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Top 10 Movie Slots has already chosen its Top Ten TV Slots, and now it's time to upgrade to the big screen. With top studios like Marvel, DC, and more all clamouring to claim the top slot spot, it's no surprise that film themed games get bigger and better with every release.

10. Judge Dredd

While this slot isn’t expressly based on either the 1995 Sylvester Stallone stinker or the well-received 2012 film Dredd, fans of those films will find many familiar elements present in the comics-inspired slot, so we’re counting it.

The game goes to great lengths to recreate the overwhelming scope of Mega-City One, Dredd’s traditional stomping grounds. The slot also incorporates images that reinforce the violent nature of the franchise, as weapons and the stern face of the eponymous character makes appearances on the reels. Dredd exudes an appropriate level of menace as well.

An interesting feature found in the game is the ability to wager coins to alter the number of reels that are eligible for special bonuses. The main bonus game, as well, provides a fun twist as it turns the gaming background from day to night as it runs through the free spins.

Those looking to dish out Dredd’s unique brand of justice can get started at Guts Casino today!

9. Punisher: War Zone

The Punisher is known as one of the darkest and most violent characters in the Marvel Comics universe, and that same intensity was present in the silver-screen version of the antihero seen in Punisher: War Zone. Fans of Frank Castle can rejoice because that same edge was translated with great success into slot game form.

A dark color palette and images of guns and the iconic Punisher skull are interspersed on the reels with images of the film’s villains, Jigsaw and Loony Bin Jim. Despite appearing in a lightly animated form, Jigsaw and Jim still look threatening and just a touch insane, beautifully capturing their film appearances. Also of note is that this slot, by virtue of being from the Marvel family of games, is tied to the Marvel Multi-Level Progressive Jackpot that is built up across all Marvel slot games.

Fans of Marvel’s edgiest protagonist can start dishing out the punishment at William Hill Casino today!

8. Rocky

Few slots pack a punch like Rocky. Themed after the historic Rocky series, the Rocky slot features images of a cartoon Sylvester Stallone. The popularity of this slot is back on the rise with the recent release of the final chapter in the Rocky series, Creed, which follows Rocky, still played by Stallone, as he trains an up-and-comer.

Like the films, the pinnacle of the game is the final bout, which takes place in the bonus feature. Players can pick their opponent from classic film villains, and see how far the Italian Stallion progresses. Each round he wins awards three times your total bet.

Head over to Gala Casino today to give the Rocky slot game a try!

7. Elektra

Jennifer Garner’s Elektra Natchios was first introduced in the film directly above this one on this list, a character that met an unfortunate demise at the hands of the aforementioned Bullseye. She returned, however, for her own movie several years later, having been brought back to life much like she was in the comics.

Besides sharing a character with the Daredevil film, Elektra also shared the misfortune of poor critical reviews. Unfortunately, a poor box office showing accompanied the movie as well.

The slot based on the movie, however, is anything but disappointing. Fans of the film and the character in general will be delighted to find a number of aesthetic touches that pay homage to Elektra’s ties to the martial arts and violent history. Asian-style letters and numbers as well as a number of signature weapons complete a red and black visual palette, with the weapons playing a role in the game’s bonus stage as well, where players can choose from three different combinations of free spins and multipliers.

Elektra can be found alongside Daredevil at a number of online casinos. To get started with one today, head over to Bet365 Casino!

6. Daredevil

The character of Matt Murdock had a big year thanks to Netflix’s dark, brilliant Daredevil series, the first offering in a budding relationship between Marvel and the streaming video company.

That Netflix series was a welcome breath of fresh air for the character after the financially-successful but critically-panned 2003 movie starring Ben Affleck. While that film is remembered with something less than fondness, not everything that came out of it was terrible, as evidenced by the Daredevil slot game it inspired.

The game features all the main characters from the film, and a pair of nice touches that speak to the characters involved. The first is a visual effect that mimics how Murdock/Daredevil “see” the world that can take effect during play, and the other is a fun bonus inspired by the character of Bullseye wherein players can assign a bullseye on a specific spot on the reels, and if a Bullseye symbol lands under it they are awarded a special bonus.

