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Guide to New Irish Betting Sites for November 2017

All the best online bookmakers are constantly battling to stay up-to-date with all the latest betting features and tools as well as provide the most cutting edge digital wagering experience. Ensuring these goals are fulfilled can mean the difference between a lasting and established site and one that fades into obscurity. But when it comes to brand new UK betting sites in 2017, all the latest and greatest features, tools and software come standard.

Although many players might assume the most established bookies offer the best online betting experience, a quick tour around one of the best new bookmakers on the internet and those punters might be singing a different tune. Making site-wide changes, integrating new products, updating software; these are all not only time consuming and expensive, they aren't always practical for an operator who has done things a certain way for a long time.

This means the massive and complex betting sites that have been around for more than a decade tend to struggle with updates compared to new bookmakers who design their sites around the most up-to-date software and features. New betting sites offer a cutting-edge experience from the day they launch. And since new online bookmaking sites offer such a modern gambling experience, players are flocking like mad.

Some of those who wish to join the 'flocking' are scrambling to track down the latest sites and join the fun themselves. Fortunately, this guide not only provides just that but also gives advice on where to find other new sites, how to choose which to join as well as informs players of the latest features and trends in online gambling to keep an eye out when evaluating sites. Read on for a complete guide to brand new betting sites in 2017!

Where to Find Brand New Bookmakers Online

Understanding why the most recently launched betting websites typically offer a cutting-edge digital experience isnt tough but finding all these brand new sites can be tricky. Search engines, the most popular way people find websites all across the web, are more valuable to established sites thanks to the search engines algorithm which concentrates on sites with previously established credibility.

Meaning, a brand new site won't have a chance to appear in search results till they can establish themselves on the internet. Instead, players in pursuit of wagering with the newest bookies must turn to outlets like Gambling.com to supply lists, just like this one, packed with the latest releases. Searching Google for these sites simply would be a massively time-consuming project and ultimately not effective when compared to sources like this from Gambling.com.

Thankfully, trusted experts like our team of industry-veterans are constantly scouring the internet for the best of the best when it comes to the most recently launched betting sites. They review the sites based on our set of core variables - user experience, market coverage, betting limits, etc – to ensure players are getting a topnotch gambling experience from a brand new bookmaker. Once a group of worthy new sites is collected, they must be evaluated further individually.

Choosing New Online Bookmakers

Punters who have located a trusted and credible list of the newest bookmakers now must evaluate which of the budding brands they wish to join. Despite all the betting sites sharing the same title of new, they all typically differ in one way or another, with some even offering a completely unique and groundbreaking digital experience. With that in mind, players shouldn't just signup for a new account with the first recently launched bookie they come across. Instead, punters in pursuit of the latest betting sites should consider the following factors while evaluating which new bookmaker to join:

Legality and Regulation
The very first and most important aspect of evaluating any gambling site is legality. Every punter should ensure the site they're evaluating holds all legally required licenses for their particular jurisdiction. If a legal and credible license is held, next players must ensure the site is regulated for fairness. If either or both of these cannot be confirmed, our experts highly recommend NOT joining the site.
Software and Platform
Credible and trusted new betting sites are almost always at the forefront of platform modernization, meaning new sites are always more accessible and compatible then the veteran sites formed in a different digital age. But to be safe, players should always check what platforms the content is offered and if the software used in compatible with whatever device they engage.
User Experience
A betting sites largest draw at times can be the cutting-edge and unique features and tools they provide. When live-betting, also known as in-play betting, poured over into online betting, some players were picking the newest betting site because they offered the new betting type, costing those veteran bookmakers who lagged behind in their optimization. When choosing a top rated new betting site, players should consider the overall user experience including what tools and features are offered with the service.
Odds and Markets
A new betting sites odds and markets are the areas they can really separate themselves from competitors. Covering a unique football league or an obscure cycling event might open the bookmaker up to punters not satisfied with the current spread of betting markets. Generous odds are also a great way for new betting sites to draw in shrewd punters. Understanding the markets covered and the odds offered is vital to picking the best new bookmaker on the internet.
Bonuses and Promotions
Traditionally, if players signup for a new account with a bookmaker site they are awarded a generous welcome bonus to get they started, which usually comes in the form of Free Bets. Major events and tournaments also prompt bookies to offer lucrative deals so players evaluating new betting sites should certainly investigate the promotions offered to new punters and returning punters alike.
Banking and Security
If players have confidently evaluated a brand new betting site and feel its worth joining, the last step is ensuring the operator accepts your desired payment option. Players who use PayPal to gamble online need to confirm their site of choice accepts PayPal in some form before depositing. Inherently connected to banking, the sites security should also be evaluated, especially their ability to protect the sensitive financial transactions.

Latest Features at Online Betting Sites

Staying up-to-date with all the latest trends in online gambling, and more specifically sports betting can be daunting for those not plugged into the industry news cycle but staying up-to-date is vital when considering a brand new betting site to join. Players who are unaware of the most cutting-edge trends and features won't know what to look for when evaluating a new site and could end up with a bookmaker who lacks the latest tools available.

For those looking to brush up on the latest trends in online betting for 2017, here's a comprehensive list, which will be updated as new trends and features hit the web:

Streaming Options
Live betting, or in-play betting, refers to betting during an event as opposed to before. The thrill of betting in an active market like in-play adds a whole new dimension to online betting, a major reason live betting takes up such a large portion of overall wagering. To enhance the live betting experience, bookmakers have started to integrate streaming services directly into their platforms so punters can watch and bet the event in the same digital space.
Virtual Sports Betting
Heading to the local track for a punt is almost always a good time but not everyone can make it to the track everyday so bookmakers went digital for players to enjoy horse racing betting from anywhere. Well, apparently that wasn't enough; players want to not only bet the horses from anyWHERE, they want to do it anyTIME. But considering horse races don't take place 24/7, bookmakers couldn't do much. Then came virtual sports betting. Virtual sports betting is wagering on the outcome of a virtual sporting event, so basically a simulated horse race. And virtual sports betting doesn't just apply to horse racing but all sports including football (think FIFA simulation). The games are run on RNG software to ensure the outcomes are random and thus fair game to wager.
Dedicated Mobile Applications
Mobile gambling apps have basically been a part of the world of smart devices since their inception. The early stages of gambling apps included entire products crammed into one app but the more modern trend is to break up the products into their own apps. Operators have begun to understand the value of dedicated mobile apps per product so instead of a casino, bookmaker, slot site and bingo site all rolled into one, brands now offer apps for each. Players who enjoy live betting can download apps dedicated to live betting while some brands offer football-only apps or build apps for unique features/tools like an odds calculator.

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