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The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) began as a one-off, pay-per-view (PPV) event designed to determine the best martial art. Today, the UFC is a premier fighting sport and the lead promotion in mixed martial arts (MMA). Each event draws countless bettors thanks to marquee UFC fights and how MMA is one of the world's most exciting sports. If you're interested in wagering on this highly entertaining sport, then you can get in on the betting action with the best betting sites in Canada.

Recommended UFC Sites

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Best UFC Betting Sites

Based on contractual obligations with sponsors, the UFC must hold a minimum of 30 events each year. These events are mixed between major PPV events and Fight Nights.

The latter refer to smaller events that don't have as many prime-time UFC fights. The PPV extravaganzas, meanwhile, feature bouts between the most-notable fighters, including some that are for championship belts.

Both Fight Nights and PPV events draw considerable UFC betting action. Of course, the PPV variety no doubt attracts the largest volume of bets.

This promotion features eight weight classes for men and four weight classes for women. Male divisions range from heavyweight (265 lb) to strawweight (115 lb). Female divisions range from featherweight (145 lb) to strawweight (115 lb).

Thanks to a large number of annual events and different weight classes, MMA wagering offers countless opportunities. You'll have no shortage of chances to wager on UFC fights throughout the year.

How to bet on the UFC

MMA fights are different from team sports because they pit one fighter against another. Nevertheless, UFC odds still work like odds associated with team sports.

UFC bets can involve American, decimal, or fractional odds. Given that this promotion hosts most of its events in North America, we'll primarily use American odds for examples.

American odds indicate the favourite with a minus (-) sign and underdog with a plus (+) sign. They represent how much you stand to win when using $100 as a standard.

Here's an example on American odds, as they pertain to MMA betting:

To wager on UFC fights online, you select the desired outcome for a given bet. Assuming you like Oliveira's odds and chances of winning, then you'd choose his name from the two options.

Oliveira and his odds will then go on your virtual betting slip. You confirm the slip to officially wager on the UFC fight.

Sports betting sites don't let you cancel a bet once it's placed. That said, you definitely should double-check any MMA wager before confirming it.

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Common UFC Betting Options

Variety is one of the most exciting parts of MMA betting. You can place multiple types of UFC bets at any given online sportsbook.

Moneyline betting is the most popular and common option for wagering on MMA fights. However, you can also enjoy plenty of other wager types, such as round totals, method of victory, and more.

These different bets provide more overall entertainment when you're wagering on the UFC. They also give you the opportunity to branch out and discover which kinds of wagers you excel with. You can read about the main UFC bets in the following section and decide what seems the most interesting.

UFC Moneyline Betting

The moneyline is the staple of MMA wagering. It's a straight-up wager on which fighter will win a match.

Of course, sportsbooks can't just list both UFC fighters at even odds. Otherwise, everybody would just bet on the favourite to win.

Sportsbooks solve this issue and even out the action by handicapping the fighters. As explained earlier, the favourite features a minus sign, and the underdog carries a plus sign.

Here's an example of a moneyline.

Ngannou is the favourite in this matchup. Given his odds, though, you'll need to risk far more money to win a decent profit.

Tybura doesn't appear to have a great chance to win based on his MMA odds. Nevertheless, you stand to win more money for a smaller wager if Tybura is successful.

UFC Round Totals

MMA gambling doesn't offer traditional totals betting. It does, however, feature a unique wager called round totals.

A round totals bet presents an over/under regarding how many rounds will take place. It contrasts standard totals betting, which involves the combined score of two teams.

A fight that's scheduled for five rounds typically has a round total of 2.5. A bout that's scheduled for three rounds normally has a round line of 1.5.

Here's an example of a round totals wager involving a five-round fight:

You're taking the “over” if you think that the fight will last over 2.5 rounds. Meanwhile, you're going with the under if you believe that the match will end in less than 2.5 rounds.

