The Best Times to Play (and Win) Progressive Jackpot Games

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The Best Times to Play (and Win) Progressive Jackpot Games

If you are new to online slots, you may think there are specific times to play casino slots to maximize your chances of winning. You may have heard about the best time to play online slots from other superstitious slots players who think slots have hot and cold streaks.

However, online slots are built on extremely complex math models and engines that regulate their random outcomes with a statistical probability of payouts over time. So our slot experts are here to cut through the myths and separate fact from fiction.

Starting with a spoiler: The outcome of every spin of a slot is random. So your chances of landing a winning spin depend entirely on luck. How does this work, and what does that mean for when you should play online slots? Actually, you can implement strategies that will help you increase your chances of winning at online slots. Read this comprehensive guide to the best time to play online slots, where we will dive into the details of slot machine myths and explain the dynamics of when to play these popular casino games.

The Best Time to Play Slots Online for Free

Playing free online slots is a great way to test games and choose the ones you would like to commit to, all without spending your own money. However, due to UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) regulations, free play in UK online casinos is only available once you sign up to the casino and verify your account. The good news is that you can withdraw your winnings from playing online slots for free, subject to wagering requirements. But you will need to choose the right time to play. It is typically good to play slots for free when you are a new player to online casino because that is when you are eligible to redeem the site's welcome bonus, where casinos often include free spins.

As free no deposit bonuses are pretty common in the online casino realm, you do not need to go far to find a site that offers you the chance to play an online slot for free. So you can choose between casinos that offer the most generous bonuses, biggest prizes, or widest selection of games.

The Best Time to Play Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpot online slots are some of the most popular games at any casino site because they can pay out life-changing prizes running into millions of pounds. You usually have to wager the maximum bet to be in with a chance of winning a progressive jackpot, making these games more suited to high rollers.

However, you can also play for secondary prizes, meaning progressives can also be accessible for budget players. Knowing the best time to play slots with a progressive jackpot requires understanding how these games work.

While the core gameplay of progressive jackpot slots is the same as regular online slots, prizes are paid differently. Unlike prizes of standard slots that will pay a multiplier of the player's individual stake, progressive jackpots share a prize pool. So a portion of the wager every player makes will contribute to the prize.

Each progressive jackpot starts with seed prize money which is set by the software developer or the casino. Then, the jackpot will keep growing, or as the name suggests: progressing, with every wager made on the slot until a lucky player wins the prize and the jackpot resets to its base (seed) level.

Many online slot players believe that a progressive slot will not pay out again soon after the jackpot was won. However, this is a casino myth, given that all slots outcome are based on a random chance.

So, is there a best time to play a progressive jackpot slot? Well, while you can play and win straight after the jackpot has been triggered, you may not want to. It will take some time for the jackpot to accumulate again, so you may be better off waiting. After all, when playing a jackpot slot, you are trying to win as much as you can. That said, don't forget that the base prizes of progressive slots are also very generous.

If you are wondering about the best time of the day to play a progressive jackpot slot, there is no specific best time. However, more people play online slots during the evening, so there is more chance of the jackpot being triggered when more players are online spinning the reels. Still, it does not affect your own chances of winning.

When is the Best Time for Land-Based Casino Slot Games

So far, we have focused mainly on the online slot world, but what about when you get dressed up and head to a brick and mortar casino? If you are searching around online for advice on the best time to play slots, you may have seen the Inverse Correlation Theory mentioned on gambling tips websites.

At its core, this theory equates to a greater chance of winning a slot machine if fewer people are playing, and that when more people play, the chances to win decreases. It is essentially a probability analysis that is logically sound but does not hold up when applied to online slots.

Inversion Correlation Theory falls apart on that all-important piece of slot machine information: All games are decided by a Random Number Generator (RNG), which means players, or the casino do not have any influence on who wins and when they win. If you are after a quiet time, more room at the game tables, more available slot machines, and a smaller queue at the bar, then visiting the land-based casino at less busy times is a good idea. But keep in mind that it won't affect your chances of winning. Whatever time of day, week, or month you visit, your chances of winning a slot machine prize remain the same.

