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Brand New Candylicious Bingo Rooms Heading to 888ladies
Brand New Candylicious Bingo Rooms Heading to 888ladies

There’s a super-sweet Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-inspired bingo room heading to 888ladies, and while Johnny Depp may be notable by his absence (boo!) there are still plenty of good times to be ... Read More

Break the Code with Bet365 Bingo’s New Codebreaker Promo
Break the Code with Bet365 Bingo’s New Codebreaker Promo

This summer has seen a rush of online bingo promotions from the leading names in the iGaming industry, making it an ace time for those who love playing via laptop or mobile app. One of the latest bing ... Read More

888ladies Now Featuring Instant-Win Gaming (IWG) Games
888ladies Now Featuring Instant-Win Gaming (IWG) Games

888Ladies has announced an exclusive deal with Instant Win Gaming (IWG) that will see the 888 brand offer instant-win games to its players. IWG is widely regarded as one of the finest purveyors of ins ... Read More

Win Big This June Playing at bet365 Bingo’s Garden Party
Win Big This June Playing at bet365 Bingo’s Garden Party

Betting behemoth bet365 is home to a thriving community of online bingo enthusiasts, with the brand to reward their loyal gamers with an exclusive 'Garden Party' this summer, set to feature a wealth o ... Read More

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What Should You Know About New Zealand Online Bingo?

Online bingo has been growing at a rapid rate. The latest figures estimate that in the UK alone there are more than four million players -- great news for this quick-fire group game with a highly social core. Every bingo and bingo-style game across the world shares the same simple premise and generally the same rules.

The basic premise of all bingo games, including online bingo, revolves around matching the numbers on a card with those called by the game. This simple format and easy-to-understand gameplay makes for a simple, fun and exciting game, no matter where you play!

How Do You Play Online Bingo?

  • Step 1: Players buy a card containing a random selection of numbers arranged in a grid.
  • Step 2: The game will inform players whether they're looking for a Full House (every number), a horizontal line, or another pattern.
  • Step 3: The caller reads out randomly generated numbers, which are also displayed on the game console.
  • Step 4: Players match these numbers with those on their card.
  • Step 5: The winner is the player who successfully matches all the numbers required.

What Bingo Games Will You Find Online?

There are three basic variations nearly all online bingo games will take: 90-ball bingo, 75-ball bingo and occasionally 80-ball bingo. The games themselves do not differ much but do provide unique opportunities for each. Like most New Zealand bingo halls, 90-ball bingo uses the numbers 1 to 90 in the game and tend to be either 'Full House' or 'Line' bingo.

75-ball bingo, most popular in North America, is essentially the same game with fewer numbers, although 75-ball bingo games will often use different win patterns compared to 90-ball bingo. 80-ball bingo, also known as keno, is a US version of bingo that uses numbers 1 to 80.

What are the Most Common Online Bingo Game Formats?

  • Entry Fee | Some games are free to play, and are just for fun; others can cost up to £10, with huge cash prizes.
  • Guaranteed Prize Pots | The winner gets a fixed sum when they fill their card.
  • Progressive Jackpots | The prize pool is based on a percentage of the total tickets bought; in linked online games, these can reach huge figures.
  • Themes | Some games adopt the format or style of popular TV shows and films, including quiz show formats like Deal or No Deal.
  • Side Games | Some sites allow players to have slots, table games and more in a sidebar, to play in between (or during) rounds.

Is Playing Bingo Online Safe?

As with all gambling done online, playing bingo online is completely safe as long as you use a trusted, licensed online bingo site. All topnotch bingo halls online are equipped with top-of-the-line security features including encrypted financial transactions to ensure all deposit and withdrawals are done safely. Aside from the financial security, online bingo halls typically have moderators used to protect all players from unwanted internet trolling and the like.

Is Online Bingo Legal and Regulated?

When it comes to New Zealand online bingo, players can rest assured they are functioning well within their legal rights. Online bingo is legal and heavily regulated due to its wide spread popularity. Something as new as say virtual sports betting, might not have much regulation due to its relative youth but online bingo was a pioneer in early online gambling and thus received plenty of legal attention.

What are Online Bingo Chat Rooms?