Method of Victory

Most UFC fights generally end in a decision, knockout, or submission. That said, some UFC wagering sites offer a bet called method of victory.

These wagers are more involved than just guessing how a UFC fight will end. You can improve your chances of winning by researching how each fighter normally wins their matches.

Here's an example on method of victory:

Again, you should research each fighter's tendencies and how they normally finish matches before making this kind of UFC bet. You may, for example, discover that one athlete has tremendous knockout power. In this case, you might consider picking them to win via KO.

UFC Futures Betting

A futures bet involves an outcome that will be decided in the distant future. With NFL betting, for example, you can wager on which team will win the Super Bowl before the season begins.

Futures aren't quite as big in MMA wagering, but they still apply to some degree. These wagers become available shortly after a distant UFC fight is announced.

Here's an example:

A lot can happen in the two months between the current date and the match. Most notably, an injury to either of the UFC fighters could rapidly change the landscape.

Therefore, you're taking a risk by placing an early futures wager here. The benefit, though, is that you could take advantage of better odds early on before they shift.

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UFC Prop Betting

Both sportsbooks and bettors have plenty of fun with proposition wagers. Mixed martial arts is no different in this regard because it offers many prop wagering opportunities.

In some cases, prop wagers can be among the best UFC bets. You might have a good chance at winning a certain prop wager by pouring research into it.

Here's an example of a common UFC prop bet:

MMA wagering can feature many other types of prop wagers. The number of available prop bets increases for the biggest fights.

In contrast, you won't see many/any of these wagers available for the low-key matchups. UFC Fight Night has far fewer prop bets to choose from versus the bigger events.

UFC Live Betting

Live betting (a.k.a. in-play wagering) has become extremely popular in many sports. Mixed martial arts is no different in this regard because it too features a thriving in-play betting scene.

This type of wagering lets you place bets in the middle of a UFC fight. By contrast, you used to not be able to wager on a match once it started.

Some different types of live bets that are available at UFC sportsbooks include:

UFC live betting is close to standard wagering regarding bet types. The key difference, though, is that the odds change in real-time.

The chances of a fight going over 2.5 rounds are higher after the first round versus before. A sportsbook will update these odds to make 2.5 rounds a bigger favourite.

Live wagering is an exciting way to bet on the UFC thanks to its speed and convenience. You don't have to wait long for wagers when in-play betting is available.

UFC Parlay Betting

A parlay lets you combine multiple outcomes into a single wager. It offers larger payouts than when you just place a straight bet. For example, you might be paid 10-to-1 on a winning 4-team wager.

The downside, though, is that you lose a parlay bet with just a single missed outcome. Therefore, parlay betting is riskier than just making straight wagers.

Here's an example of a parlay bet (bolded outcomes are your choices):

You need Holloway, Over 2.5 rounds, and Yan to all win for this wager to be successful. A 3-team parlay typically pays 6-to-1 on your stake. If you bet $50 in this instance, you stand to win a $300 profit.

The higher payouts are definitely the attraction to these wagers. However, any UFC betting guide will explain that parlays are also the riskiest propositions available.

You should proceed with caution when dealing with these bets. Parlays give sportsbooks the highest advantage versus any other wager type.

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Choosing a Sportsbook for UFC Betting

You may feel overwhelmed when trying to find new wagering sites. After all, countless sportsbooks exist throughout online betting. The sites that you can sign up to will depend on your location as each province has its own set of laws surrounding sports betting. In some cases your only option may be to sign up with an offshore operator. Some provinces are beginning to change their laws. For example, Ontario Sports betting has now been legalised and there are a whole host of new operators available to sign up with. So, be sure to check what your options are in advance of signing up with any betting site.

Competitive UFC Odds

One of the best UFC wagering tips involves looking for mobile sportsbooks that offer competitive odds (a.k.a. prices). Odds have a direct impact on your profit potential.

