Online Casino Holdem

One of the online casino games that has grown considerably in popularity since first being licensed in the UK in 2007, online Casino Hold‘em is a simple card game based on the popular Texas Hold'em variety of poker. The game is played exactly like Texas Hold'em until it comes to determining the winner and payout.

Rather than playing against fellow punters, in this format the customer plays only against the dealer. This increases the player’s chances of winning, since they are competing against just one person. This less-common format provides a unique way to enjoy hold'em without the pressure of competing with another player way outside your experience level.

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Starting the Game

Other rules of online Casino Hold‘em remain relatively true to the original game; the object is to formulate the best possible five card hand. A 52 card deck is shuffled and dealt so that both players hold two hole cards in front of them.

Importantly, before receiving these cards, the customer has to submit an ante bet in order to be enticed into playing later. They may also make an additional AA bet, which will pay out if the first five cards visible (i.e. the player’s two hole cards and the three cards on the flop) make a hand containing two Aces or better.

Deal and Flop

The flop comes immediately after the hole cards are delivered, at which point a round of betting takes place. Here, the player has the choice either to fold – and therefore lose their ante – or raise to the amount of twice the original ante. If a winning hand is made after these first three cards are exposed, the computer will automatically display it. From here, the next two community cards are dealt, at which point the dealer’s cards are revealed.

Dealer's Requirement

In order to have any chance of winning, the dealer must have a pair of 4’s or more – if not, you automatically win. If the dealer’s hand qualifies but you still have a better hand, the raise is paid back 1:1 and the ante is paid back according to a special table shown below.

Win or Lose

If the dealer’s hand is higher than yours, you will lose both the ante and the raise but, if you have made an AA bet, then you still stand to win if a valid outcome arrived on the first three community cards. If the player and the dealer turn out to have identical hands, it becomes known as a ‘push’; the raise and ante are returned to the customer, while the AA bet still remains valid.

Payout Table

HandAA Bet PayoutAnte Bet Payout
Royal Flush100:1100:1
Straight Flush50:120:1
Four of a Kind40:110:1
Full House30:13:1
Straight or Lower7:11:1

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