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Maestro is the multi-national debit card service owned by MasterCard – one of the biggest providers of payment cards and payment processing solutions in the world, dealing with more than 23 billion transactions per year. So it's no surprise that it delivers a swift, safe and reliable payment service.

Maestro Services

Maestro provides debit and prepaid cards, powered by the MasterCard payment network.

Maestro debit cards allow customers to:

Maestro Prepaid cards allow customers to:

How do I sign up with Maestro?

Maestro debit and prepaid cards are available from a number of UK high street banks and financial service providers, including:

Debit cards usually come as part of a current account, so the sign-up process will involve providing your chosen bank with:

Prepaid cards can also be obtained from additional independent suppliers, which do not require credit checks. These include:

Who Accepts Maestro?

Maestro cards can be used to pay wherever you see the Maestro logo. This includes:

How much does Maestro cost?

Maestro debit cards have no direct fees, but as they are attached to current accounts they may charge for some services, so check before signing up.

Maestro prepaid cards also have no direct costs, but services such as topping up by credit card, converting currencies and withdrawing funds via ATM may be subject to a charge. Again, this varies by provider, so check before joining.

Additional services that may be subject to bank charges include:


As part of the MasterCard group, Maestro cardholders are eligible for the special offers, competitions and promotions hosted on the parent company website.


Maestro benefits from a number of security measures implemented by its parent company, as part of the MasterCard network. These include:

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