Visit Ladbrokes Casino today to take your shot at this impressive Marvel slot!

5. The Dark Knight

While this list has been Marvel-heavy, they are far from the only folks producing top-notch superhero films or slot games. Perhaps the best film - and certainly one of the most beloved - from the recent crop of super-powered cinema is The Dark Knight.

The film is best remembered for Heath Ledger’s legendary turn as the Joker, and the slot game plays up a number of the villains symbols, as well as images of the baddie himself. A truly impressive number of other characters show up as well, truly utilizing the film rights to create a game true to its source material.

One of the most impressive touches is the gaming background, which subtly shifts throughout Gotham city with every spin, taking users on a virtual tour of the sprawling city as they play. A progressive jackpot is available (known for making a lucky winner a millionaire over night), along with several varieties of bonus rounds.

To help protect Gotham, head over to 32Red Casino today!

4. X-Men

Before The Avengers and The Dark Knight and even before Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, there was X-Men. The 2000 film can be seen as the genesis of the current crop of super-flicks, which have smashed box office records around the world.

While there is a new X-film on the way, this slot is based squarely on the original, the movie that introduced the world to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine alongside a host of other memorable versions of iconic comic book characters. Fans will instantly recognize the likenesses of notable mutants such as Professor Xavier and Magneto as they play this 5-reel, 25-payline slot in pursuit of the Heroes vs Villains bonus round, which can reward them with free spins, extra wilds, and more.

Like a few other entries on this list, X-Men is also a part of the Marvel Mystery progressive jackpot. Interested X-fans can get started by downloading Winner Casino now!

3. The Avengers

Just as the film was packed with Marvel superheroes, the online slot crams in the power of multiple progressive jackpots, including one that crosses the entire Marvel portfolio.

Over at Ladbrokes Casino, The Avengers top prize currently stands at more than £186,000, and there are three progressives that easily enter the tens of thousands too. And with free spins and bonus features bumping up the wins to impressive levels in normal gameplay, you don't need to be super lucky to walk away with a profit.

To enjoy one of the top Marval slot installments, head over to Paddy Power's online casino today!

2. Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3

Nowadays every new Marvel movie or TV series is an event, with the company’s projects regularly setting records in any number of mediums. The film that kicked off the cinematic empire was Iron Man, which introduced the world to Robert Downey Jr.’s take on Tony Stark. Since that time, Downey has reprised his role in the blockbuster Avengers films as well as two sequels to that original movie from Marvel Studios.

Those sequels have each gotten the slot game treatment, retaining their own individual flair while still solidly announcing themselves as Marvel slot products. In the Iron Man 2 game, the eponymous hero is joined by War Machine, Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow, and Mickey Rourke’s Whiplash to make up the reel symbols.

Gone are the familiar faces in the Iron Man 3 game, replaced with various suits of armor for Iron Man, War Machine, and Iron Patriot, along with shrouded outlines of the film’s baddies. This change is wonderfully thematic, as Iron Man 3 offers players three different games to choose from upon achieving a bonus, one based on each of the featured suits of armor.

Both Iron Man slots can be enjoyed at Betfred Casino today!

1. Gladiator

When it first debuted, this slot was seen as groundbreaking in the way it incorporated the film’s plot into the gameplay to tell a captivating story. Featuring numerous high-quality clips from the Ridley Scott masterpiece as well as beautifully rendered virtual sets that take players into the very heart of the coliseum so to experience the life of a gladiator like Russell Crowe’s Maximus Decimus Meridius, the slot still looks and plays brilliantly years after initial release.

The most renowned feature of the Gladiator slot is the Colosseum bonus game, which utilizes an interactive style which online slot veterans will recognize from any number of popular games. By picking stone tiles in this game, players can unlock things like free spins, multipliers, and additional scatter and wild slots.

This slot has been around for years, yet still maintains a loyal base of players due to the high-quality of the gameplay and masterful implementation of the filmic source material. Players can take their chances in the arena by visiting Coral Casino today!

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