Talking during gameplay might be frowned upon in traditional bingo halls, but not in online bingo. Most bingo games will be accompanied by a Chat Room, or chat function, and it's this social element that's attracting a larger, and younger, audience to the game. In fact, it's now estimated that as many as 45% of online bingo players are under 30.

Who are Chat Room Moderators?

The degree to which you interact with your fellow players will depend on the game you opt to play, but some providers make this an integral part of the experience. For example, some top online bingo sites have dedicated Chat Moderators start conversations to keep things lively, and even oversee games and competitions in which players can win real prizes. Think of them like the caller, bingo hall manager and friendly floor staff rolled into one.

Does Bingo Software Really Matter?

Online bingo games are developed by a range of different software companies. Some are owned by the same company as the online bingo sites themselves, while others are independent specialists and a few are gambling software experts familiar from slots and table games. They all know their market and they all have their own advantages.

So it's important to know how each online bingo sites' software works in order to choose the right online bingo site for you. For example, some may require download to your PC desktop, while others can be played in your browser after a short load time. If you like to play on the move, you may also want to look for sites where your favourite games are mobile compatible.

The basic console functionality can change between software providers too. Chat functions, deposit and withdrawal methods and basic gameplay all have different tools, and exploring to see which one best fits your style is a good idea when you start out with online bingo. So yes, bingo software certainly matters when choosing a digital hall to join.

Does Online Bingo Require Any Strategy?

Although bingo may be one of the easiest games to pick up, there are still strategies to consider with these three being the most prominently used: bankroll management, focus, and playing the numbers. Firstly, there's the matter of bankroll management. In any game, whether it's poker, slots or bingo, it's vital to know your limits and monitor your spending over fixed periods of time.

Finding a bingo site with a timer and clock is very useful. Secondly, there's the issue of focus. Online bingo doesn't require the silence and concentration of a bingo hall, but there’s a lot to think about in a busy bingo lobby. If you're trying to win big, it's wise to keep track of busy games, big jackpot opportunities, special customer bonuses and reward schemes.

Thirdly, serious players may want to play the numbers. Choose how many cards you play based on your likelihood of winning and the prizes on offer. After all, if only ten people are playing for a hefty guaranteed prize, then taking the chance to enter several times may not be a bad bet. In contrast, spending on lots of tickets in a busy game may be a waste of money.

Bingo News and Strategy Articles

Gala Bingo Adds In-Game Betting, Can Start Taking Side Bets on Bingo Games
Gala Bingo Adds In-Game Betting, Can Start Taking Side Bets on Bingo Games

Bingo has become one of Britain’s favourite pastimes, in large part due to the marketing and promotion of Gala Bingo, part of the Gala Coral Group. The company that brought the game back into the main ... Read More

Gala Bingo to Raise iGaming Standards with Senet Group Membership
Gala Bingo to Raise iGaming Standards with Senet Group Membership

Gala Bingo, one of the largest live and online bingo operators in the UK, has recently joined the Senet Group in a bid to improve player safety standards. Founded in 2014, the Senet Group is an indepe ... Read More

888 and Dragonfish Set to Release 'BingoS' Update Giving Big Boost to Bingo Sites
888 and Dragonfish Set to Release 'BingoS' Update Giving Big Boost to Bingo Sites

If you're a fan of online bingo, then you might be pleased to hear that Dragonfish is breathing new life into its online product with a software release that it has dubbed 'BingoS'. ... Read More

Win Your Dream Vacation with Bet365 Bingo's 'Pick Your Trip'
Win Your Dream Vacation with Bet365 Bingo's 'Pick Your Trip'

Don't miss out on your chance to land the trip of a life time. Bet365 Bingo is offering the 'Pick Your Trip' promotion featuring a prize for two to travel to any desired destination in the world. ... Read More

Playtech Coup Secures Sun Bingo Deal
Playtech Coup Secures Sun Bingo Deal

Playtech's playpen of iGaming sites has just got a little bit fuller thanks to a new deal with News UK that brings two major bingo sites, Sun Bingo and Fabulous Bingo. ... Read More

Gala Bingo Slots Pay Out Big
Gala Bingo Slots Pay Out Big

You don’t always need a ship and a map to find hordes of treasure, as one lucky online bingo player found recently as she walked away with an astonishing £627,179 from a tiny £1.40 bet on the onlin ... Read More

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