When one sportsbook consistently provides better prices than the next, you'll have a stronger long-term chance of winning. This gambling site is taking a smaller cut of the action (a.k.a. “overround”) than the average competitor.

The following example explains this point:


Tipico UFC Line

Overround is 2.18% smaller than Tipico's margin in this example. Therefore, it's taking a much lower cut out of the total bets.

Of course, this fight represents just one line out of many that are available at both sportsbooks. Assuming one sportsbook consistently offers more-favorable odds versus its competitors, then it's definitely worth considering. You stand to win more overall at these sites when making your MMA betting picks.

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Mobile Betting on the UFC

If you're like most sports gamblers, you do most of your wagering through a smartphone. That said, the mobile factor is crucial when looking for new betting sites.

First off, you want to ensure that a sportsbook is compatible with your phone's operating system. Thankfully, most UFC wagering sites are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

They may not all offer apps for both operating systems, but they support them through an app or browser-based wagering. Browser-based betting refers to wagering directly through a mobile sportsbook's website rather than an app.

Usability is another key factor to consider when it comes to mobile UFC betting. An app/site with a clean interface allows you to quickly find the bet types and lines you're looking for. It also ensures that you can find important sections, such as banking, customer support, promotions, and FAQs.

BetMGM, for example, draws lots of praise for its user-friendly app. Plenty of other mobile betting sites also provide a solid experience.

Free Bets or UFC Bonuses

Many internet sportsbooks offer bonuses to first-time bettors. These deals are valuable because they can deliver extra money on top of your winnings.

The online betting world offers a few different types of bonuses. They include:

Terms & Conditions on Bonuses

Nothing comes completely free in UFC betting. You must instead earn bonus cash by satisfying terms and conditions (T&Cs).

The goal is to find sportsbooks that offer the friendliest T&Cs, which enable you to earn bonuses faster. Common terms include:

The terms can vary with UFC betting bonuses. You should always check the T&Cs page behind whatever deal you're going for.

Again, you want the most favorable terms possible. 4x rollover is better than 8x rollover, for example, because it lowers how much you must bet before withdrawing winnings.

Safety and Security

Any worthwhile UFC sportsbook must have a secure website. Otherwise, hackers can steal your personal and financial details.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology is the gold standard for protecting sports gambling sites from cybercriminals. It encrypts information so that hackers can't use stolen info in any meaningful way.

Web browsers indicate that a website is secure through the address bar. Google Chrome, for example, places a padlock next to a website's URL to indicate that said site is secure.


Sports betting in Canada has become more and more regulated in recent years.

That said, you want to deal with reputable-and-licensed online UFC sportsbooks. Regulated sites have gone through thorough application processes in the states where they operate.

Licensed sportsbooks are subject to the laws and rules of their respective jurisdictions. They cannot cheat you nor any other gamblers and avoid repercussions.

Luckily, the majority of operators involved with regulated sports betting are legitimate. They serve UFC gamblers and fans of other sports faithfully and with adequate customer support.

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Established 2018
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Must be 19+ to participate. T&Cs apply. Play Responsibly.
Established 2013
19 Yes No Yes
Must be 19+ to participate. T&Cs apply. Play Responsibly.

Top Online Sportsbooks for UFC Betting

The number of sports gambling sites operating in Canada is steadily growing with each passing year. As a result, you may want some help in finding the best of the best.

We at Gambling.com have put a considerable amount of effort into reviewing CA-based sportsbooks. Our mission is to provide the most accurate information to those interested in gambling on the UFC and other sports.

We carefully examine the main factors that make or break a gambling site. Again, competitive odds, mobile betting, bonuses, Bonus T&Cs, security, and licensing are all critical.

Of course, you won't know what—if any—aspects are great about a sportsbook without spending considerable time on the matter.

You likely don't wish to spend your evenings digging through internet sportsbooks just to find a quality operator. That said, you can rely on our experienced staff to provide you with detailed reviews and recommendations.



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