sample Las Vegas as it once was, but still with the latest top casino games. It is the place to go for affordable roulette, including a double-zero wheel with just a $1 limit.



You could be forgiven for thinking Cosmopolitan is a cocktail from the Sex and the City TV series, but there’s a lot more to the name. This casino/hotel resort is within two skyscrapers, making it something of a unique design for a casino on the Strip. There are 13 Vegas roulette tables at the Cosmopolitan, 12 with a 3 per bet.

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Roulette Odds

Before you bet your money on the wheel and play roulette in Las Vegas, having a basic knowledge of roulette odds can help you manage your bankroll and have more control over your wagers. Our table below makes it easy to see available bets and their odds.

Straight UpAny single number wager35/136/1
SplitAny two joined horizontal and vertical numbers17/117.5/1
Basket0, 1, 2 or 0, 2, 311/111.33/1
StreetThree numbers in horizontal formation11/111.33/1
CornerFour numbers in a square formation8/18.25/1
Six LineAny six numbers across two rows5/15.167/1
HighNumbers 19 to 361/11.056/1
LowNumbers 1 to 181/11.056/1
RedAny red number on the betting table1/11.056/1
BlackNo black numbers on the betting table1/11.056/1
First 12Numbers 1 through 122/12.083/1
Second 12Numbers 13 through 242/12.083/1
Third 12Numbers 25 through 362/12.083/1
First LineNumbers 3 to 36 across the top line2/12.083/1
Second LineNumbers 2 to 35 across the middle line2/12.083/1
Third LineNumbers 1 to 34 across the top line2/12.083/1
EvenNo even number on the betting table1/11.056/1
OddAny odd number on the table1/11.056/1

Best Vegas Roulette Table Limits

Every Vegas casino has a minimum and maximum bet they allow to be wagered on a single roulette wheel spin, which also varies depending on whether it’s an outside bet or an inside number bet.

Typically, the smaller, independent casinos have maximum bet amounts that they won't go over or it becomes risky for them. The larger casinos are more flexible. Rather than setting hard roulette table limits they have an upper range that high-rollers can benefit from. They also may offer several roulette tables with varying limits to cater for all players.

It’s also possible for roulette tables to set different Min-Max limits depending on the day of the week, the time of day, or season.

Since max roulette betting limits are ever-changing, it’s hard to definitely say which casino has the highest roulette table limits.

Generally, the largest bet you can make is no more than 1,000 times the smallest bet allowed. This would mean that a roulette table that requires 2,000 as a limit, and one with a 10,000 maximum bet size limit. There are some famous exceptions, such as the 50K max roulette bet at Caesar’s Palace high roller sections.

How to Play Roulette

Before you fly out to the glitz and glamour of the world-famous Vegas Strip, understanding the basics of roulette is essential. Whether you play online roulette or roulette in Las Vegas, our advice is to learn how to play the game first.

At the core of the roulette experience is a wheel and a ball. Players wager on the outcome when the dealer drops the metal ball into that famous spinning wheel.

When the ball lands in a pocket, the result will decide if you have won. There are many bet patterns available in roulette, some more famous (red/black) than others. As you might expect, the best-paying wagers are the ones with the longest odds. Roulette rules say the player must place a bet before or during a wheel spin, but not once the ball has rested. This is the same for Vegas roulette and online roulette.

One of the most important aspects of learning about roulette is understanding the differences between American and European Roulette. With the European version, you will see a single zero pocket on the wheel, which means the house edge is 2.7%. American roulette has a zero pocket, and a double-zero pocket, stretching the house edge to 5.26%.

American roulette is the most common version in Las Vegas, but you can find European wheels too. You will also see French roulette wheels in some casino resorts. This variant adds the “La Partage” rule, which means half a bet is returned on an even-money wager if the loss happens by the ball landing on zero. You will need to pay a higher minimum bet to play French roulette tables in Las Vegas.

We regularly update with news, information, guides and promotions that will help you advance your roulette strategy, as well as other casino games. So, bookmark our site and visit it regularly to always stay up to date.

Playing Roulette in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a casino city with over 130 gambling venues to choose from. Whether it is a massive casino hotel resort or a small side-street casino, you will find some sort of roulette game in most of them. There is nothing quite like playing roulette in Vegas, and as you walk the intricate maze of casino floors, you will be amazed by the choice of games.

Roulette is a game decided entirely by random chance. But does that mean there is nothing you can do to maximise your chances? The good news is, while you can do nothing to influence where the ball will drop, you can engage in various roulette strategies that help you protect your investment. However, it is worth remembering that even by employing betting patterns, the outcome of a roulette game is left up to the casino gods.

Best Places to Play Roulette Off the Vegas Strip

While it is easy to get enticed by the mega-casino resorts on the Vegas strip, it is also worth heading off the Strip to find some gems. Some of the best roulette in Vegas can be had if you head to a casino found off the main strip. Here are some of the best:

Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino (Fremont St.)

Since opening in 1947, Golden Nugget has often been one of the best and most popular off-Strip resorts. Notable for its luxury, Golden Nugget is a perfect Vegas roulette destination for high rollers. There are eight American roulette wheels available 24/7, with a minimum bet of 200 for high-stakes players.

South Point Hotel Casino & Spa (Las Vegas Blvd.)

South Point was something of a pioneer when it debuted in 2005. It became the first mega casino found south of both the Vegas Strip and McCarran Airport. South Point showed that mega-resorts could thrive far south of the main action in Vegas. A haven for budget players, you can spin the wheels at South Point for just $1 per bet across five double-zero tables.

Golden Gate Casino Hotel (Fremont St.)

