Grant Allows Young Canadians to Pursue Esports and Other Gaming Passion

Grant Allows Young Canadians to Pursue Esports and Other Gaming Passion
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The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and Enthusiast Gaming announced their plans on Wednesday to launch a “joint program to empower young Canadians in their pursuit of a career within the video gaming industry,” such as esports.

How the Program Works

For RBC, there will be a grant known as the RBC Gaming Grant. This grant will provide 150 young people with access to mentorship in the gaming industry and also award 50 participants with grants of $1,500 to “advance their gaming careers.”

Additionally, a select amount of participants who participate through the program successfully will have an opportunity to intern with Enthusiast Gaming “or other leading companies within or associated with the gaming industry.” 

The careers include game development, marketing and promotions, and more. 

RBC says it “recognizes the growing gaming industry and the opportunities it presents for youth.”

Gaming Lucrative to Economy

In 2021, the gaming industry contributed $5.5 billion to Canada’s economy, per the Government of Ontario. 

In the press release, RBC acknowledges a study in which 54% of Canadian teens believe esports is a legitimate career. However, the teens don’t know how to start. 

RBC states that the RBC Gaming Grant is “designed to unlock mentorship, networking and practical work experience, bringing young people one step closer to their dream career.”

“We understand that many of Canada’s most talented young people are passionate about gaming and see its potential beyond recreation,” Shannon Cole, Vice-President, Brand Marketing, RBC, said in a news release. “We are thrilled to partner with Enthusiast Gaming to identify these young people and support them in their pursuits of a career within this evolving industry.”

Enthusiast Offering Knowledge

In this joint effort, Enthusiast Gaming offers its expertise and its “expansive network” and “gaming fans.”

“We’re proud to work together with Royal Bank of Canada to help gamers advance in their careers,” Enthusiast Gaming SVP of Global Sales Bill Drolet said in the release. “Through Enthusiast Gaming, we’ve helped a lot of talented gamers make a living doing what they love — and we know they can thrive in many other fields as well. We look forward to learning more about the young people who answer this opportunity.”

The RBC Gaming Grant is open to people ages 18-29. Recruitment begins today and will run for three weeks. 

Go here to apply.

RBC and Enthusiast Gaming have partnered with Salt XC, a “full-service marketing agency specializing in Experiential Commerce," to help further this program.