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Deuces Wild might look like a standard poker variant, but a few minutes of play is enough to reveal several entertaining quirks. Though the game isn't too difficult and can be enjoyed by cunning novices and seasoned poker players alike, a little research and a slick strategy really helps to make Deuces Wild pay.

The video poker game plays out just like a typical poker game except for the 'wild' value given to the "deuce" or the two. Players holding a two have the option to choose which value the card holds, creating an unbelievable advantage for those missing just one card in a desired hand.

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Deuces Wild Casino Tips

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Best Deuces Wild Video Poker Sites

Players who enjoy video poker often seek out Deuces Wild since it has different dynamics and potential for more frequent and diverse winning combinations. Online casinos recognize this demand and commonly include Deuces Wild in their offerings to cater to a broad range of player preferences. In fact it is one of the most popular variants. Before signing up to a new casino site and claiming a welcome bonus or a no deposit bonus, be sure to check which Deuces Wild games are available.


Deuces Wild consoles look and function much like other five-card draw poker games. The game is set against a simple cartoon backdrop that does the job and doesn't draw the eye away from gameplay.

Players join a game, select a stake and hit ‘deal’ to receive five cards. After thinking over their options, players select which cards to hold or return, then hit 'deal' once more to trigger the draw. When the final five cards have been dealt, the console assesses if the hand is a winner and decides whether it will pay out. Familiar territory so far.

Where Deuces Wild differs from other games, however, is that the two (the ‘deuce’) isn’t just a two. Instead, deuces are 'wilds' that can represent any other card in a given hand. So if, for example, a player has a pair of Aces and a two, the deuce would automatically become an Ace to make 'three of a kind'. The game will always determine 'wild' transformations based on the option most favourable to the player – very neat.


Substituting a deuce for a 'wild' significantly changes the odds of the game. Unlike other games that pay out for pairs of Jacks or better, Deuces Wild starts its payout at 'three of a kind'. Having three of the same card in your hand pays at 1/1 (evens).

Deuces Wild's top payout is still a ‘natural’ Royal Flush (without the 'wild' two in the hand), but a couple of additional payouts have been added to reflect the game's unusual features. The second highest payout is four deuces, followed by a 'wild' Royal Flush and 'five of a kind'. Deuces Wild's most generous expected player return figure is a considerable 100.76%.


While a high potential return and the addition of 'wild' twos might make Deuces Wild sound like a cash cow, the game's volatility means that approaching the keyboard with a plan is crucial to success.

Since Deuces Wild does not pay out on pairs and double pairs, players won't be able to accumulate the kind of small, regular wins that they rely on in Jacks or Better games. First-time players should take note of this difference and wager smaller stakes until they've worked out how to maximise their chances of winning.

Although there are a variety of ways to make the game deliver, Deuces Wild's unusual payout format means that those who consistently hunt the Royal Flush could do well. Players will find themselves throwing away cards that they would normally keep, and in fact, a considerable chunk of Deuces Wild gameplay is spent discarding hands that have nothing to offer.

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