Myths about Ideal Times to Beat Online Slot Games

As with all gambling games, many myths are surrounding online slots and land-based slot machines. Many of those myths are related to misbeliefs about when is the best time to play a slot and how is it possible to maximize winning potential at certain times. Let's look at a few:

  • It is better to play on specific days, weeks, and months:This is not true. Both online and land-based casino games are powered by random number generators (RNGs). It means that the outcome of each spin is entirely random and could result in a winning or losing combination. Casinos do not have the power to reprogram machines easily, and no reputable gambling site would do that because it is illegal. Nothing changes your chances of winning other than pure luck.
  • There is no way to increase your chances of winning: This is not entirely the case. Sure, it seems like we are about to contradict everything we have written so far. However, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of winning. Be it an online or land-based casino, research every slot machine before you start playing it. Although spins are random, every slot offers different odds, volatility, betting limits and maximum potential wins. For example, fixed prize games would usually have better odds than progressive jackpot slots. Different slots come with different volatility and RTP (Return to Player) settings that will regulate how big are payouts and how often they trigger wins.
  • Slots have hot and cold spells: Superstition follows many slots players, who often believe they should avoid a slot machine if it has recently paid out a prize. The so-called "hot" and "cold" slot game periods are a widely-known myth. But the reality is that when a prize is last paid does not influence when it could trigger again. Have a strategy and think of every single spin of a slot as a completely new game of chance. The outcome is always independent of what happened before.

Managing your Budget for Playing Online Slots

As in many other aspects of life, money is one of the most critical factors at an online casino, and it is a factor of how much you have to spend and how much you can potentially win. Whenever you visit a brick and mortar casino or gamble online, always approach games with your budget in mind and know the dos and dont's of the casino. With proper bankroll management, playing online slots becomes not only safer but also a lot more fun.

Slot machine games are fast-paced and full of action, so knowing how and when to spend your cash is wise. You will not be able to use wagers to influence or predict wins. Still, by managing your budget effectively, you can boost your chances of making the most of the game and any money you win. Staying disciplined with your bankroll is a great way to enjoy your gambling sessions.

Know Your Budget and Stick to It

Only you know how much money you have to spend but having a set budget before each gaming session is extremely helpful while adhering to your budget is no less critical. When thinking about your budget, set aside money for gambling that you can afford to spend and potentially lose. Slots players should only use disposable income and not the money they need for living expenses.

Managing your budget will enable you to have a healthy relationship with gambling. It is sometimes hard to walk away and not go for that "one last spin," but if you have spent your budget do not continue playing. Only return when your budget is reset, which could be the next day, week, or month depending on your circumstances.

Split Your Bankroll

An excellent way to ensure you have money for regular online slot sessions throughout the month is to set a monthly bankroll and then split it. For example, split your monthly budget into weekly allotments. You can split your budget further into quick daily sessions or use the combination of time and money limits to control your spending.

Not only does this approach help you reduce losses, but it can potentially help you make the most of wins. If you make a profit, reinvest a portion of it in your game stake and save the remaining funds for a withdrawal.

Learn Coin Values

Before playing a slot machine, we highly recommend checking out the paytable for the slot you have chosen. The paytable will highlight all possible winning combinations, letting you understand what you can win. More importantly, it shows the maximum and minimum bets. Some online slots have different betting amounts (coin values).

Knowing coin values lets you compare games and select those that suit your budget. If the online slot has a high minimum betting limit and you have a small budget, you will not get many spins for your money. In this case, it may be worth looking at another slot with lower betting limits.

Still, there is a debate on this subject and some experienced slots players insist people on low budgets should still wager on slots with higher coin values. They argue because these games usually pay bigger prizes, just a single win can yield for the player a profit. Of course, it is all about risk in the online slot world, so the most important thing is to check the coin value of a slot machine and make an informed decision.

Always Gamble Responsibly

Whether you are playing slots at an online or brick and mortar casino, whether you are playing during weekdays, weekends, days or nights - always remember that gambling is a form of entertainment. You should never view slot machines, or any other casino games, as a sure way to earn money. Always set your time limits and budgets, and keep a close eye on your bankroll. If you feel that things are getting out of control, check our Responsible Gambling section on and seek help. Gamble safely and responsibly, so you can come back and enjoy playing online slots at any time you like.

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