If you are after something more bespoke, more historical, then Golden Gate will be right up your street. It is the oldest casino/hotel on Fremont Street. Since 1906, Golden Gate, through various renames, has continued to attract gamblers. There are two roulette tables at this smaller venue, priced between 200 for double-zero games.

Boulder Station Casino (Boulder Hgwy.)

This mid-sized casino hotel is ideal if you want to explore beyond the Strip to find more roulette in Las Vegas. You need to look no further than Boulder Station if you are looking for the cheapest roulette in Las Vegas. Here you will be able to spin the wheels for a single quarter (yes, 25 cents). If you feel like risking a bit more, Boulder allows single spin wagers up to $2,000.

Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino (Flamingo Rd.)

If you want to explore some Latin vibes in the heart of Las Vegas, you need to head to Rio All-Suite. As the name suggests, this hotel and casino take their inspiration from Rio De Janeiro and Brazil. Noted for its excellent suites with floor-to-ceiling windows, Rio offers plenty of carnival atmosphere and an excellent casino and sports betting operation. And, if you visit between May and July, you will be in the middle of the action during the World Series of Poker (WSOP), which is held at the resort.

Best Low Stakes Roulette in Vegas

In many cases, the minimum bet for roulette in Vegas may seem expensive. If you are on the strip and want to play European/French wheels, expect to pay at least 25 buy-in. There is no way around it: European roulette means laying down some serious money on bets.

If you want your budget to last a little longer, you can try American roulette wheels with double-zero pockets. You can buy into a double-zero table for 2 limit table and the Flamingo a wheel with a $1 buy-in.

$5 Roulette in Las Vegas

You can find a bunch of casinos that have roulette with a 5 roulette tables in Las Vegas are at Boulder Station, Cromwell, Golden Gate, and South Point. Check out our complete list of casinos supplying $5 Vegas roulette below.

CasinoMin BetMax BetTables (00 unless stated)
4 Queens510002
Aliante Casino510003
Boulder Station510001
Casino Royale510001
Cromwell550001 (European)
Downtown Grand510002
Eastside Cannery55001 (Single-0)
Eastside Cannery55001
Ellis Island55001
Golden Gate52002
Green Valley Ranch54004
M Resort52003 (Single-0)
Main Street Station51002
Palace Station52002
Red Rock580001
Sam's Town510002
Santa Fe Station510003
Silver 7's510001 (Single-0)
Silver 7’s510001
South Point550006
Texas Station55002

Cheapest Roulette in Vegas

If you want to stay on the Strip, we recommend heading to Flamingo for the cheapest roulette tables. You can pick up some $1 minimum bet games at this popular resort, but we do better than that if you are willing to explore. Get off the Strip and head to Boulder Station casino on Boulder Highway, where you can play American roulette for as little as a shiny quarter.

Best VIP Roulette in Las Vegas

VIPs usually want to splash their cash with high-rolling bets. Las Vegas is a perfect place to let your gambling hair down and bet big on the roulette wheel. Dozens of casinos in the city cater to VIP players, and if you go to the mega-resorts on the Las Vegas Strip, you will find some considerable bet limits are available.

You essentially need to look for European roulette wheels, which have higher minimum bets and higher largest bets. Good examples can be found at the Bellagio, The Mirage, and MGM Grand (specifically the Mansion Area). You can bet up to $20,000 per spin on French roulette tables with La Partage in these casinos. Whenever you sit down at a roulette table, the betting limits, both high and low, should be clearly shown.

Best Places to Play Roulette at Night in Las Vegas

Online roulette has allowed players to gamble on roulette whenever they want. This convenience is not always common in land-based casinos, which often have operating hours. In Las Vegas, you do not need to worry about not accessing casino games during the night. It is truly the city that never sleeps, with casino resorts open 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days (about 12 months) a year.

Whether you are staying on the Strip or heading off-Strip, all the casinos we have named on this page are open day and night.


Most casinos in Las Vegas do not offer free roulette. However, some casinos will give you free chips to get you started at the tables. But as a rule, if you play roulette in Las Vegas, expect to pay to make bets. Still, you can find low-limit games that are designed for players on a budget.

No, the roulette game itself follows the same rules in Las Vegas as it would in other places. However, the atmosphere, drama, excitement, and spectacle of Las Vegas make playing in the city a unique experience. It is also worth noting that many land-based casinos worldwide change the wheel rotation direction on each spin (the rotor), but in Vegas, the wheel spins the same direction for hours at a time.

There is no guaranteed way to win when playing roulette in Las Vegas. Like online roulette, land-based roulette is a game of complete chance. You have no control over where the ball will land when the wheel stops spinning. However, you can employ betting strategies that can increase your chances of success.

Yes, you can. Online casinos replicate the Vegas roulette experience by offering roulette game variations in standard online games, as well as live dealer roulette games that are streamed to your device in real-time. Some casinos also offer online versions of Vegas roulette that follow the rules and stakes of Las Vegas casinos.

The minimum amount for betting on a Vegas roulette is 1 or sometimes as low as 25 cents, depending on the casino you visit. However, the most common low-limit games are for 5 per spin. If you want to play European/French roulette in Vegas, expect to pay much more per spin, usually around $50.

Yes, playing roulette in Las Vegas is 100% legal. The first casino opened in the city in 1906. Since then, Las Vegas has become the most famous legal gambling destination in the world. While other states in the US are now legalising gambling, roulette in Nevada has been legal for decades, and Las Vegas still is the mecca for gamblers from all over the world.

Yes, if you are playing in a licensed casino, playing roulette in Vegas is very safe. Casinos in Las Vegas work hard to ensure customers are secure and well taken care of. Nevada state gambling rules dictate that all casinos must follow strict standards of safety, security, data protection and responsible gambling.

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